Symphogear XV Episode #04

Well everyone, I know that you’re shocked about the revelation from last week’s episode, but here’s Hibiki Tachibana as she wants to get a day-off with Miku Kohinata after fighting against the Bavarian Illuminati.

While it’s sucks that Hibiki will have to follow Genjuro Kazanari’s orders since she’s a Symphogear user, but she has to hang in there if Hibiki wants a date with Miku!

Meanwhile, Tsubasa Kazanari is back in action but Maria Cadenzavna Eve is worried about her comrade. C’mon, Millaarc killed tons of people during her concert.

However, Tsubasa told Maria and the rest that she’s okay as she’ll become stronger for the next mission. After all, Tsubasa wants to be the sharpest sword for the Kazanari Clan.

Then again, it would be better if Tsubasa Kazanari would sing instead of fighting Alca-Noises. Besides, her grandfather is colluding with the enemy.

Meanwhile, here’s Vanessa and her two buddies from Noble Red as they’re gonna meet their client.

Said client happened to be Fudou Kazanaru (aka Kamakura) as he wants the Bracelet of Shem-ha activated as soon as possible. Of course, I’m curious on how Fudou will use the relic from the Custodians.

With that said, time for Vanessa to activate the Bracelet of Shem-ha to unlock its secret powers…

…only to find out that she failed to activate it. I guess the machine is a bit faulty that it failed to stimulate the relic.

On the other hand, seems that someone is spying on them that Fudou’s bodyguards round them up. And what will they do towards those spies?

Well, they’ll silence them good as seen here when Millaarc slits this man’s throat. Freakin’ brutal!

However, it appears that one of the spies have decided to take the gauntlet and use it on himself… with disastrous results as his body can’t take its immense power.

Therefore, this spy exploded into many pieces. Then again, what happened to the Bracelet of Shem-ha? Was it still intact after one spy foolishly used it?

Regardless, seems that someone is tailing them that Noble Red decided to distract those spies by summoning Alca-Noises. Vanessa and the rest will retrieve the relic later.

Anyways, the Alca-Noises will do their usual thing by trashing this place. Then again, I wonder if Vanessa and the rest escorted their client safely?

Now then, the Symphogear users have arrived to stop the Alca-Noises as usual, as well as capturing one alchemist from Noble Red.

Of course, Vanessa and her fellow alchemists are weaker compared to the Symphogear users as Hibiki sends Vanessa flying, but don’t let their raw strength fool you ’cause you know that they might pull something to lower their guard.

Oh yeah and speaking of Vanessa, looks like she surrendered as she wants Hibiki Tachibana to touch her breasts.

Of course, Hibiki Tachibana was surprised that an alchemist is offering her assets as a peace offering. But you know what, Vanessa is just pulling Hibiki’s leg…

…as she pulled her zipper, revealing her breast missiles at Tachibana. Dammit, is that a shoutout to Aphrodite A?

In any case, looks like Hibiki Tachibana got hit by Vanessa’s missiles and man, I’m worried that she might not survive…

Then again, Hibiki Tachibana was saved when Maria Cadenzavna Eve saved her butt. Well then, looks like Vanessa is at a disadvantage.

Of course, Vanessa doesn’t want to deal with these two as she fires her lasers straight from her eyes. Gotta say that Vanessa is one hell of a cyborg as she got everything!

With that said, Noble Red got away again and it’s getting frustrating for the Symphogear users on failing to stop them.

Oh, and those 3 alchemist didn’t leave any traces behind which means that finding them would be very difficult.

However, seems that Shinji Ogawa found something important beneath the rubble.

This item might hold some important information regarding the Bracelet of Shem-ha. Heck, Ogawa-san will use his ninja skills to find clues on who’s pulling the strings.

Back at SONG, looks like Elfnein found something during their battle against Noble Red. It’s an Aufbachen waveform where the alchemists are attempting to activate the Bracelet of Shem-ha.

Oh yeah, and Elfnein found out that there’s music upon activating the bracelet, although it’s distorted right now since Vanessa and the rest summoned the Alca-Noises to mask the song.

Unfortunately, the Symphogear users can’t capture the Bavarian Illuminati remnants as they move from one place to another.

Luckily, Maria Cadenzavna Eve put a tracker on them during the battle, which means that they finally capture the alchemists once and for all.

Then again, I have a bad feeling that Noble Red already figure it out that SONG found their location.

In any case, Vanessa and the rest are here and they’re pretty much ready to take on the Symphogear users.

And here they are as Hibiki Tachibana and the rest are gonna capture the alchemists!

However, it appears that Hibiki and her friends are caught in one of the traps by the alchemists. I guess Noble Red are fully-prepared to take them down through underhand means.

Also, Noble Red are gonna use their secret technique to destroy them for good…

…by throwing cubes at them until the Symphogear users are encapsulated. Anyways, this is what they call as the Labyrinth of Daedalus.

Oh yeah, and if trapping them is not enough, Vanessa and the rest are gonna crush them from the inside with Daedalus End.

And so, the Symphogear users has met their end at the hands of the alchemists. Dammit, I don’t want to end this series like this!

On second thought, it’s not like Hibiki Tachibana and the rest are defeated as they’re transported to another dimension. Well, they’re just dreaming.

Also, Hibiki Tachibana met Saint-Germain once again as she told Hibiki to stand up and fight. Man, it’s been a long time since we saw Saint-Germain, but where’s Cagliostro and Prelati?

But anyways, looks like Hibiki’s former enemies are now helping her and the rest of the Symphogear users. But is it too late though?

In fact, the alchemists created another explosion that’ll kill the Symphogear users for good. Looks like Vanessa, Elsa, and Millaarc wants them dead.

But, it appears that they can’t kill them by any means as the Symphogear users are back. This time, they got some new powers that they received from Saint-Germain and her friends.

In any case, what Hibiki and the rest got was that their respective relics are being rebuilt with the Philosopher’s Stone. Elfnein dubbed this new power as Amalgam as their armor received new abilities derived from the alchemists’ Faust Robes.

But in the case of Hibiki Tachibana, she got gigantic arms in which Saint-Germain help Hibiki on controlling it. Then again, I wonder if Saint-Germain will remain at Hibiki’s side from the remainder of this season?

Meanwhile, it looks like Vanessa and her comrades from Noble Red won’t let them win as they desparately throw everyting to stop the Symphogear users.

Oh yeah, it turns out that Noble Red is aiming to have their bodies return to normal. Then again, how come they wanted to have human bodies when they committed crimes, especially when Millaarc killed lots of people?

Now then, it’s time for Hibiki Tachibana to beat the alchemists with the help of Saint-Germain!

On second thought, she’s not gonna beat them senselessly as Hibiki wants to befriend them.

Okay, looks like she wants to make friends with the enemy much like Saint-Germain and her friends from the previous season, but let’s leave Millaarc out ’cause she’s a bad girl!

So, it seems that the Symphogear users are gonna capture Noble Red after getting away from previous episodes. But then, there’s a problem…

Turns out that Genjuro Kazanari told the Symphogear users to abort the mission as SONG got being suspended by the Japanese government. I bet that it was Fudou Kazanari who ordered the suspension of SONG, but then again does he have the Bracelet of Shem-ha?

Anyways, looks like the Symphogear users will have to face one bad granddad who threw the entire country just to get his hands of the Custodian’s relic. Now if only Shinji Ogawa will come to the rescue on the next episode as I’m worried that it’ll get worse for Hibiki and her friends!

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