Dr. Stone Episode #09

Here’s Senku where he’s serving a new kind of food to the villagers. It’s foxtail ramen and while Chrome and Kohaku ate some of it, I wonder if the villagers would like it?

Well, they love eating ramen. Heck, even Ganen couldn’t stop eating this new kind of food!

Of course, not all of them who doesn’t want to eat food from strangers like Kinro for example, although Ginro is okay eating ramen because he’s lenient compared to his stoic brother.

Meanwhile, seems that this person wanted some cola as it goes well with ramen. Hmm, I think this guy is very suspicious because for one, he came from somewhere else.

And two, he’s one of those people who got de-petrified in which Kohaku and the rest are alarmed by his presence.

Well, they’re okay letting Senku do as he pleases, but they won’t tolerate this guy who just passed by.

Said guy happened to be Gen Asagiri who’s a famous magician and a mentalist that can either trick or manipulate people.

Also, Gen Asagiri is an ally to Tsukasa Shishio which means that Kohaku and the rest are gonna kill him. C’mon, let’s not forget that Tsukasa and his growing army are a threat. However, Senku has other plans for him…

…like forcing him to blow the blast furnace to make iron. It’s better this way than having him killed by villagers!

Oh yeah and speaking of Gen Asagiri, the reason why he went to the village is to confirm on whether Senku is dead or not.

Of course, Senku is alive obviously as he told Asagiri to fake his report so that Shishio won’t bother to come to the village and terrorize its people. Come to think of it, I wonder what happened to Taiju Ooki and Yuzuriha Ogawa?

Now then, after many hours smelting iron sand at the furnace, it’s time to make some iron! Of course, will it be a dud or the real deal?

Fortunately, Senku and his friends felt a sigh of relief as they finally created an iron bar. Then again, I wonder if Senku will go straight to making medicine using this piece of metal?

But just as Senku is figuring out on how to use iron, Mother Nature has come to play as she brought a thunderstorm to the village.

That gave Senku an idea on using iron as he’ll make a lightning rod out of it. Basically, he’s gonna harness electricity.

Of course, he needs some materials to make a lightning rod, so Senku asked Suika to fetch a bottle of lacquer.

Once he got his hands on lacquer, Senku will apply it onto iron to act as an insulator. Of course, Senku will get caught by some lacquer rash later on…

Next up, Senku “borrows” some wooden planks from the bridge as he can’t miss getting some lightning.

Sure that Senku would ask the villagers to give him some wooden planks, but time is of the essence and there’s no way they would give something to him.

Anyways, Senku told Kohaku to carve a channel to the wooden plank as he’ll use it to make some copper wire.

Oh yeah, Chrome has some copper lying around at his shed, which is perfect for Senku as he’ll make one in a jiffy. Then again, he has to do it quickly…

…as Magma and his cronies are gonna beat him to death. Sure that Senku is no match against them, but there’s no way Magma would win a fight against Tsukasa Shishio.

However, it appears that a certain trickster has decided to bide some time as Gen Asagiri gave Magma some flowers as a peace offering.

Of course, we’re talking about Asagiri here as he performed a magic trick in front of Magma and his buddies.

While that magic is mind-blowing to the villagers, Senku figure it out that it all just a sleigh of hand from Gen the Mentalist!

Thanks to Gen Asagiri’s trickery, Senku managed to finish wrapping up the iron bar with copper wire as he and Chrome took it to the top of the mountain.

Unfortunately, they need a pole to wrap the iron bar around ’cause holding it with their bare hands during a thunderstorm is suicidal. Heck, they might end up getting killed when struck by lightning!

Luckily, Kohaku found a long pole in the form of Kinro’s spear. Oh yeah, Senku coated his spear with gold, which is fitting given that his name Kinro comes from the word “gold”.

Of course, Kinro won’t give up his favorite golden-tipped spear for Senku’s experiments.

But sadly for Kinro however, Kohaku doesn’t give a damn as she kicks the spear away from his hands.

Sorry Kinro, but you’ll have to get another spear next time, just make sure that you ask Senku properly so he’ll coat it with gold!

Now that Kohaku got her hands on Kinro’s spear, it’s time to tie it up with the iron bar in order to create a makeshift lightning rod.

And Kohaku managed to create a lighting rod just in time to gather some electricity in a thunderstorm. Of course, it comes at a price of Kinro’s spear as it got destroyed by a lightning strike.

Anyways, the sky has finally cleared-up as the sun shines upon Senku. Man, I feel that he’s blessed by Mother Nature after throwing a thunderstorm at the village.

But speaking of Senku, he finally created something from his crazy (and dangerous) experiment, which turned out to be an electromagnet.

Okay, it doesn’t look like an electromagnet since this iron bar is not wrapped in a copper wire and it’s not connected to a battery to keep it magnetized. Then again, this iron bar got struck by lightning so it still counts as an electromagnet I guess. Don’t believe me?

Well, Senku demonstrates as this iron bar has become a magnet, which is far stronger than the ones he found in the previous episode. Of course, he’s not gonna use it to gather more iron sand…

Instead, Senku created a hand-crank generator which it’ll be used to create electricity.

Of course, Senku won’t do the hard labor by himself as this generator requires two people to operate it. Luckily, he found someone who can hand-crank this generator.

And that’s Kinro and Ginro as they’ll become the hamsters for generating electricity, in exchange for giving them gold and silver-coated spears respectively.

Then again, I think Senku should have made a water wheel or a windmill to generate electricity instead of these two guards. Oh yeah, and as for the promise of giving them coated spears? It was all just a ploy by Gen Asagiri.

But anyways, let’s end this episode as Senku finally brought electricity to the stone world, starting with the Edison light bulb.

Sure that there’s no glass to cover this bamboo filament, but what’s important is that they have light and Chrome is amazed by it!

One more thing, I think Gen Asagiri will stay a bit longer because he’s interested on Senku and his progression, although Tsukasa Shishio might get alarmed that Asagiri might join Senku’s side.

Anyways, looks like I’m done watching Episode 9 of Dr. Stone as I’ll see you next time!

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