Symphogear XV Episode #07

Last time, the Symphogear users witness the activation of the Custodian’s relic at Chateau du Tifauges. Now, we’re gonna see how Noble Red forced Elfnein to activate the Bracelet of Shem-ha.

You see, all they need to do is to brainwash Elfnein using Millaarc’s Seal Invasion…

…so that she can deactivate the security system inside the Chateau. This means that Elsa Bete can release tons of energy to power-up the Bracelet of Shem-ha.

Once they’re done powering-up the relic, it’s time to dispose Elfnein since the Bavarian Illuminati remnants has no use for her.

Unfortunately for Millaarc Cranstoun, using Seal Invasion to fry Elfnein’s brain might not work the second time around.

In fact, Carol Malus Dienheim is aware of her Seal Invasion and decides to fire it back at Millaarc.

And as you can see, Millaarc Cranstoun is having a bad headache that she’s regretting on using Seal Invasion towards Elfnein. I think it would be better if she cuts Elfnein’s neck, but Millaarc needs to worry about the Custodian’s relic.

You see, they can’t control it after putting tons of energy towards the bracelet. Hence, the Bracelet of Shem-ha fired a beam towards the sky, as well as creating the abomination that appeared at the end of Episode 6. More on that later…

Right now, let’s return to Chris Yukine and Maria Cadenzavna Eve where they suppose to apprehend Vanessa Diodati, but this cyborg alchemist has other plans like wrecking Chris’ pistols using her right hand.

Of course, Vanessa will replace it with a new one but more importantly, I think Chris and Maria should have given her a stronger hand-cuffs or using Airgetlám to tie Vanessa up.

In any case, Vanessa Diodati got away again but the Symphogear users should focus on the monster that appeared on top of Chateau du Tifauges.

Speaking of this abomination, turns out that Miku Kohinata is not inside of it and really, glad that she can be saved by Hibiki Tachibana later on.

On the other hand though, I wonder if this monster might be the manifestation of Annunaki? I mean, it came from the Bracelet of Shem-ha.

Anyways, the Symphogear users have arrived to stop that monster, starting with Kirika Akatsuki where she grinds its laser like a boss!

Unfortunately, Kirika got pummeled by that monster instead. I don’t know what’s gonna be the name of this abomination, but it needs to be killed as quickly as they can.

Luckily, they got the ace of the hole as Hibiki Tachibana will punch her way thanks to the power of her Gungnir. Oh, and let’s not forget that she has godlike-powers to dish out damage.

Then again, this monster has other plans like sucking Hibiki’s god energy to become stronger.

But you know what, we’re talking about Hibiki Tachibana as she has the will to not only break free, but also to see Miku Kohinata again and apologize!

Therefore, she powers her way to break free from that monster. C’mon, there’s no way Hibiki would lose this fight.

Sadly, she lost all of her energy and pass out, which means that Tsubasa Kazanari and the rest will have to pull it out because they can’t find that abomination by themselves.

Back at SONG’s submarine base, it appears that they found something upon checking the Bracelet of Shem-ha.

Turns out, Aoi Tomosato identify a song and reconstruct it as it’s being masked by various interferences.

Anyways, this song sounded weird but Maria Cadenzavna Eve knows it since she heard it before.

Speaking of Maria, she explains that the song they just heard came from her ancestors. The title of this song is “Apple” and while it’s known as a lullaby, the song was altered that it’s now being used to activate the bracelet’s power.

Now let’s go back to Chateau du Tifauges where Vanessa tries her vibrating hand on Elfnein. C’mon, Millaarc failed to break her mind so they decided to do the most painful approach to dispose Elfnein.

But just as Vanessa is about to slice Elfnein open with her vibrating hand, a certain Auto-Scorer came to the rescue.

It’s Phara Suyuf and she’s here to rescue her master even though Carol Malus Dienheim is no longer in this world. Well, Elfnein’s soul is inside Carol’s body but more importantly though, Phara is not alone…

Turns out that she’s joined by Leiur Darahim where she throws her coins against Noble Red. Well, I must say that Vanessa Diodati and the rest didn’t dispose Carol’s Auto-Scorers prior to taking her fortress as their hideout.

Also, Micha Jawkan is here as she’s wielding a mighty stick which whacks those alchemists away from Carol or should I say Elfnein.

And lastly, here’s Garie Tuman where she carry Elfnein to safety. Of course, Elfnein asks Garie and the rest for help as she wants to do something important…

…like calling SONG for an urgent help because she can’t rely on the Auto-Scorers for protection. I mean, they can still fight but Garie and the rest can’t hold Noble red much longer.

Anyways, Elfnein called Commander Genjuro for help as she and Miku Kohinata are stuck inside the Chateau du Tifauges.

Unfortunately, Genjuro Kazanari told Elfnein that Hibiki Tachibana is out of commission and therefore he can only send 5 Symphogear users.

Then again, I hope Tsubasa Kazanari and the rest can go to Chateau du Tifauges as fast as they can!

‘Cause you see, Garie Tuman and her fellow Auto-Scorers are gonna lose badly. And while Elfnein tries to press forward and rescue Miku Kohinata from her cell, let’s just say that she’s gonna get killed…

…by Noble Red as Vanessa Diodati and the rest have finally caught up with Elfnein. Oh, and they told Elfnein that no one’s gonna save her.

As you can see, Noble Red obliterated the Auto-Scorers until they’re no longer functional. Well, Phara and the rest put up a fight to hold the line.

Unfortunately, it’s the end of the line for Elfnein as she’s gonna get a taste of Vanessa’s Electrified Rider Kick!

However at the last minute, Elfnein summoned a barrier which protects herself from Vanessa’s Rider Kick. Hm, I wonder if she still has Carol’s power?

You know what, I think Elfnein has it all along as she summons a harp which I remember it back in Symphogear GX where Carol used the harp to transform and obliterates the Symphogear users… Well, almost!

But wait a minute, don’t tell me that Elfnein will wear that Faust Robe?

Then again, she doesn’t have that adult-like body like in Season 3. But hey, Carol Malus Dienheim will return regardless!

For Garie, she’s amazed that her master defended herself from being killed by Noble Red. Too bad that Garie Tuman won’t see Elfnein or Carol in action as she dies.

Of course, Vanessa and her fellow remnants will have to deal with Carol Malus Dienheim as she’s gonna kick some asses once again.

Anyways, tune in next time as Carol Malus Dienheim makes her glorious return by defeating Noble Red!

Then again, I’m worried that Carol’s return will be upstaged by Fudou Kazanari because despite being a dirty old man, he’s still badass so you shouldn’t take Fudou lightly. On the other hand, I wonder if Finé will return for one last time?

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