Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka? Episode #04

This is a story of one mother named Kazuno who tries to make up with her daughter after filing a divorce to her husband.

Said daughter happened to be Genya in which she doesn’t want to make peace with Kazuno-san due to spending her time at a host club. Oh, and they got invited to play an MMORPG in which their relationship went very sour.

Now then, let’s move onto this episode where Mamako Oosuki and her party found Shirase (or Shiraaaase) being stuck to a tree. Oh, and she’s dead because the Empress of Night killed her previously.

But don’t worry, Wise will revive Shiraaaase with her magic in which this admin turned nun is back from the dead!

Except that Shirase is still stuck to a tree branch in which she’ll die again. Well, looks like either Masato or Mamako will have to save Shirase’s corpse from being impaled forever.

After saving Shirase, she informed the party about the Empress of Night, which turned out to be none other than Kazuno where she abused her powers to break the game by recruiting hot male NPCs as her living furniture. Yeah, Shirase’s superiors are gonna drop the banhammer and possibly arrest Kazuno for hacking the game.

But speaking of Kazuno or should I say the Empress of Night, looks like she’s finally arrive to burn the entire world to satisfy her boredom.

And really, she made one hell of an entrance that Mamako and her party should be careful when dealing with the Empress of Night.

Like Mamako Oosuki, the Empress of Night is overpowered where she has a large amount of magic points, can cast cancel her spells, and has an invincible barrier. Yeah, it’s gonna be tough for Mamako’s party to stop her.

Oh yeah and in addition to mind-controlling the NPCs, the Empress of Night can move inanimate objects like this one where she traps both Mamako and Porter until they can’t get out.

Not only that, but these trees can’t be destroyed which means that Masato’s Firmament can’t cut it.

And to make matters worse, the Empress created a box in which Masato and Wise can’t get out. But seriously though, why would she go such great lengths to break the game?

Simple, the Empress got a hissy fit towards Wise for being a selfish prick that she disowns her own daughter. Man, I don’t know what to do with the Empress of Night.

Oh BTW, the reason why the Empress got so overpowered is because someone gave her a game-breaking item from outside sources.

Oh yeah, and the Empress got 3 familiars as bonus for receiving that item which would destroy the game and the company who operates it. Yeah, it’s no wonder why Shirase’s superiors wanted the Empress (or Kazuno) banned and put her on an arrest warrant.

Meanwhile, here’s Wise (or Genya) as she tries to make amends with her mother but at this point, it’s too late for Wise to reconcile with the Empress of Night.

In fact, the Empress ordered one of the minions to take her out. You know what, Mamako won’t be happy when a mother hits her own child!

Suddenly, the Empress’ box got destroyed by a powerful geyser. Hmm, could it be that Mamako destroyed those immortal objects like it’s nothing?

Well, Mamako Oosuki did as she’ll force the Empress to reconsider on reconciling with her own daughter. Gotta say that Mamako is really serious!

Anyways, time for Mamako Oosuki to use her two swords to pummel the Empress until she begs for mercy. Then again, Wise’s mother is protected with her invincible barrier.

Well, let’s scratch that as her barrier was negated by Mamako’s attacks. As you can see, her face was scratched that the Empress got angry towards Mamako!

Meanwhile, here’s Porter as she got something useful against the Empress of Night.

Of course, Masato Oosuki will have to use that item to help his mom. So, what’s this item do?

Well, this item can seal the Empress’ magic just like Wise. You know, I think the Empress missed the opportunity to negate the seal since she has the cheat item.

Also, here’s Wise where she casts magic against her mother. C’mon, she wants to stop her from messing up the entire game.

But first, Wise will have to stop the Empress’ familiars ’cause they’re a pain in the ass if they stay far too long!

Afterwards, Wise proceeds to stop the Empress of Night by casting a weakening spell on her. Well, seems that the Empress is about to lose this battle.

However, she decides to fly away and lick her wounds. Looks like Kazu- I mean the Empress will have to patch herself up by negating the magic-sealing effect from her body.

Unfortunately for the Empress, she forgot about Masato Oosuki and while it’s a missed opportunity to brainwash him, Masato has other plans like using his Firmament sword.

And as you can see, Masato Oosuki did something useful for once like taking out a flying Empress.

And now, it’s time for the coup de grâce with Mamako Oosuki swinging her two swords to finish the Empress off.

Gotta say that despite having a cheat item, Mamako defeats the Empress of Night just like that.

Oh yeah, and Kazuno learned a damn lesson that she shouldn’t abandon her children as she must love them, no matter how stubborn they are. Sadly, Kazuno is about to fall down and die!

Fortunately, there’s Genya or should I say Wise as she rescues her mother from certain death. Even though she hates her mother, Wise doesn’t want to let her die like that.

Also, Wise apologized to her mother as she doesn’t want to hurt her feelings anymore. Isn’t it sweet that they finally made up?

But hey, it’s mission accomplished for Mamako Oosuki and her party. They did a great job of stopping the Empress of Night from breaking the game beyond recognition.

For the Empress of Night or should I say Kazuno, seems that she still bicker towards her daughter. You know what, I give up as they’re still at each others’ throats… just a bit!

Oh yeah and as for Kazuno’s fate, seems that the admins will have to boot her out of the game, but they won’t arrest her. And as for Genya or Wise, she’ll stay inside the game because she’s a valuable ally to Mamako Oosuki and her party.

And that’s about it for Episode 4 and all’s well that ends well for Mamako’s party. But you know what, the only thing that bugs me the most is who sent Kazuno those game-breaking items? Man, I have a bad feeling that this MMORPG about mothers making up with their children is in danger of being shut down for good.

With that said, I’ll see you next time and let’s hope that nothing bad will happen to Mamako Oosuki and her party!

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