Sarazanmai Episodes #02 – #04

Well look what we have here, it seems that we found the culprit who are causing strange phenomena in Asakura. These two police officers are Reo Niiboshi and Mabu Akutsu, and their job is not to serve and protect the public, but to wring out the desires of the deceased.

Although they’re doing a shout-out to Ikuhara’s previous work (Revolutionary Girl Utena), these two police officers are concerned that someone is meddling their work.

Now then, it’s time for Prince Keppi to grant a surprising reward to these boys after slaying a kappa zombie and saving Asakura. C’mon, they deserve it!

This is the Plate of Hope which is rewarded to Kazuki Yasaka and his friends after defeating a kappa zombie. This plate will grant a wish to those who hold it.

Of course, you have to think about getting your wish because it’s rare to get one Plate of Hope. This is what happens to Enta Jinnai as he wished for a one-year supply of cucumbers, kappa’s favorite food.

And lo and behold, his wish came true as Enta will have a year’s worth of cucumbers to eat. Yeah, he’s not gonna change his wish at this point…

…because once a wish is granted, the Plate of Hope is no more. Y’know, I have a feeling that the boys will try to get one Plate of Hope for their personal wish.

Anyways, Episodes 2 to 4 will focus on the main trio because they have their motives on getting their wishes granted. Now let’s start with Kazuki Yasaka where he wants to connect with his brother Haruka.

Oh yeah and about Haruka Yasaka? It turns out that he cannot walk due to some accident in the past. I don’t know why Haruka got caught into an accident, but Kazuki will do anything to be with his brother, even as far as becoming the fortune-teller Sara Azuma.

Speaking of Sara Azuma, it’s still a mystery to me on why she exist and why Sara always tell the lucky item in which the kappa zombie will gather a bunch of that item to itself.

Meanwhile, here’s Toi Kuji where currently drowning a person to death due to not paying up their debts. Hmm, I wonder if they’re responsible for killing the victims in which the police officers turn them into kappa zombies?

Oh yeah, and let’s introduce Toi’s older brother named Chikai Kuji and much like him, Chikai is doing crimes like extortion, selling drugs, assassination, etc.

We’ll deal with Toi’s brother later on, but what about Enta Jinnai? I mean, he wants Kazuki Yasaka to return to soccer but there’s more to that.

You see, he’s actually in love with Kazuki. Oh and don’t be confused with Enta Jinnai kissing Sara Azuma because that’s Kazuki wearing Sara’s disguise.

Even this cat Nyantaro is shocked to see Enta kissing Kazuki. By the way, Kazuki stole Nyantaro because it’s a lucky item to have. But let’s dig deeper into Enta Jinnai, shall we?

You see, Kazuki Yasaka invited him to play soccer. They even as far as getting a spot to train together to be the best golden duo.

In fact, their team became champions as Kazuki and Enta worked together to beat their opponents with their amazing teamwork.

Sadly, their glory days has ended when Kazuki quit soccer because Haruka got caught in an accident which his legs are paralyzed. So yeah, Enta is desperate to make his wish come true by collecting the Plate of Hope.

But now, let’s talk about the present where these two guys are using Enta’s training spot without permission.

And while Enta doesn’t like anyone using their spot, these two doesn’t care because Kazuki won’t be coming back to play soccer, therefore they have the right to use it.

This led Enta to get aggressive a pushed one guy to the ground. Of course, Enta Jinnai is not strong to defend himself.

I mean, he’s just one guy and Enta is fighting two soccer dude, therefore he’s gonna be in a world of hurt soon enough.

But as you can see, Enta Jinnai is no match against these two dudes and I have a feeling that they’ll beat him to death.

Well fortunately, Toi Kuji managed to save him, but let’s just say that Enta Jinnai won’t acknowledge him as his friend even though Toi rescued Enta from being beaten to a pulp.

Speaking of Toi Kuji, it’s time for his backstory because this one is kinda interesting.

You see, his parents owned a soba restaurant but they died due to unknown circumstances. Even worse is that Toi’s parents got conned which forces his relatives to sell the shop due to having a large debt.

Fortunately, his brother Chikai has come to the rescue to save the soba shop for being closed down.

And as you can see, Chikai Kuji brought a large sum of money to pay off his parents’ debt, and he also have a deed of ownership so that his uncle and aunt can continue operating the soba shop.

Of course, Chikai Kuji didn’t get that large sum of money easily because he committed crimes to get what he wants. Then again, Toi’s relationship with his brother went a bit strained due to Chikai’s life of crime. So even though he’s doing bad things just like Chikai, Toi can no longer live peacefully with his brother.

Now then, it’s time for the trio to become kappas and defeat Soba Zombie and save their town.

Previously, they beat a cat zombie and another one based on Japanese whiting (or kisu which rhymes with kiss). But this time, it’s Toi Kuji’s turn to take out its shirikodama.

And as you can see, Toi managed to take the shirikodama from Soba Zombie, which means that all the soba noodles will return to its rightful owner.

And now, it’s time to learn more about Toi Kuji’s past because this guy is very dangerous. And really, both Kazuki and Yasaka should know about him.

You see, Toi got in trouble when he encountered Chikai’s boss. Oh yeah, and this guy is gonna kidnap young Toi so he can lure Chikai out and kill Toi’s brother in cold blood.

Oh and the reason why this yakuza boss wants Chikai dead? Well, he stole the money which Chikai used it to buy their family property outright without being pestered by loan sharks.

However, Toi won’t become a hostage as he took a handgun from Chikai and pull the trigger. Toi never fired a gun before, but here it is as he shoot someone to defend himself.

And as you can see, this yakuza boss got shot straight to the chest. However, he’s still alive so this boss has enough strength to capture Toi Kuji before he died from blood loss.

Then again, this boss won’t have to catch Toi and beat the shit out of him as Chikai Kuji finished his boss off.

For Toi Kuji, it was the most unforgettable moment in his life that Toi will never return to his peaceful life.

In fact, he’ll do anything to stay with his brother, even as far as committing murder and such… not until he learned about the Plate of Hope which Toi can wish a peaceful life with Chikai-niisan.

And so, this kappa zombie is finally defeated and Asakura is safe for the time being. But there’s a catch though as the deceased will be forgotten.

Yeah, the police officers are reviving the deceased to wring out their desires, only to be discarded once they’re defeated and cease to exist.

But speaking of those officers, they can’t afford to lose to some kappas.

However, it turns out that they’re not buddies as Reo Niiboshi and Mabu Akutsu are suspicious towards each other.

Of course, they have to work together in order to wring out humanity’s desires. Then again, why are they doing this in the first place?

Meanwhile, the boys got another Plate of Hope but appears that it’s silver-colored this time, meaning that their wish won’t be granted unless they have 5 silver plates. So far, Kazuki Yasaka and the rest got 3 silver plates including this one.

But, it seems that Kazuki Yasaka has decided to give the Silver Plate of Hope to Toi Kuji since he deserved it.

However, Enta Jinnai complained that his friend Kazuki Yasaka should have the Silver Plate of Hope because he’s doing it for his brother Haruka. Then again, Kazuki doesn’t need the plate for now…

That’s because it was revealed that Kazuki Yasaka hates his own brother. What, I thought you want to connect with Haruka, even as far as dressing-up as Sara Azuma?!

Well then, I’ll see you next time as this show is getting interesting. Of course, these boys will have to stop the kappa zombies from terrorizing Asakura, but I have a feeling that the police officers will eventually confront them.

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