Dr. Stone Episode #08

Well, I must say that Senku is planning to take over the village once he cured Ruri with antibiotics. Unfortunately, the problem is finding materials to make one and since he’s living in the stone world, the only viable option for Senku is to make sulfonamides.

Of course, Senku will speed up the process to develop a cure-all medicine since he’s a genius after all, although he need some people to help him out!

On the other hand, here’s Chrome where he shows a nice magic trick, using a jug of water and a rock that aims at the north. Wait a minute, Chrome is making a compass!

But you know what, Senku is very curious towards that rock as it has magnetic properties. Despite being freed from petrification, it seems that Senku has something to learn from this stone world as it was drastically changed from the past 3,700 years.

Now then, it’s time for some obligatory fanservice courtesy of Kohaku wearing a swimsuit. C’mon, you know that Kohaku is so hot!

But anyways, it turns out that Senku had an idea of using this rock as a magnet, which they can use to gather iron sand.

Hm, I wonder if Senku is making iron supplements? Oh wait, he’s gonna skip ahead to make a cure-all antibiotic!

On the other hand, there’s something floating around the river that Senku was alarmed by it. I mean, it’s strange to have this fruit in the stone world.

Then again, turns out that this thing is actually a person. Even Chrome and Senku are shocked by it!

Anyways, this is Suika and she’s actually helping Senku as she gathered some iron sand. Oh, and he doesn’t make comments on her peculiar headgear because Senku is happy to have someone lending him a hand.

Unfortunately, it turns out that having a few people is detrimental when making iron from iron sand. I mean, you don’t have someone who’s strong enough to blow this smelter non-stop for 30 hours.

Yeah, looks like Senku needs more hands to make a cure-all medicine. However, the village won’t let him because Senku is a dangerous outsider.

However, it seems that Suika volunteered to help Senku as she has some kind of ability…

…like turning into a freakin’ watermelon. Then again, it doesn’t look like a watermelon to me but wait a minute, what if its shape has drastically changed for the past 3,700 years?

But you know what, let’s move onto the next scene where it’s time for Suika to gather some intelligence inside the village.

So far, Suika found some girls who wanted to find a man who’s handsome and can feed her for days. Well, Senku can fulfill those requirements.

But, the most interesting thing that Suika found is this family who’s eating grilled fish every single day… except for one guy named Ganen who got sick of it.

I mean, it’s not good to eat one kind of meal every day, which is why this guy got sick of eating grilled fish as he wants something different.

Afterwards, Suika told Senku about what she find at the village and while he can fulfill the girls’ desires of having someone who’s quite a looker, Senku is interested about Ganen who’s tired of eating the same meal. Of course, how will Senku do it?

That’s when Senku got an idea upon seeing Suika holding something to play with her dog.

This is a foxtail millet and it’s a type of edible grass that can be used to make food. Then again, Senku is a scientist and he can’t make 5-star meals.

Ah screw it, Senku can make anything since he’s a genius after all. Besides, food is part of science after all!

Thus, it’s time to get some foxtail millet as Kohaku will do the gathering. C’mon, she’s the only person who physically capable of getting those millets in one fell swoop.

Of course, eating raw foxtail millet is not good, so Senku and the rest will whack and grind them until they made millet flour.

Now, this can be used to make bread and beer, but Senku goes a step further.

As you can see, he mixes the millet flour with wild eggs and potassium carbonate until it becomes a dough. Of course, he’s not gonna make some bread…

Instead, Senku is gonna make something from his old world, a food that’s so famous that he ate some of it before being petrified. That’s right, it’s ramen noodles!

And it looks like Senku has finally done making a meal that Chrome and the rest haven’t seen it before. Of course, how does it taste?

Well, Chrome and the rest love eating this new kind of meal. I mean, they haven’t seen and ate ramen in their lifetime.

Anyways, looks like everyone is satisfied eating ramen and you may thank Senku for bringing modern food to the stone world, but you have to thank the Chinese for inventing the dish in the first place.

Now then, it’s time for Senku’s plan to take action and it appears that the villagers took notice of his presence, including this man who might actually be the village leader instead of Ruri.

Of course, the villagers are alarmed that Senku might do something horrible to them, therefore they won’t hesitate on killing him. Then again, the villagers might get crushed later on by Tsukasa Shishio and his army.

And so, Senku and his friends have arrived at the entrance where they brought a ramen cart. Let’s see if Ganen and rest of the villagers love eating this new kind of food…

But that’s about it for this episode let’s hope that Senku’s plan will be successful that would lead him to make a medicine in order to save Ruri’s life. And really, time is running out as her health is getting worse!

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