Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka? Episode #06

Well, I must say that despite having an annoying mother, Medhi is such a sweet girl that Masato Oosuki is smitten by her kindness. Too bad that he’s not gonna spend most of his time with Medhi.

I mean, Masato is getting blocked by someone who’s very obsessive towards Medhi. No, it’s not Medhimama who cast that spell.

It’s actually Mamako Oosuki where she’s not obsessive towards Medhi, but rather her beloved son. Oh, and Mamako is still wearing that school uniform but where’s Medhimama?

Oh, she wants to play too as Medhimama is not only wearing a school uniform, but she has an assortment of costumes. You know what, I feel that Medhimama is trying hard to beat Mamako at her own game!

Now then, let’s move onto Lover’s Lane Academy where students will learn how to craft items from raw materials.

As you can see, Porter is making boiled eggs but you know what, I think she should boil some water and put those eggs until it’s cooked.

But hey, Porter made some boiled eggs that Masato wants to eat it. Then again, I don’t know if Porter’s boiled eggs are safe to eat because it’s piping hot that Masato’s mouth might get a 3rd-degree burn.

On the other hand, Mr. Gruff was impressed by Medhi’s item crafting that she made a full-course meal. That’s awesome, but I bet Medhimama used her magic to help her daughter!

However, that doesn’t stop Masato Oosuki from giving Medhi’s meal a taste. You know, even though it looks appetizing, I bet that Medhi’s meal tastes horrible.

But anyways, Masato Oosuki felt disgusted upon eating Medhi’s meal because even though her food looks delicious, you might end up getting a stomachache as he’s basically eating dog food! Let’s not tell that to Medhi.

You know what, I think it’s time for Mamako to wash that bad aftertaste with her home-cooked meal. Then again, Masato felt embarrassed that he wants to eat Mamako’s soup, not to mention that it’s very hot to taste.

But don’t worry though as Mamako cools it off with her breath until it’s safe to taste it. C’mon, you know that a home-cooked meal needs a mother’s touch.

And because of that, Mamako’s soup is not only delicious but it boosts Masato’s chances of making decent iteams. By the way, I forgot to tell you that she earned a new skill called Mother’s Breath in which she boosts the luck factor on anyone, not just her son.

But thanks to Mamako’s new skill, Masato and the rest created appetizing meals but you know what, I think they should learn how to cook properly.

Also, here’s some obligatory appearance of Shirase as she’s measuring Mamako’s body for the next lesson.

By the way, Shirase is married but I wonder why she didn’t join the game as a player? Then again, Shirase is doing great as a NPC!

Now then, let’s hit the pools where Medhimama shows off her sexy body with that skimpy swimsuit. Well, she’s one hot mother after all but it would be nice if Medhimama should stop trash talking other people?

Oh yeah and while everyone sets their sights on Medhimama and her voluptuous body, Masato feared that his mother will take the spotlight again. But I wonder what she’ll be wearing for this swimming lesson?

Oh, she went for the classic school swimsuit. I guess Shirase wants to give some old-school aesthetic when making a swimsuit for Mamako!

And look, everyone went to Mamako Oosuki that Medhimama’s sexy charms fails to win the crowd. But you know what, Medhimama has her daughter and she wants Medhi to crush everybody on the next lesson…

…which is hunting down monsters at the pool. While Masato’s Firmament can only cut flying monsters, I think his sword can work against anyone regardless of whether that monster is on the ground or underwater.

Oh yeah, and defeated monsters can be used to make items as seen here with Porter making something out of this octopus leg.

The result: A takoyaki set where Masato and rest get some buffs upon cooking and eating them. Gotta say that Porter did a great job on making it!

On the other hand, here’s Medhi where she’s doing her best to be the top student for her mother.

But let’s talk about Medhimama for a second as we all know that she wants Medhi to be number one at anything. However, I’m gonna say that Medhimama is very demanding (and abusive) that she’ll talk shit towards Medhi for earning like 2nd place or below.

And really, Medhimama’s words hurt Medhi’s feelings that she’s starting to say mean words to her mother. Wait, is this Medhi’s true nature where behind her sweet persona lies a dark aura?

Unfortunately, we’re gonna skip this one for now as Masato will have to deal with this sea anemone, complete with tentacles in which I have a bad feeling about this.

Turns out, the sea anemone is targeting Mamako Oosuki by wrapping its tentacles over her body. Oh god, we have a tentacle rape on this show!

But you know what, she doesn’t want to get raped by a sea anemone, so Porter gave the Altura sword to Mamako in order to free herself from those tentacles.

Of course, Mamako Oosuki is very angry as she wants to punish the sea anemone for defiling her body with tentacles…

…by lifting it using Altura’s powers to manipulate water! Gotta say that this sea anemone is gonna get wrecked, but it’s not Mamako who will deal the final blow.

It’s actually Masato Oosuki where he swings his Firmament sword to fire an air cutter towards this monster. And really, his sword only works against airborne enemies.

In any case, this sea anemone is finally defeated as it’s being cut in half by Masato’s Firmament.

Oh yeah, and it turns out that the sea anemone is a special monster, which means that Mr. Gruff gave him extra points and therefore Masato got first place. Congratulations to him!

Even Mamako is happy that her son did his best for this special swimming lesson. Then again, Masato felt embarrassed that his head is being sandwiched between Mamako’s tits!

On the other hand, I wonder what happened to Medhi?

Oh, Medhimama slapped her own daughter as she’s pretty much disappointed towards Medhi. But really Medhimama, that was the last straw as I bet that Medhi is gonna cry at the corner somewhere!

Anyways, both Masato and Mamako Oosuki went to see Medhi because they’re worried about her. I mean, Medhi’s mother did the worst thing on this episode.

On second thought, I think they should fall back for a bit as they learned that Medhi is very pissed towards her mother. Heck, she wants Medhimama dead because of what happened earlier.

While death threats are bad, I have to say that Medhi needs some help. Heck, I feel that Shirase wants Mamako and Masato Oosuki to fix Medhi’s relationship with her mother.

But then again, Medhi hates her mother so much that I bet that she’s sick and tired of studying under the strict eyes of Medhimama. It’s no wonder why they got pulled inside this MMORPG!

Anyways, tune in next time where Mamako and Masato will have to deal with another troublesome child and her parent. But then again, I wonder if Medhimama received something that’ll break the game?

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