Sarazanmai Episodes #07 – #09

Well, let’s continue the backstory of these two bad cops as Reo Niiboshi was rescued after his failed attempt to kill Prince Keppi. Of course, we have to know who rescued him.

Anyways, this is Otter, the so-called de facto leader of the Otter Empire where he picked Reo Niiboshi up…

…as well as Mabu Akutsu from the ruins of the Kappa Empire. Unfortunately for Reo, his partner was found dead which is otterly devastating for him.

Luckily, Otter managed to resurrect Mabu Akutsu from the dead, but Reo Niiboshi found his partner a bit lacking. Even though Mabu has the same feelings as before, Reo won’t accept an impostor.

However, Otter assured Reo that he’ll do anything to make Mabu into a genuine partner for Niiboshi. But there’s a catch though as they need to find the Plates of Hope so that Reo can make a wish on turning Akutsu from a semi-lifelike doll into a genuine human.

Hence, they went to the human world to nab humanity’s desires as well as finding the plates. Then again, I’m suspicious that Otter will keep Reo’s promise.

Meanwhile, here’s something interesting as we have both Sara Azuma and Prince Keppi being lovey-dovey. Come to think of it, I feel that Sara is actually a kappa because she can see Keppi.

On the other hand, I feel that they’re working together to stop the Otter Empire from plundering the shirikodama.

Now let’s move onto the present where Haruka Yasaka wants to give something from his pocket.

This is the scent sachet from Kazuki’s biological mother as Haruka wants to give it back to him.

And as for Kazuki, he’s happy that his step-brother gave something important to him. I have to say that they finally have a connection.

By the way, seems that Kazuki wants to play soccer again, which is great news for Enta Jinnai since he wants to see the return of the golden duo.

Also, Kazuki Yasaka wants to invite Toi Kuji on joining the soccer club. However, it seems that he’s not interested because Toi is doing bad things together with his brother.

On the other hand, Toi Kuji saw Kazuki wearing his miçanga. However, it appears that he recognize that accessory as Toi originally owned that miçanga 4 years ago.

You see, after shooting a yakuza boss, his brother Chikai told him to abandon everything and leave town for a while. Thus, Toi abandoned his dream of playing soccer by throwing his ball and his miçanga.

Of course, Toi Kuji’s miçanga was caught by Kazuki Yasaka in which he kept it ever since. Oh yeah, and it seems that Toi knows that he met Kazuki before, but let’s just say that Kazuki doesn’t remember him at all until they meet again in the present.

Well, I must say that it was an interesting development between Kazuki Yasaka and Toi Kuji as they really had a connection before, although Enta Jinnai might get pissed that someone is stealing Kazuki away from him.

Now then, let’s go back to the present where Kazuki and Enta’s training spot got trashed. I think it must be those two guys from the previous episode as they wants to get even at Enta.

But you know what, I think they should ignore those haters and clean up their training spot. Heck, even Toi Kuji decided to help them…

…until their spot is nice and clean. By the way, I think Kuji should enjoy something other than committing crime, like joining the soccer club since he’s good at playing it.

However, it appears that it’s not gonna happen as someone trashed their spot again. Seriously, whoever did this deserved to be punished!

Worst of all, Toi Kuji told them that he might leave town because his brother Chikai is being hunted down by the police. Looks like Chikai won’t be safe now that his murder of a yakuza boss from 4 years ago has come to light.

Oh and you think that the manhunt operation of Chikai Kuji would be worse? Wait till you see this as Prince Keppi and the boys find out that the Silver Plates of Hope…

…were stolen by someone else. Seems that whoever this person is might know the secret location of those plates.

And lastly, there’s this Ball Zombie in which Kazuki and the boys will easily take care of that. I mean, they can find those plates and clean the training spot later.

Anyways, Enta Jinnai took the shirikodama from the kappa zombie. See, I told you that it’s a piece of cake for them. However, let’s not forget that they need to perform Sarazanmai in order to purify it.

Then again, this is the part where the real culprit has been identified as it turns out that Enta Jinnai is not only responsible for trashing the training spot…

…but also stole 4 Silver Plates of Hope. So while the kappa zombie is defeated, looks like the boys are questioning their friendship.

Heck, even Kazuki Yasaka is pissed in regards to Enta’s betrayal. But you know what, I think the reason why Jinnai stole the plates is because his wish is to be with Kazuki forever.

Speaking of Enta Jinnai, he’s still angry that Enta got yelled at for backstabbing both Kazuki and Toi, even though he’s the one who started it.

Still, I think he should tell his feelings to Kazuki instead of being a closet gay for eternity, because there’s no chance for Enta Jinnai to say what he really feels.

For now, he has to deal with Toi’s brother Chikai in which he’s on the run. Also, Enta Jinnai learned that the blue miçanga belonged to Toi Kuji before throwing it away to Kazuki Yasaka. Anyways, time for Enta to help Chikai escape from the authorities.

Of course, they’re not gonna deal with the usual cops as Reo Niiboshi and Mabu Akutsu are hunting Chikai Kuji down to be the next kappa zombie.

Now let’s go back to Enta Jinnai and Mabu Akutsu as they managed to escape from the police so far.

However, they encounted this yakuza thug who wants to avenge his fallen comrade by killing Chikai Kuji. Man, what a bad timing for Enta Jinnai.

Made even worse is that Chikai Kuji kicked Enta out to save his skin from rival thugs. Really Chikai, you shouldn’t do that because that would make Toi angry!

Still, Enta is at the skin of his teeth as he’s about to get shanked by this thug. Man, if only someone would save Jinnai.

Fortunately for Enta, seems that his life is saved when these two cops arrived to detain this thug. Then again, they’re not just random cops as Reo Niiboshi and Mabu Akutsu are here to do their thing…

…like killing that yakuza thug with a gun. I wonder what they’re gonna do about this thug?

Then again, Reo and Mabu are not interested on turning him into a kappa zombie. Instead, they’ll just blame Chikai Kuji for killing this thug.

Still, I’m hoping that Enta is safe because I have a feeling that they’ll shoot him down.

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Kazuki Yasaka received a call from Toi Kuji…

…in which he told Kazuki that he’ll be leaving town together with Chikai-niisan.

In any case, this would be his last call to Kazuki. But you know what, if only Kazuki remembered the time he met Toi 4 years ago.

Anyways, here’s Enta Jinnai where he brought the stolen plates so he can apologize to Kazuki Yasaka for backstabbing him and Toi Kuji.

Then again, Kazuki is not in the mood to accept Enta’s apology as he’s gonna punch his scumbag friend.

Well, Kazuki already punched Enta to the face but you know what, I think Kazuki should give some time for Enta to explain himself and not jumping to conclusions. Man, I hope there’s nothing worse than this.

Actually, screw that as both Mabu and Reo are here. And really, I have a bad feeling that they’re gonna kill someone or turn into a kappa zombie at worst.

And it turns out that it was Enta Jinnai who took the bullet over Kazuki Yasaka. Sure that he’s oblivious to Enta’s feelings, but Kazuki’s friend save his life out of love.

Also, since Enta brought the Plates of Hope, these two bad cops stole it afterwards. Not a good day for Kazuki as not only he’ll lose his friends, but the Otter Empire might win against the Kappa Kingdom once and for all!

For the time being, Enta Jinnai was rushed to the hospital but even then, I doubt that he’ll survive from that gunshot wound.

Now then, here’s Otone Jinnai where she told Kazuki that her little brother had a hard time fitting in due to their parents working oversees. Of course, it was all thanks to Kazuki Yasaka that Enta has a connection.

But still, the only thing that Yasaka can do is to wail and anticipate for the inevitable.

That’s until Kazuki saw Enta Jinnai… in his kappa for as his friend is alive, albeit temporary.

Also, here’s Prince Keppi where he managed to give a little bit of life force to Enta. Of course, there’s no much time left for Jinnai so Prince Keppi suggested to use the Plates of Hope to revive Kazuki’s friend.

And really, time is of the essence as Enta’s existence will cease once its life force reached zero. But wait, those two cops got those silver plates and it’s hard to get them back!

Well, turns out that Reo and Mabu can’t make a wish because there’s one plate short. So, where’s the last plate since Kazuki and the boys defeated 5 kappa zombies so far?

Oh, it’s under Haruka’s pillow. Good thing Haruka didn’t break it, but it would be nice if Kazuki hid it under his bed.

Speaking of Haruka, he’s worried that his brother will leave him again, but Kazuki assured Haruka that he’ll be back once he rescued Enta from certain death.

Of course, Kazuki won’t tell Haruka about his life as a kappa because it’s complicated for a young boy to understand.

Meanwhile, here’s Reo Niiboshi and while he’s one plate away from getting his wish, it appears that Reo saw something obscene and terrifying.

What Reo saw was his clone in which it was created from Mabu’s desire. This means that Reo Niiboshi felt disgusted because Mabu Akutsu’s life was just worse as being dead.

Now let’s move onto Toi and Chikai Kuji as they finally went to a faraway place. However, they’re still on the run as the police are on a manhunt against Chikai Kuji…

…as well as various yakuza thugs who want his head. Well, it appears that both Toi and Chikai are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

But of course, Chikai won’t back down without a fight as he’ll shoot them down before they shoot him. I mean, Chikai can hold himself against these yakuza thugs.

On the other hand, it appears that Toi Kuji has decided to join the fight in order to protect his brother. Then again, he might put himself in danger should someone unexpectedly shoot Toi in the head.

Oh and worst of all, Chikai would even kill his own brother just to cover his tracks. Now it seems so messed-up for Chikai Kuji to kill Toi just because he covered his back, but Chikai will do anything to survive because he’s a bad guy.

Sadly for Chikai however, it appears that someone got lucky when Chikai got shot in the chest. While he managed to kill one of the yakuza thugs who shot him, Chikai will bite the dust soon.

And so, the Kuji brothers got onto a boat where Chikai gave his brother some blood-covered money before passing away. Of course, Toi doesn’t need the money because his brother is the only one he needs.

Speaking of Chikai Kuji, it turns out that he not only got some money in his suit, but Chikai kept a photo of his younger brother.

For Toi Kuji, it’s truly heart-breaking that despite his criminal activities, Chikai is still committed to keep his brother happy until the end.

Of course, the only thing that worries me is what will Toi do now that his brother is dead.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time for the last 2 episodes of Sarazanmai.

With Toi Kuji’s absence, Kazuki Yasaka is left alone to fight against the Otter Empire in order to save Enta Jinnai from losing his existence.

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