Sarazanmai Episodes #05 & #06

This is Haruka Yasaka when he was just a baby. Aww, isn’t he cute!

For the Yasaka Family, it was a joyful moment where they have another child to take care of. But for Kazuki Yasaka, it was his time to be the responsible brother for Haruka.

However, everything changed where it turns out that Kazuki’s grandfather despise him shortly before his death. It turns out that Kazuki was actually adopted, meaning that he’s not related by blood to his parents and Haruka.

Ever since that day, Kazuki felt that he had no connection to his adopted family, especially towards Haruka where he hated him. But why Kazuki hated Haruka where he’s supposed to reconnect with his step-brother?

For now, let’s move onto the present where Kazuki decided to see his brother as Sara Azuma. Of course, the real fortune-teller is in the building so Kazuki asked Toi Kuji for help…

…starting by kidnapping Sara’s manager so that the fortune-teller won’t have anyone to protect her.

Afterwards, it’s time for Toi Kuji to take out Sara Azuma by telling her that she has another photoshoot in another place.

Of course, Sara will follow Toi, not knowing that she’ll lead to a trap later on.

And so, Sara Azuma went inside this suspicious place, which Toi Kuji will lock her up until the meet-and-greet event is over. Smart move there from Kuji!

However, there’s this strange-looking creature who resembled Prince Keppi. Still, I’m hoping that Sara Azuma is locked-up inside that room.

Except that Sara actually escaped which confused the hell out of Toi. Man, how did she manage to get out of that room after Kuji lock her up… unless it turns out that Sara Azuma might be a kappa.

Meanwhile, here’s Kaz- I mean Sara Azuma as she’s about to greet her guests.

Just kidding, this is basically Kazuki Yasaka in disguise as Enta Jinnai recognized his friend. Well, except for Haruka because he’s a huge fan of Sara.

But hey, at least Haruka got his chance to meet his beloved fortune-teller, even though Kazuki is just dressing-up as Sara Azuma.

Unfortunately for Kazuki Yasaka, the jig is up when Sara Azuma arrived at the scene…

And really, that confused the hell out of Haruka, even as far as telling the real Sara that she’s an impostor. Um Haruka, I think you should learn the harsh truth.

You see Haruka, your brother Kazuki is dressing-up as Sara because he wants to connect to you. And now, his cover is finally blown where Kazuki’s brother and parents are shocked to see it.

Suddenly, it appears that a kappa zombie has arrived to take sachets (or scent charms), including the one from Haruka Yasaka. Not sure how he got it, but it’s time for Kazuki and his buddies to defeat it.

So yeah, it’s time to beat the Sachet Zombie and head home. I mean, this is just your typical Sarazanmai episode.

And as you can see, Kazuki and his friends have managed to take the shirikodama out from the Sachet Zombie. Now, it’s time to perform the Sarazanmai.

However, this is the part where Kazuki will lose his focus as he learned something from his past. You see, Kazuki met his biological mother but instead of joining her, Kazuki decides to remain with his adopted family.

However, Kazuki’s biological mother is happy to see him as she gave him a hug and went far away. Sure that it’s great to see his real mother for one last time, but we’re just getting started on Kazuki’s complicated life.

Afterwards, his heart and mind is so confused that when Haruka approached his brother, Kazuki told him to shut up and leave him alone.

Now, I might get angry at Kazuki for venting his frustrations towards Haruka, but I pity Kazuki because neither him nor Haruka are at fault for that shocking revelation after the passing of their grandfather.

But with that said, Kazuki Yasaka left Haruka and walk away. Of course, Haruka wants to chase his brother, not paying attention to the traffic light.

And shortly afterwards, the inevitable happened where Kazuki witness his brother being caught in a car accident which leaves his legs permanently paralyzed.

While there’s no one to blame for this accident (except for the driver), it’s apparent that Kazuki blamed himself for hurting his step-brother.

Because of that painful memory, Kazuki lost his concentration and took out the shirikodama from his body. Yeah, not a good move there!

And with that, the Sachet Zombie was revived and all I could say is that these two police officers have won this time. Then again, the worst is yet to come…

You see, as long as the kappa zombie exist in the Field of Desire, Kazuki Yasaka and his friends will remain as kappa for the rest of the lives until they defeat it.

For Kazuki however, it seems that he has given up hope of becoming human again now that Enta Jinnai and Toi Kuji know his painful past. Oh c’mon Kazuki, who’s gonna protect Haruka!?

Speaking of Haruka Yasaka, it seems that he’s worried about his brother even though Kazuki is currently stuck in his kappa form. Well, good think Haruka still remembered him.

However, it appears that Haruka will meet a certain police officer…

…which turn out to be Reo Niiboshi and I have a bad feeling that Reo is gonna do something terrible to Haruka. Oh please Reo, spare the little kid will ya!

Unfortunately for Reo, he won’t spare Haruka as he captured Kazuki’s brother, and then proceeds to throw Nyantaro away because Niiboshi doesn’t want witnesses.

Then again, you have Kazuki Yasaka and his friends hanging out down there and they’re surprised that Enta got hit by Nyantaro. Well, seems that they noticed that something isn’t right.

And it turns out that Haruka Yasaka went missing. Man, I’m worried that Haruka might turn into a kappa zombie.

So, Prince Keppi told them that Kazuki’s brother was taken by his arch-nemesis, the Otter Empire. Oh yeah, and this will be the time where Keppi explained the strange phenomena in Asakura.

You see, both the Kappa Kingdom and the Otter Empire waged war for the possession of shirikodama.

Unfortunately for Prince Keppi, his kingdom was destroyed by the Otter Empire which leaves him in exile. Worst of all, the otters have decided to take the shirikodama from humans because they’re still hungry for more.

In any case, Prince Keppi led the boys to the Otter Empire’s secret underground base where all of the shirikodama are being collected.

Then again, I’m curious on why they’re collecting the essence of human desires in the first place other than their hunger for shirikodama.

Now then, it’s time for Kazuki Yasaka to find his brother from a myriad of boxes. Fortunately, his cellphone is very handy to find Haruka Yasaka.

With that said, Haruka is finally found and now the only thing for Kazuki and his friends is to take him back!

Well, scratch that as Kazuki failed to rescue his brother Haruka from being thrown into the shredder.

And there goes Haruka Yasaka as he’ll be forgotten like the rest of the kappa zombies. Damn, I can’t bear to watch this.

However, there’s another way to rescue Haruka Yasaka’s life… and that is giving up their shirikodama and transfer it to Haruka’s body.

Of course, this means that whoever gave their shirikodama to Haruka would mean ceasing their existence, meaning that it’s no different from defeating kappa zombies as Enta Jinnai and Toi Kuji found out.

But for Kazuki Yasaka, he doesn’t care about the risk as he decides to give up his existence to bring back his step-brother.

And in a shout-out to Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Kazuki grabbed the pulley in which Prince Keppi lowered him down to his doom. At this point, Kazuki’s existence will be erased.

Not until Toi Kuji pulled his trusty Tokarev pistol and shoot the machine. Then again, I think shooting the pulley would be bad because that would make Kazuki Yasaka fall down faster than T-800!

But hey, it turns out that the bullet jammed the pulley machine in which it pulls Kazuki up to safety. Way to go there, Toi Kuji.

Of course, Toi got angry at Kazuki for wasting his life away as he punched him to the face. Oh, and it’s not just Toi Kuji…

…but also Enta Jinnai as he showed Kazuki his precious miçanga which he threw it away because of the guilt that he made towards his brother.

However, Haruka actually kept it as he want to give it back to Kazuki-niichan someday and play soccer again.

Oh, and there’s more from Haruka Yasaka as he sent a message to Kazuki-niichan on how he met Kazuki’s biological mother.

You see, Haruka is afraid that Kazuki might leave him, hence chasing his brother on that day in which a car hit Haruka’s legs and left him unable to walk.

So when Haruka met Kazuki’s biological mother, he told her not to take Kazuki away and ask her to leave.

And as for Kazuki’s mother, she accepted Haruka’s plea and left town but not before giving Haruka the sachet that has her smell. I wonder if she created that smell from- Wait, that’s disgusting!

Now then, it appears that there’s another chance for the boys to rescue Haruka Yasaka as the box containing him is still intact.

However, Haruka will become minced meat once the box has dropped to this shredder down below. So, what will they do to rescue Haruka Yasaka?

Well, they can turn Prince Keppi into a ball so that it can hit the box away from the shredder.

Let’s start with Toi Kuji as he kicked the ball to Enta Jinnai. Hmm, I wonder if he played soccer before?

But thanks to Toi Kuji, Enta Jinnai received the Keppi Ball in which he pass it to Kazuki Yasaka to deliver a powerful shot. Well, I have to say that the golden duo is still alive.

And so, the Keppi Ball hit the box in which it’ll no longer go down to the shredder.

Still, they need to save Haruka as soon as possible because even though he’ll no longer become minced meat, Haruka will fall down the endless abyss which is worse than going to the shredder.

Fortunately, Kazuki managed to catch his brother to safety, so great job to him for rescuing Haruka from death.

Now, the only thing left to do is to get out of this place and take out that Sachet Zombie.

And lo and behold, the kappa trio have managed to take the shirikodama from that kappa zombie, which means that Asakura is back to normal and the boys will revert to their human forms.

Of course, Reo Niiboshi and Mabu Akutsu will return to get back at them. And this time, they finally found Prince Keppi as they’ll attempt to take him out.

Oh yeah, and about that strained relationship between Reo Niiboshi and Mabu Akutsu? There’s a reason on why Reo is doubting his partner.

You see in the past, both Reo and Mabu tried to take down Prince Keppi because they’re ordered by the Otter Empire.

But just as Prince Keppi is about to be captured and beheaded by the Otter Empire, his body let out a dark, ominous spirit in which Mabu Akutsu pushed Reo Niiboshi and took the hit.

Oh yeah, and that dark spirit went away, never to be seen again. Shortly after, the Otter Empire has finally crushed the Kappa Kingdom, yet Prince Keppi is nowhere to be seen.

But as for Mabu Akutsu, he’s about to die soon and Reo Niiboshi can’t do anything to save him. Then again, Mabu is currently alive so I was wondering how is it possible? Did someone revived him?

Regardless, I’m glad that Kazuki finally understand Haruka that there’s no reason for him to resent his step-brother nor blame himself. The only thing left for Kazuki is to reconnect with Haruka and make up for their lost time together.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time as this anime is getting serious because there’s a lot going on like Sara Azuma’s true identity, as well as the existence of the Otter Empire!

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