To Aru Kagaku no Accelerator Episode #04

Well then, it looks like Disciplinary Action is about to feel fear as they’re gonna get wrecked by not only Accelerator, but also Hasami Hitokawa who got revived by Esther Rosenthal.

But anyways, Hasami Hitokawa proceeds to beat the shit out of these scumbags, like axe-kicking one of them.

Oh, and Hasami broke the floor too. Gotta say that Esther Rosenthal’s necromancy is very strong as it boosts the power of her undead companions.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about Accelerator as he’s gonna electrocute this DA operative to death. C’mon, they picked up the wrong kid to mess with.

But then, Accelerator collapsed all of the sudden as he was about to pummel the other operative. Man, how come Accelerator stopped dismantling those fools!?

Even worse is that Esther Rosenthal saw something horrible. Wait, don’t tell me that Accelerator’s-

Oh shit, seems that he pushed himself too far that his bullet wound open up. Looks like the frog-faced doctor will have to seal it up again.

As for the other DA operative, he decides that he can’t deal with these freaks anymore. I mean, he and his partner supposed to dispose Hitokawa’s corpse but they failed to do so.

Therefore, this justice-deranged asshat decided to crack the ceiling down in order to trap Esther and Accelerator…

…all while making an escape out of the hospital. Man, if only someone would punch him to the face!

Oh and it gets worse as this DA operative kidnaps one of the MISAKA sisters too. Goddammit, why would he do that!?

Anyways, it seems that Disciplinary Action got away again but dammit, the only thing I’m worried about is whether Esther and Accelerator are alive.

Fortunately, Hasami Hitokawa managed to rescue Esther Rosenthal from being crushed. But what about Accelerator?

Turns out that the frog-faced doctor managed to keep him alive as he seals up Accelerator’s wound in the forehead.

Meanwhile, it’s time to reintroduce one of the important characters from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. It’s Ruiko Saten doing her usual thing, like flipping Kazari Uiharu’s skirt in which she got very angry towards Saten!

But you know what, I’m glad that Ruiko Saten has returned for this spin-off, even though I want to see her hangout with Mikoto Misaka and Kuroko Shirai.

By the way, Saten told Uiharu about an urban legend that there’s a train that runs endlessly. Hm, I wonder if that exists?

Well it turns out, Ruiko Saten got it right as there’s actually a train that doesn’t stop moving.

Oh yeah, and this train is owned by one of Academy City’s board directors named Rizou Nakimoto, who also funded Disciplinary Action by giving them the latest weapons and equipment.

Then again, Nakimoto is worried that DA’s actions has gone too far and thus, he called one of his secret groups who will dismantle them.

Anyways, this is Scavenger and one of the liaisons told Rizou Nakimoto that she’ll send 4 espers to dispose Disciplinary Action until there’s nothing left.

Now then, let’s introduce the members of Scavenger as their liaison wakes them up for their new mission.

From left to right, Scavenger is composed of Leader, Naru, Seike, and Yakumaru. These espers are very dangerous and they might pose a threat against Accelerator once they dismantled Disciplinary Action.

Speaking of Accelerator, looks like the frog-faced doctor successfully closed the bullet wound.

Of course, Accelerator will have to stay at the hospital for longer periods due to his reckless actions. Heck, even Last Order is worried about him!

On the other hand, here’s one of the MISAKA sisters where she approached Accelerator for something important.

Well, it’s weird for him to have a clone of Mikoto Misaka talking to one of the most dangerous Level 5 espers ever. But you know what, Accelerator is starting to change thanks to Last Order.

Anyways, Accelerator received a letter from Esther Rosenthal, saying that she and Hasami Hitokawa are trying to rescue a civilian. Hm, I think they’re attempting to rescue one of the MISAKA sisters which turned out to be No. 10046.

While Accelerator is alarmed that Esther is putting herself in danger against Disciplinary Action, he’s concerned about that writing. Who does that?

Turns out that it was MISAKA who wrote that letter after reading a lot of shoujo manga lately. Well, I have to say that it’s nice for MISAKA to have some hobby, but Accelerator doesn’t like it.

You know what, let’s move on where Accelerator received a call from Kikyou Yoshikawa. I wonder what’s in store for her?

Well, Kikyou Yoshikawa told Accelerator about some important information from Disciplinary Action, which is not only formed from disgruntled Anti-Skill operatives but that organization was funded by one of the board directors from Academy City.

Of course, Rizou Nakimoto wants Disciplinary Action dismantled as their actions are getting out of control.

But as for Accelerator, he doesn’t care about who’s funding them as Accelerator is gonna crush DA no matter what. Then again, he’ll have to rest for the time being.

One last thing, here’s Esther Rosenthal and Hasami Hitokawa as they’re currently finding MISAKA No. 10046. On the other hand, I think Hasami shouldn’t act like a dog ’cause lots of people are making unfortunate assumptions towards her.

But speaking of Disciplinary Action, Aiho Yomikawa was baffled to see that DA is comprised of current and former Anti-Skill members, some of them have criminal records.

Then again, it’s too late for Yomikawa to stop Disciplinary Action at this point ’cause they don’t have the power to dismantle them.

But you know what, Anti-Skill doesn’t need to do anything as someone is gonna destroy DA before they do.

As you can see, this building over there got destroyed by some group of espers called Scavenger. Said building houses one of Disciplinary Action’s hideouts and I have to say that nobody survived.

Of course, Scavenger will hunt those who survived the initial destruction of their hideout, but the only thing that’s missing out is Accelerator and he doens’t want someone stealing the fun.

Anyways, tune in next time where Accelerator is currently resting at the hospital, all while these Scavenger operatives are killing everyone belonging to DA. Then again, I’m worried that Esther, Hasami, and even MISAKA No. 10046 might get caught in the crossfire.

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