Symphogear XV Episode #01

Well look what we have here, seems that we have a new character introduced on Symphogear who has some connection with Finé.

Sadly, this person won’t last long but come to think of it, I wonder if Finé created Kadingir just to reunite with this guy? Could it be that this person is actually a god? I guess we’ll find out later…

Anyways, it’s time to start the proper episode where Hibiki Tachibana and Miku Kohinata are spending their quiet time together. Nothing dangerous going on this episode…

Ah scratch that, looks like someone attacked this SONG cruise ship. Man, I wonder if the remnants of the Bavarian Illuminati or even Noise are responsible for this attack?

Then again, I feel that it’s the latter who are responsible for the attack as they want to retrieve this Auto-Scorer Tiki and possibly destroy the evidence. Still, they failed to get Tiki from the thinly-disguised cruise ship.

On the other hand, Aoi Tomosato and Elfnein decoded the Auto-Scorer’s data where they found the true objective of the Bavarian Illuminati, apart from Adam Weishaupt’s selfish desires to become a god.

You see, they found an artifact near Lake Vostok in Antarctica where Adam and the Bavarian Illuminati originally planned to destroy it. I don’t know whether it’s linked to Finé’s divine powers, but at least the Bavarian Illuminati failed to do so.

Anyways, let’s move onto Antarctica where the Symphogear users will confront this artifact. Of course, this is not just an ordinary artifact…

You see, this one is big that Genjuro Kazanari dub it as the Coffin. Then again, it’s too large to be a coffin but more importantly, this artifact can move which would pose a threat to everyone stationed in Antarctica.

Well then, it’s time for Maria Cadenzavna Eve and Hibiki Tachibana to pierce this Coffin to the heavens with their drills.

And as you can see, it’s super-effective that the combined power of both Gungnir and Airgetlám destroyed the Coffin’s shard. Of course, this large artiface is still standing…

And really, this Coffin in very angry that it let out a powerful beam which would wipe out anything.

Fortunately, Chris Yukine will use her body to tank this red-colored beam. Then again, I’m worried that she might not last long…

…as Chris and the rest are caught in this nuclear-size explosion. All I can say is that normal people won’t survive that.

Yet for the Symphogear users, they survived but they’re frozen by this near-indestructible ice where it hits minus 5100 degree Celsius.

Yeah, I guess that beam is so powerful that it broke the laws of physics by creating ice crystals upon explosion.

Meanwhile, it appears that there someone is observing the battle in a safe distance, which I have a feeling that they’re the bad guys for this season of Symphogear. I mean, they would do something towards the Coffin and the Symphogear users.

Also, here’s another new character who might be the antagonist for Symphogear XV. Maybe in the next episode, they’ll introduce themselves and determine if they’re actually adversaries to Hibiki and her friends.

Speaking of Hibiki, looks like she broke free from that indestructible ice.

So were her teammates as they’re ready to kick some ass against the Coffin. Then again, the giant artifact is a pain to bring it down.

But you know what, Hibiki will find a way to defeat the Coffin using her trusty fists! C’mon, it works everytime!

Actually, never mind as Hibiki got smashed by the Coffin which sends her deep into Lake Vostok. At this point, she can’t sing because Hibiki might drown herself to death.

Just kidding, you think that being underwater impeded her ability to sing? Not for Hibiki as she can sing using her heart! Of course, Tachibana needs to get out of harm’s way first.

And once she got out from Coffin’s grasp, Hibiki changed her gauntlets into this claw arm as seen here. I wonder if her new gauntlets has enough power to drill a hole onto that giant artifact?

Then again, Hibiki will use her gauntlets to create a powerful tornado which sends the Coffin flying to the air. Of course, how will Hibiki defeat this giant artifact?

Well, she asked her fellow Symphogear users for help as they shed their armor which they called Gear Blast.

Of course, they’re not gonna run around the Coffin just because they’re faster, but more vulnerable due to not having protection…

Instead, they’ll just channel their energy to create a powerful attack called Hexa-Revolver.

This rainbow-colored beam is their powerful attack so far that it’ll destroy everything in one shot, including the Coffin.

But anyways, this Coffin is finally destroyed and the Symphogear users have saved Antartica from being wiped out from the map. Man, I feel that this episode looked like a final battle!

Still, this is just the first episode of Symphogear XV because Hibiki and her friends just stop the giant artifact from running amok. Now, let’s see what’s inside the Coffin…

But then again, looks like SONG won’t have to pry it open because the Coffin just open itself.

And it turns out that there’s a mummy inside. Wait, that right gauntlet over there, don’t tell me that it’s the person from the beginning of this episode?

In any case, I thing those questions will be answered next time. But really, I’m glad that Symphogear has returned for this final season!

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