Sarazanmai Episodes #10 & #11

Oh look, it’s Haruka Yasaka as he finally met the real Sara Azuma.

Anyways, Haruka told Sara about a dream of a little prince who asked him to choose either love or desire. Hm, I wonder if Haruka’s dream is related to the main plot?

Now then, let’s talk about the final 2 episodes where Prince Keppi was attacked by someone else.

Said attacker turn out to be this bad cop named Reo Niiboshi in which he demanded to hand over the last Silver Plate of Hope. Of course, Kazuki Yasaka won’t even give it to Reo.

Oh yeah and speaking of Reo, it was revealed that he and his partner Mabu Akutsu are actually kappa, not otter. Man, my mind has been blown over this revelation!

In any case, Reo Niiboshi forced them to hand over the plates to Mabu Akutsu at the underground base.

Prince Keppi tries to convince Mabu on rescuing them, but Mabu won’t comply simply because he’s following orders for the Otter Empire.

Oh and by the way, Reo Niiboshi is still arguing towards Mabu Akutsu because Reo sees his partner as a fake, especially when Otter caress Mabu’s body.

Well then, seems that their argument will continue for longer hours, therefore Kazuki Yasaka kicks Prince Keppi and get away from those cops together with Enta Jinnai.

But then again, they stumbled upon something deep underground. And really, you might recognize this character from earlier episodes.

This is Keppi’s dark spirit from Episode 6, now known as Dark Keppi, in which it represents the prince’s desires and was supposed to be missing after separating it from Keppi’s body.

But it turns out that Otter actually captured Dark Keppi where in addition of destroying the Kappa Kingdom, the Empire wants to recreate the world without any connection and the concept of love will be replaced with desire so that Otter and his minions will plunder them in the future.

Well, that was the most diabolical plan from the Otter Empire, but Otter wants more than just destroying the Kappa Kingdom as he also wants to get those Plates of Hope.

So, Otter decides to mind-control Enta Jinnai by going inside his brain like a parasite. Eww, that’s disgusting.

But this one is more disgusting as Enta is being swayed by a fake Kazuki Yasaka, where he told Enta to give the plates to Otter in exchange for the desire to being with his friend forever.

Unfortunately for Otter, it appears that his mind-control didn’t work against Enta Jinnai as he broke one Silver Dish of Hope. After all, he’ll rather follow his own feelings rather than being influenced by an outside force.

Of course, this means that Kazuki don’t have any chances to save Enta’s life as his life force is ticking away. But what about Otter?

Oh, he got shot by Reo Niiboshi much like how Homura Akemi blasted Kyubey’s head. Looks like he had enough of Otter’s bullshit that Reo defied the de-facto leader of the Empire.

However, Otter has other plans as he’ll use Mabu Akutsu to activate Dark Keppi. This is what happens when someone defies the Otter.

As for Mabu, I bet that he’ll become a kappa zombie as Mabu Akutsu is being controlled by his desire. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that he’ll be erased once his shirikodama has been taken out.

However, Reo Niiboshi doesn’t care on what will happen to his partner as he set Keppi free and told the prince to take out his shirikodama. Don’t tell me that Reo will become a kap- Oh wait, Reo is already a kappa.

Anyways, Reo Niiboshi will undergo the same proceedure as Kazuki Yasaka and his friends. Yeah, Reo will be the small kappa that’ll take out Mabu’s shirikodama.

And here’s Mabu in his kappa zombie form (or Mabu Zombie) as he’s different from the rest of the kappa zombies. You see, what Mabu treasured the most is his connection with Reo.

Of course, Reo will have to do the usual routine as the rest of the kappa, although the results will be very painful once he took out Mabu’s shirikodama.

And so, Reo Niiboshi took out Mabu Akutsu’s shirikodama. This means that the Mabu Zombie is finally defeated.

But of course, Reo will have to perform Sarazanmai in order to safely transfer the shirikodama to Prince Keppi. And that means leaking out some secrets.

Anyways, it turns out that after Mabu Akutsu was revived by Otter, he was forced to hate his partner Reo Niiboshi because his heart will explode once Mabu let out his romantic feelings.

For Reo, he knew that Mabu lied to his feelings just to be with his partner, but he was a fool for not understanding Mabu until it’s too late.

In fact, seems that Mabu Akutsu doesn’t need to hold his feelings anyone as he said “I love you!” to Reo Niiboshi before his heart explodes.

While Reo tries to reach his partner as he doesn’t want to lose Mabu, it’s already too late…

Mabu Akutsu’s shirikodama was safely swallowed by Prince Keppi. But like the rest of the kappa zombie, it comes at the cost of Mabu’s existence.

And since Mabu no longer exists, Reo Niiboshi felt something missing in his heart that Reo doesn’t know what he’s fighting for.

In fact, the only thing that Reo has is a ring that has the name “Mabu” on it. Of course, he doesn’t know who that Mabu is since Reo’s partner disappeared from his memory.

Unfortunately for Reo, it gets worse as someone shoot him in the back. Has the police arrived to kill this bad cop?

No, it turned out to be Toi Kuji as he demanded Kazuki Yasaka to hand over the Silver Plates of Hope.

Then again, we’ll find out later on whether Kazuki will comply to Toi’s demands or use the plates to save Enta’s life.

Meanwhile for Reo Niiboshi, it seems that he’ll never go to the afterlife alone as he becomes a ring and it’s now connected to Mabu’s ring.

For Prince Keppi, he felt sad that his bodyguards lost their lives but the prince felt at peace now that they’re together in death.

Anyways, Kazuki Yasaka used the Golden Plate of Hope to bring Enta Jinnai back from the dead.

Sure that Toi Kuji is pissed that he should have used the golden plate to revive his dead brother Chikai, but Kazuki’s friendship towards Enta is important that he wants to make amends with Jinnai after this mess.

Of course, they need to stop Dark Keppi first as it’ll be bad if the manifestation of desires would engulf the entire human world.

But it gets worse for Kazuki and Enta as Toi was taken by Dark Keppi. I have a feeling that Dark Keppi will erase Toi Kuji’s existence.

But as you can see, Dark Keppi (disgusing as Chikai Kuji) urge Toi Kuji to destroy his connection with Kazuki Yasaka from 4 years ago with his own two hands. Yes, Toi is gonna shoot a young version of himself.

Of course, he’s gonna shoot that fake Chikai first because he’s in the way. Toi already saw his older brother died on the previous episode, so he doesn’t want to be haunted by an impostor.

In any case, he proceeds to shoots his younger self, but Toi was stopped by both Kazuki and Enta which means that his existence is still intact… or is it?

Turns out that even though Toi Kuji didn’t shoot his younger self, the bullet hit towards Kazuki’s miçanga which also links to Toi’s existence. After all, the miçanga was once owned by Toi Kuji.

Anyways, both Enta Jinnai and Kazuki Yasaka failed to save Toi Kuji’s existence as they’ll forget all about him.

However, Kazuki Yasaka won’t give up because he’ll reconnect with his friend even if Toi Kuji cut Kazuki off from his life.

And as you can see, Kazuki managed to fix the miçanga, therefore the connection between him and Toi will remain (and thus Toi will continue to exist).

In any case, looks like Toi Kuji is finally saved but they still have to defeat Dark Keppi first!

And speaking of Dark Keppi, although it failed to erase Toi’s existence, the embodiment of desires have decided to take drastic measures…

…like erasing the memories of all 3 boys until there’s nothing left for them and therefore ceasing to exist.

Man, Dark Keppi is making sure that there’s no connection left in the human world.

But for the boys, they’re not gonna let their memories being erased as Enta, Toi, and Kazuki performed Sarazanmai…

…to summon Prince Keppi ala Ultraman in which he’ll save the boys from Dark Keppi’s influence.

Oh yeah, and Prince Keppi spit Kazuki and his friends out which turned them into kappa.

Unfortunately, they can’t return to their human forms as Kazuki and the rest must save their existence first.

In any case, time for the final battle between the trio and Dark Keppi at the Field of Desire. For Kazuki and the rest, they can’t afford to lose against the manifestation of desires.

Also, here’s Otter where he’ll anything to stop the kappas. After all, Otter wants the Kappa Kingdom completely destroyed while creating a world without connections!

Now then, the trio will head towards the younger version of Kazuki Yasaka and give the miçanga to him, all while Prince Keppi will attempt to contain Dark Keppi so that his body will become complete again.

Fortunately, Prince Keppi merged his dark half which means that he’s finally one with his love and desire. Now, Prince Keppi must help the boys on saving their existence…

…by bringing both Reo Niiboshi and Mabu Akutsu back from the dead. Hmm, I wonder what they’re gonna do with these two former bad cops?

Oh, both Reo Niiboshi and Mabu Akutsu are guiding them to their destination. Thanks to Reo and Mabu, the boys are getting closer towards the young Kazuki.

And lo and behold, the trio has finally save their existence by giving the miçanga to young Kazuki Yasaka. Thus, Kazuki and his friend prove that connections are important to them.

Because of that, Otter and the entire Otter Empire has crumbled into nothingness. It seems that his existence was merely a concept and thus the empire’s dream of a world without connections has disintegrated.

Time for the finale as Prince Keppi arrived in his complete form, telling the boys to perform the Sarazanmai for one last time.

But unlike the previous rituals which involves purifying the shirikodama, this Sarazanmai is special as Enta Jinnai, Toi Kuji, and Kazuki Yasaka will see what awaits them in the future.

Turns out that their future is actually worse where Kazuki got injured, which soon followed by betrayals and severing their friendship.

Of course, Kazuki and his friend has the possibility of changing their future into a brighter one for as long as they stick together until the end.

Well then, looks like the boys have finally back to their human forms. However, it’ll be the beginning for Kazuki and the rest to keep their connections alive.

As for the rest, seems that the Kappa Kingdom will begin their road to reconstruction, starting with the crowning of Sara Azuma as princess of the kingdom.

And here’s Prince Keppi as he’ll return to the kingdom with Princess Sara at his side. I’m glad that there’s a happy ending for him and Sara Azuma.

Even Haruka Yasaka is very happy to see the little prince and princess. You know what, I think Haruka’s dream is starting to make sense for this story, as Prince Keppi doesn’t need to choose either love or desire because he can have both.

Well then, that’s about it for Sarazanmai and I must say that despite the weirdness as expected from Kunihiko Ikuhara’s previous works, Sarazanmai shows that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for the trio as they’ll look forward for the future. Of course, it’s unfortunate that Enta Jinnai will remain a closet gay at the end of the series as he can’t tell his romantic feelings to Kazuki Yasaka.

And now, it’s time for the epilogue as Toi Kuji has decided to surrender himself to the police and spend his time at a juvenile detention center for 3 years. Yeah, his relatives are shocked that Toi committed a crime much like his brother.

Of course, Toi’s uncle and aunt might not welcome him back even after turning a new leaf. Not only that, but his family-owned soba shop might no longer exist, meaning that there’s no place for him to return.

Anyways, it seems that Toi Kuji has no other choice but to end his life by jumping off to the river. Damn, this is the worst way to end Sarazanmai… or is it?

Fortunately for Toi, two familiar characters are here to pick him up. It’s none other than Kazuki Yasaka and Enta Jinnai.

And really, they’re happy to see Toi Kuji again after his 3-year stay in a juvie. Gotta say that even though they’ll face challenges ahead, I feel that they’ll press on for as long as they have that connection among themselves.

Even Toi Kuji is happy to see his buddies again. Glad that there’s a happy ending for the boys ’cause they earned it after conquering so many hardships for the entire 11 episodes!

Now then, let’s end this post with a final Sarazanmai pose for the trio! While we’re gonna miss them, the future is bright for Kazuki Yasaka and his friends!

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