To Aru Kagaku no Accelerator Episode #02

This is Hasami Hitokawa as she’s about to do the unthinkable…

…by jumping towards the cold sea as she wants to die. While it’s a dark way to start this episode, I think Hitokawa will be important later on.

Anyways, here’s Accelerator as he’s reading Heavy Object. You know, as much as I want another season of To Aru Majutsu no Index, I wish Heavy Object will have another season.

However, it appears that Accelerator was interrupted by this person from the previous episode. I wonder if she’s planning to take down the MISAKA Network?

Now then, this person asked Accelerator the whereabouts of Last Order, which Accelerator won’t answer it since he’s very suspicious towards strangers, especially for those who want to get their hands on Last Order.

Unfortunately for this mysterious person, Anti-Skill have arrived to apprehend her with a taser. Well, at least she didn’t do anything bad towards the patients.

With that said, Anti-Skill will take care of this perpetrator while telling Accelerator that there’s nothing to see here.

Of course, Accelerator is so curious towards Anti-Skill that he asked them where they’re taking the perpetrator.

Anti-Skill told him to get out, but Accelerator refused as he’s starting to get suspicious towards them.

That’s where this operative named Nishio appeared in which he and his buddies call themselves as Disciplinary Action or DA for short.

In any case, here’s the part where Nishio told Accelerator to get back at his room or he’ll shoot the Level 5 esper to the face. Bad idea there, Nishio!

You see, he already got shot in the head before, but Accelerator won’t let this guy do it again as he reflected the bullet back to Nishio’s face. That’s gotta hurt!

And not only that, but Accelerator flipped the convoy that’s carrying the perpetrator until it explodes. Then again, I wonder if she survives though?

Anyways, Nishio and his buddies at DA have decided to unleash their secret weapon against a Level 5 esper. But seriously though, is the mysterious person alive?

Oh, she survives but then again, this person will witness Accelerator thrashing those phony Anti-Skill operatives and teach them a lesson on not to mess with him.

But still, they don’t care as they unleash their weapon they call the Coffin. As you can see, this Coffin is about to shoot a blue fireball at Accelerator.

Unfortunately, Accelerator survives thanks to his vector-manipulation powers. C’mon, DA’s latest toy couldn’t put a scratch towards the Level 5 esper.

Hell, even Nishio and his buddies are afraid that they picked the wrong guy to mess with. Look at his face, he’s freakin’ screwed!

Anyways, time for Accelerator to destroy this heap of junk with his own bare hands! Oh sorry, I meant his vector powers as Accelerator will bring this Coffin down in a jiffy!

But there goes the Coffin as Accelerator easily dismantled DA’s mecha into pieces. Well, looks like Disciplinary Action is screwed!

However, it appears that Accelerator stopped his rampage for a second as he saw something from the Coffin’s mechanical carcass.

Turns out that he saw a corpse which resembled Hasami Hitokawa. Wait a minute, did DA took Hasami’s body and put her inside of a machine that’s literally a coffin?

Unfortunately, Disciplinary Action got away while the real Anti-Skill arrived at the scene to ask some questions towards Accelerator. Then again, he’s confused on why DA used corpses to power-up those machines.

In any case, Accelerator will have to take a rest for a while as Aiho Yomikawa told him that her team will clean up this mess. Then again, Accelerator is not being friendly towards Yomikawa as he just met her, so maybe in the future he’ll warm up towards Aiho Yomikawa.

Oh yeah, and it turns out that the Coffin not only uses dead people to power-up the machines, but also raises its esper level which is similar to the Level Upper audio file.

Meanwhile, it appears that Nishio is getting discharged over his failure to capture the target. In fact, Nishio’s boss told him that there’s someone waiting for him, which I have a bad feeling that Nishio get killed.

Oh yeah, this is Nishio’s boss named Mikihiko Hishigata and I have a feeling that he developed the Coffin. Then again, it’s still a mystery on what Hishigata and the rest of Disciplinary Action are aiming for.

One last thing, looks like Accelerator was visited by the mysterious person from before.

Anyways, this is Esther Rosenthal where she asked Accelerator for help to stop those evil people for using her teachings. Said teachings involved resurrecting dead bodies in which Esther regretted on teaching them.

Hmm, I wonder if those evil people referred to the guys at Disciplinary Action? If so, we’re in serious trouble!

Of course, Accelerator is still suspicious towards Esther because c’mon, she attempts to capture Last Order after all.

But anyways, I’ll see you next time as Accelerator will have to deal with a dangerous group who uses dead espers.

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