Carole and Tuesday Episodes #07 & #08

Well, seems that Roddy had another idea to make Carole and Tuesday as stars. However, they’ll have to join a Mars-wide talent search competition.

This is Mars Brightest, the most famous talent search competition show where the winner will gain fame and fortune.

It’s like America’s Got Talen… but in MARS! And these two girls will have to fight their way to the top.

So, Gus Goldman decided to register both Carole and Tuesday right away without discussing it further. Um Gus, I forgot to tell you that Tuesday is a daughter of a politician.

With that said, it’s time for these girls to participate in the qualifiers first. I mean, they’re a bunch of people who wanted to dream big and show their talent to the entire planet.

Oh yeah, and there are some notable contestants who want to become top musicians like Pyotr for example. This guy is a social media celebrity and the reason why he joined Mars Brightest is to reach out a wider audience.

Now then, looks like both Carole and Tuesday are ready to go, but there’s a problem though as Tuesday is worried that she might be seen on TV. I mean, her mother is a politician but she haven’t told to Carole yet.

Not to worry though as Gus Goldman found a solution. All he needs to do is to borrow some shades from a dude and Tuesday’s identity will remain a secret to everybody. Don’t worry though, Gus will give it back.

On second though, Tuesday looks a bit goofy with that shades on. But hey, at least no one would recognize her… except for her brother Spencer.

And now it’s time for the auditions and look what we have here, it’s that scammer bot Idea as he joined the auditions to make it big… and fail!

Geez, how come Idea didn’t get scrapped after they sent him away after Episode 4?

Anyways, both Carole and Tuesday are here to perform in order to get into the Top 8. Let’s hope that they’ll make it through.

On the other hand, seems that Carole revealed some of her backstory as she’s actually a refugee from Earth, something that Tuesday didn’t know about that until now.

Come to think of it, I wonder what happened to Earth after most of humanity immigrated to Mars? I guess I’ll never know. Regardless, they managed to do their best during the qualifiers.

However, it appears that Tuesday is a bit gloomy as she came to Alba City with dreams, but no plans to survive outside from Hershell. Aside from that, Tuesday felt frustrated that she can’t open up to herself while Carole can share her life openly.

But you know what, I think Tuesday should open her heart, starting by telling Carole that her mother is a politician and stuff.

And besides, Carole will support and accept everything from Tuesday. I mean, she’s cheering Tuesday up as we speak.

Of course, I’m hoping that they’ll qualify for Mars Brightest because it’ll be a waste if they didn’t.

Well good news for these girls as Roddy told them that they passed the qualifiers and they’ll be competing on the main stage.

And while both Carole and Tuesday are celebrating, let’s not forget that it’s just the first step to stardom as they need to win it all!

Anyways, they’re now at the Mars Broadcasting Company studio for Mars Brightest Top 8.

Sure that both girls can’t believe that they’ll be competing in a talent search competition, Gus told them to stay focused because there are a few contestants who might beat them.

On the other hand, here’s Angela Carpenter as she brought her mother Dahlia and her new manager named Katy Kimura. Hm, I wonder what happened to Mr. Tao?

Oh yeah, and I have to tell you that Angela will be competing in Mars Brightest as a guest contestant. That surprised me a lot, but I’m worried that Angela’s inclusion would shake the competition in her favor.

Meanwhile, seems that Tuesday is greeted by a fan who posted comments in their Instagram account… a lot. Oh, and she’s gonna compete too.

Anyways, this is Cybelle and really, I think she’s getting a bit close to Tuesday. Even Carole is a bit annoyed at Cybelle.

But moving onto the main event where 8 competitors will be paired-up and have a sing-off, and whoever wins will move onto the next round.

With that said, our first sing-off will have the Fire Brothers facing off against the social media celeb Pyotr.

And while these old geezers are still have that spark as they play the guitar and sing, I don’t know if the judges will consider them moving onto the next round.

On the other hand, here’s Pyotr performing “Dance Tonight” and what a surprise there as he can dance and sing despite being the most popular guy in social media.

Even the judges are impressed by Pyotr’s performance, especially Benito who got starstruck by his dazzling performance. Well, all I can say is that we have a winner…

…and it’s none other than Pyotr where they’re impressed by his stunning performance. With one contestant moving up to the next round, we have 6 of them are in contention.

Meanwhile, here’s Dahlia Carpenter where she told both Gus Goldman and Roddy that her daughter will win the competition. I mean, I won’t be surprised if Mars Brightest will be rigged.

On the other hand, there’s more to Dahlia Carpenter by the way as she was once a man before the Martian Androgyny has changed Dahlia’s body into a woman with a deep, manly voice. And remember the time Dahlia got arrested for assault? Well, I think you may ask Angela for that because she has bad memories from her fath- I mean mother.

Still, Gus believes that Carole and Tuesday’s genuine talent will make it through as he saw their potential and decided to bet on it.

Moving onto the second sing-off where the girls will face OG Bulldog, a former criminal who decided to start his music career by rapping… in Latin. Oh, and OG Bulldog has that tenor voice to boot.

While OG Bulldog’s rap has caught the judges off-guard, let’s hope that both Carole and Tuesday will top that with their performance.

Meanwhile, here’s Angela where she’s feeling bored as it’s not yet her time to compete. That’ll be saved for next week after this, but let’s just say that Angela is not interested on watching other contestants because they’re not at her level.

So, Angela ordered Katy Kimura to find Mr. Tao and bring him to the studio. But the problem is that Katy doesn’t know Tao’s location and besides, he’s busy with other things.

Now then, let’s go back to the competition where Carole and Tuesday performed their new song “Whispering My Love” and man, they improved a lot since the day they performed at the music hall.

On the other hand, it appears that Angela Carpenter noticed their performance and while she wants to dismiss them as amateurs (which they do), I think she can’t ignore on their talent.

Anyways, it seems that we have a winner for this second sing-off as Carole and Tuesday move onto the semi-finals.

On the other hand, OG Bulldog was devastated that he didn’t get into the next round. On top of that, it was revealed that he’s not a former criminal at all.

Still, I hope OG Bulldog will have his chance next time but for now, it’s time to celebrate as Carole and Tuesday are getting closer to become top stars!

Even Gus and Roddy are happy to see them move onto the next round, much to Dahlia’s annoyance as she’s worried that these two girls could be a threat to her daughter’s stardom.

And speaking of Angela Carpenter, she won’t acknowledge them because they’re just amateurs and their music sucks.

Then again, I think Angela is jealous that Carole and Tuesday have genuine talent or she just dismiss them as her rival.

In any case, I’ll see you next time where Angela Carpenter takes the stage. As for Carole and Tuesday, they need to keep their momentum going towards the final round of Mars Brightest!

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