Symphogear XV Episode #03

Here’s Maria Cadenzavna Eve where she told the girls that she’s fine. Glad that Maria has strong willpower as she wasn’t caught by Millaarc’s Seal Invasion.

But for Tsubasa Kazanari however, seems that it’ll be a long time for her to wake up. And even if she did, Tsubasa might be in her right mind to fight.

Meanwhile, seems that Elsa and Millaarc are meeting with some men in black suits. Now I don’t know what they’re discussing, but Elsa and Millaarc noticed some intruders who are snooping on their secret meeting.

Oh, and it turns out that these bosozoku thugs are the ones eavesdropping on their meeting with men in black suits. Yeah, the Bavarian Illuminati don’t like witnesses.

So, Elsa and Millaarc summoned the Alca-Noises to take care of those intruders. Some of them are riding on a Segway!

And as for these punks, they got killed by the Alca-Noise without fighting back. By the way, they were three thugs and two got disintegrated, which means there’s one left.

But anyways, seems that Elsa and Millaarc will have to deal with party crashers as their Alca-Noises are being destroyed one by one.

That’s right, Chris Yukine is here to stop the Illuminati remnants. Oh, and she’s not alone…

That’s because Chris brought Hibiki Tachibana to do her usual thing like punching Alca-Noises and saving this thug.

Unfortunately, Elsa and Millaarc don’t want to deal with them as they turn tail from these Symphogear users!

Not on Chris Yukine’s watch as she’s gonna snipe them with Red Hot Blaze! Sure that she loves blowing stuff up with Megadeth Party, but Chris needs to do precise shots to take down those alchemists.

In any case, looks like Elsa will have a taste of Chris’ sniper shot from above. And really, it’s gonna hurt much!

Scratch that, seems that Chris-chan did it too much as the alchemists got blasted away… or is it?

Oh, Elsa and Millaarc got away but it appears that they left something behind. Turns out that they’re carrying blood packs which contains RH Soil, a rare blood type.

Hmm, I have a feeling that these alchemists needed blood to survive. Oh, and it seems that O type blood won’t work on them!

Meanwhile, seems that SONG got some bad news as the Los Alamos research facility was attacked. Oh yeah, this facility holds the Custodian which it got disintegrated, leaving only its gauntlet.

Anyways, turns out that one of the remnants of the Bavarian Illuminati are responsible for that attack.

Hell, I have a feeling that she stole the gauntlet, meaning that SONG will have a hard time taking those alchemists down.

On the plus side though, the remnants can be taken down if they’re cut off from their blood supply. Now, the only thing for Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi is to wait for someone to attack like a hospital for example.

Then again, it’s not like they’ll attack a hospital any time soon as Kirika and Shirabe are just discussing girly things.

Actually, I spoke too soon as they saw an alchemist at the nearby hospital. Looks like Millaarc is here to nab those RH Soil type blood packs.

In any case, both Kirika and Shirabe went to the rooftop of a hospital to stop Millaarc from getting her hands on those blood packs.

Of course, Millaarc will stop those Symphogear users by slowing them down…

…with Alca-Noise of course as she’ll keep both Kirika and Shirabe busy dealing with small-fries while getting the goods.

Sadly for Millaarc, Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi decided to combine their weapons and take her out instead of stopping those Alca-Noises. C’mon, it’s better to stop the summoner rather than dealing with small-fries.

In any case, looks like Millaarc will have a taste of the combined power of both Igalima and Shul Shagana. Oh yeah, and this is for payback on the previous episode!

Then again, Kirika and Shirabe did it too much as Millaarc got blasted away… or is it?

Turns out that Millaarc is still alive as she tells about her duty of protecting her family, which I assume to be her fellow alchemists.

Then again, I’m not gonna symphatize Millaarc because she crashed Tsubasa Kazanari’s concert and killed 70,000 people. Well then, time for Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi to take her out!

However, both Symphogear users got rocket punch to the gut. Man, I wonder if Millaarc got some reinforcements?

Anyways, seems that Millaarc’s buddies are here to help her out, starting with Vanessa where she arrived after destroying the research facility in America.

Also, Elsa is here too as she got the RH Soil blood packs right under their noses. Well, looks like they don’t need to stay at the hospital any longer.

And so, the 3 alchemists call themselves as Noble Red as make their escape from the Symphogear users, but they’ll return to ruin their day. Man, SONG is getting their asses whipped by the Bavarian Illuminati!

But like I said before, these alchemist needed blood transfusion in order to survive as seen here with Elsa and Millaarc getting their RH Soil fix. While they’re weak without it, I wonder if Vanessa needed blood transfusion?

On the other hand, Vanessa is talking to someone as she talks about the Custodian’s gauntlet that she stole from the Los Alamos research facility, now known as the Bracelet of Shem-ha. Then again, I wonder who is Vanessa talking to?

Oh, Vanessa is talking to Fudou Kazanari, which I’m shocked that he’s in cahoots with the Illuminati and possibly be the final boss for this season. But why does Fudou need the Bracelet of Shem-ha, does he want immortality and godhood like the Lodgemaster Adam Weishaupt, or something else?

Regardless, it’s one giant red flag as SONG will not only have to deal with the Illuminati remnants, but also stop this treacherous patriach of the Kazanari family. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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