Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine Episodes #05 – #08

Well you look at that, the baseball club got their uniforms after gaining 9 members. Sadly, it turns out that they’re not yet an official club in Satogahama High School, therefore they’re being called as the baseball association.

Regardless, Tsubasa Arihara and the rest will have an exhibition match against Seijo High School. And really, this is their first match so most of the players are nervous.

In any case, Seijo High School’s girls baseball team is a powerhouse where Sayaka Jinguji and the rest are veterans of the game.

By the way, girls baseball is not that big as this show only has 30 teams competing in that sport. Of course, it’s still growing that girls baseball might have a nationwide tournament much like Koshien. Hmm, I wonder if the girls can play on that sacred stadium in Hyogo Prefecture?

Anyways, let’s move onto the exhibition game where Ryo Shinonome scored a base hit against Seijo High School.

And as you can see, the opposing team was surprised that the rookie team scored some bases.

Eventually, Satogahama High School scored a run in the 1st inning that Tsubasa Arihara and the rest are happy about it. However, this is just temporary…

…as Seijo High School exploited their rookie status and decimate the team when they make mistakes. C’mon, Sayaka Jinguji won’t let them win!

The result: a 12-run thrashing by the Seijo High School’s girls baseball team in which there’s no need for the game to continue to the 9th inning. Had they play without mercy rules, Satogahama High School would be destroyed by 20 or more runs.

Nevertheless, most of the rookies, sans Ryo Shinonome and Waka Suzuki, are devastated by the results of their first official game. Worse of all, Tsubasa Arihara is worried that they might not come back. Man, is this over for the baseball association?

Fortunately, it seems that they didn’t abandon Tsubasa Arihara as Waka Suzuki brought the rest of the members that despite being frustrated on their loss, they’ll remain in the baseball association.

Heck, even Yuuki Nozaki wants to improve so that she and the rest won’t be defeated again. Well then, looks like it’s time for these girls to get stronger… while getting grades.

And speaking of maintaining good grades, I forgot to tell you that Tsubasa Arihara is on a brink of failing her subject so she needs to study for the upcoming mid-term exams.

So while Tsubasa is busy studying, here’s Tomoe Kawakita as she’s practicing on her own at a nearby temple. Don’t worry though, she’s smart and therefore Tomocchi can get a good score in the exams.

Unfortunately, her training got interrupted when Tomoe Kawakita saw Sayaka Jinguji where she’s also training at the temple. Man, I have a bad feeling about this…

Even Tsubasa Arihara is worried that something terrible might happen to Tomocchi. You know what, I think Kawakita will be fine so there’s no need to worry about her!

Anyways, here’s Sayaka Jinguji where she told Tomoe Kawakita about Seijo High School’s baseball club. You see, the baseball club is on the brink of shutting down due to her manager getting caught in a scandal. Fortunately, Sayaka Jinguji and the remaining club members recruited some 1st year students and thus saving the club from closure.

While it’s an interesting story on Seijo High School’s baseball club since they have the same predicament as Satogahama, Sayaka Jinguji told Tomoe Kawakita that they’re still have a long way to go as her team needs to become stronger in order to become one of the contenders for the national tournament.

Suddenly, Tsubasa Arihara appeared where she demanded Tomoe Kawakita an explanation on her meeting with Sayaka Jinguji.

Unfortunately for Arihara, Tomoe Kawakita told Tsubasa that she can’t be strict towards her. Man, are we getting some misunderstanding here?

In any case, Tomocchi left the scene and man, it’s sucks that having her and Arihara on bad terms is detrimental to the team.

But don’t worry though as Yoshimi Iwaki had an idea… by letting them talk to their fists. That’s right, Yoshimi wants Tsubasa and Tomoe to figh which is definitely a bad idea!

Still, Iwaki tricked both Arihara and Kawakita on meeting at the baseball field for a beatdown. Um Yoshimi, you know that your dangerous stunt might shut the baseball association down.

But hey, the girls have joined the bandwagon anyway as they see how it unfolds at a distance. Really girls, I think you should stop both Tsubasa and Tomoe if things went ugly.

Anyways, Tomoe Kawakita wants Tsubasa Arihara to treat her as one of her teammates, not best friends as Tomocchi doesn’t want to be treated kindly by Tsubasa.

Um Kawakita, I think there’s no need for Tsubasa to treat you harshly. C’mon, she’s gonna support everyone including you!

Oh yeah, and Tomoe gave Tsubasa some studying materials because she doesn’t want her friend failing the tests.

Speaking of Tsubasa Arihara, looks like she’s crying as Tomoe Kawakita still cares for her despite getting caught in a misunderstanding. You know, I think they should make up and become friends again.

Not to worry though as they finally made up with Tomocchi hugging Tsubasa. Man, I’m glad that it’s finally resolved but there’s another problem.

You see, their equipment are getting bent out of shape. They can’t just buy another cheap baseball bats and gloves, so therefore Waka Suzuki decided to ask the student council for some funds.

Of course, the problem is that Shiho Noumi won’t give them the funds until the student council granted them club status.

Oh, and they’re not gonna approve them easily as the baseball association will be assessed thoroughly. Yeah, seems that both Waka Suzuki and Tsubasa Arihara are left speechless.

That’s where Kana Tsukumo steps in to assess on whether the baseball association will be recognized as an official club or not. Man, the pressure is real for Tsubasa and the rest as Kana-san will observe their activities!

On the other hand, Kana Tsukumo is actually quite good at playing baseball. Well, turns out that Tsukumo is very athletic.

Even the players are impressed by Tsukumo’s athleticism. While it would be nice if she joined the baseball association, Kana is just observing.

But, it appears that there will be a new recruit in the form of Maiko Kurashiki, Yuuki Nozaki’s friend in which she brought Kurashiki to the baseball association as a trial member.

Well, I have to say that adding more members is a good thing in an event when one player got injured. Now then, let’s see how Maiko fares.

Surprisingly, she can throw a fastball that Ryo Shinonome was impressed by it. The reason why Kurashiki can throw like that is becauase she played dodgeball before.

With that said, looks like the baseball association will make Maiko Kurashiki as a permanent member. Heck, she might become the second pitcher to the team due to her fast pitches.

Unfortunately, just as the baseball association are happy to have another member, it appears that Maiko Kurashiki has some problems back home as her parents are fighting all the time.

In fact, her mother is scared that Maiko’s father might beat her to death. For Maiko Kurashiki, she doesn’t want to get involved in her parents’ mess…

Therefore, Maiko went to the city at dark for some quiet time. But even then, Maiko will get caught in some trouble that the school is concerned about her behavior.

Anyways, the inevitable happened where Maiko Kurashiki got caught by the police for punching some drunkards. Thus, she and her mother were called by the school for some counseling.

Then again, even counseling won’t work due to how bad the situation in regards to Maiko’s family. Heck, her mother decided to move to another town so that she won’t have to deal with her abusive husband. Of course, this means that Maiko will be forced to transfer schools.

That’s where Maiko Kurashiki had enough of her mother’s reasoning to leave town and left the room disgruntled.

On the other hand, Maiko Kurashiki bumped onto Kana Tsukumo where she didn’t say anything to Kurashiki. But even then, Tsukumo can’t do anything to help her…

…as Maiko left the scene. Man, I’m worried that Maiko Kurashiki might leave the club due to her family problems.

Then again, some of them are helping Maiko Kurashiki in other ways like Momoko Kakehashi for example, in which she told Maiko’s mother that her daughter is happy on joining the baseball association and getting along with her teammates.

Glad that someone is bringing something positive to Maiko Kurashiki because c’mon, she fits well to the baseball association.

Of course, the only thing that they need is someone convincing Maiko Kurashiki to stay in the association. That’s where Kana Tsukumo decided to step in and do something to let Maiko stay instead of doing nothing.

Speaking of Kana Tsukumo, even though she doesn’t express much, Kana wants Maiko to continue playing baseball and told her to smile more. Let’s hope that Maiko Kurashiki would listen to Kana Tsukumo’s words.

Fortunately, seems that Maiko Kurashiki has finally listened to Kana Tsukumo’s advice as she finally joined the baseball association as a permanent member.

And as for Tsubasa Arihara and the rest, they’re happy to see Kurashiki joining the team. Still, they’re not yet recognized as an official club in Satogahama High School.

That’s about to change where Shiho Noumi declared that the baseball association has upgraded their status as a club. Basically, we can finally call them as the baseball club.

Oh and as for Kana Tsukumo? She decides to join the baseball club as a permanent member. Of course, Kana won’t abandon her duties as a student council officer. Now that the baseball club is finally recognized, it seems that they’re ready to join a tournament right?

Well, not quite as the vice-principal explained that there’s no realistic way to send a newly-recognized club to a tournament. I mean, baseball is expensive where they need to factor in the transportation and equipment costs.

Also, I forgot to tell you that Momoko Kakehashi is handling the kendo club in addition to the baseball club, which means that the vice-principal refused to let them play in a tournament because you have a teacher managing both clubs.

So while Kakehashi-sensei is managing the school’s approval for funding (which I doubt it), Akane Ukita found some plants that are not weeds.

But just as Akane examining the plant, she was interrupted by rain in which Ukita will have to find a roof until the rain subsides.

Now let’s move onto the library where Ayaka Nakano is making a news article despite the fact that there’s no newspaper club. Of course, the school librarian Maria Hase wants Ayaka to keep it quiet.

Still, Nakano will continue to make an article in order to promote the baseball association to the entire school campus.

Moving back to the baseball field as Hinata-san told Akane Ukita that there’s once a field of sunflowers being grown around this area. So yeah, they’re not weeds and it’s nice to have sunflowers surrounding the baseball field.

In any case, the girls decided to remove some weeds surrounding the buds while watering them so that they’ll grow into beautiful sunflowers once summer arrives.

Of course, watering the buds with just a sprinkler is very tedious so Aoi Asada found a spray nozzle to water these sunflowers buds effectively. Well, aside from spraying the girls until they’re drenched.

On the other hand, here’s Kakehashi-sensei as she apologized for the screw-up in regards to the financial support.

Um Momoko Kakehashi, it would be nice if you just focus on one club instead of managinng both, but even then it won’t help much.

Anyways, Tomoe Kawakita propose something that would help the baseball club on participating to the nationals. But how will they do it?

Simple, they’ll use Ayaka Nakano’s news article to bring awareness across the school campus. Good idea there, Tomocchi!

Heck, some of the girls are interested on supporting the club that Nakano asked them to sign a petition. By the way, these girls are recruitable in the original mobile game, but not on this anime adaptation.

Now then, the baseball club are busy preparing for their participation and while Ayaka Nakano is gathering signatures, the rest are helping Momoko Kakehashi on revising the proposal. C’mon, they have to be realistic when it comes to managing costs.

Speaking of Ayaka Nakano, looks like she’s finished gathering signatures from the entire school campus.

And as you can see, they got a hefty amount of signatures which means that the students from Satogahama High School are supportive towards the baseball club. But what about the vice-principal, will she accept Kakehashi’s proposal?

Well, the vice-principal has decided that Satogahama High School will fund the baseball club for the upcoming tournament.

However, Momoko Kakehashi will have to focus her efforts of managing the baseball club during summer, while the vice-principal will take over the kendo club as a temporary club advisor. Gotta say that it’s a good compromise.

Now that it’s settled, Kakehashi-sensei delivered the good news to the girls as they’ll participate to the national tournament. Glad that it’s sorted out as Tsubasa Arihara and the rest will focus on becoming better baseball players.

Anyways, next time will be the final 4 episodes of Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine as the baseball club prepares for the nationals. I’m hoping that Satogahama High School will win their first official game this time!

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