Symphogear XV Episode #09

Last episode, we see Hibiki Tachibana activating Amalgam to destroy Annunaki’s monster. Now, she’s gonna save Miku Kohinata who now has both Shenshou Jing and the Bracelet of Shem-ha.

Unfortunately, Hibiki couldn’t reach her friend as Miku is under the influence of the Custodians, meaning that Tachibana will have to punch Kohinata back to her senses!

However, it appears that Miku Kohinata can be saved after all as the Bracelet of Shem-ha doesn’t fully-control her mind.

Actually, this device is the one controlling Miku’s mind so the only thing that the Symphogear users must do is the destroy it in order to set Kohinata free.

Then again, you have Fudou Kazanari who’ll do anything to get his hands of Annunaki’s powers, so Fudou used Seal Invasion to control Tsubasa Kazanari.

And now that he has full control of his grand-daughter (or should I say daughter), Tsubasa nabs Miku and ran away. Goddammit Fudou, he’s the worst father ever!

Anyways, SONG failed to rescue Miku Kohinata, all because of one patriach from the Kazanari family throwing a spanner at them!

Even worse is that Hibiki Tachibana was put into house arrest as she used Amalgam. But hey, Hibiki has some time to reconcile with her estranged father Akira. Remember him?

Then again, he doesn’t have any good advice towards Hibiki since Akira is still a coward. Well, at least Akira Tachibana is not the worst dad ever because we have Fudou Kazanari taking the spot!

But speaking of Fudou Kazanari, he finally has Miku Kohinata which means that Fudou can wield the power of the Custodians at the palm of his hand.

Of course, Fudou Kazanari is worried about Hibiki wielding the power to kill gods as he’ll bend the rules, even as far as putting Hibiki Tachibana on house arrest but it’s not gonna stick for much longer.

That’s because Yatsuhiro Kazanari had enough of his father’s meddling and decided to arrest Fudou on the grounds that he’s betraying his own country, in exchange of claiming the power of the Custodians for himself.

Of course, Fudou realized that he has some unwanted guest, so he decides to send some Alca-Noises to kill everyone. Looks like Yatsuhiro, Genjuro, and their merry men are no match against these fodders!

Then again, there’s Maria Cadenzavna Eve who can take out these Alca-Noises until they went to Fudou’s room without getting hurt.

But you know what, Fudou is waiting for them and he’s not gonna get arrested easily because this patriach will do anything to protect Japan, even if his sons won’t acknowledge his devious actions.

But here’s Fudou Kazanari, ready to punish his rebellious sons instead of hiding to a safe spot. Let’s hope that Genjuro will punish his asshole father with his fists!

Moving onto Maria Cadenzavna Eve where she’ll have to bring Tsubasa Kazanari back to her senses, even if it means crossing swords with her teammate.

Now, both Tsubasa-san and Maria are evenly-matched when it comes to combat prowess, but this would end up in a stalemate if it goes on like this.

Thus, Maria Cadenzavna Eve decided to slap Tsubasa Kazanari to the face in order to bring her back to her senses!

And you know what, it works as Millaarc’s Seal Invasion wores off, which means that Fudou can no longer control Tsubasa.

Man, I feel that it’s Fudou’s fault for stabbing Noble Red in the back, and now he doesn’t have anything to control his own grand-daughter.

Speaking of Fudou Kazanari, he’s currently fighting Genjuro and while Fudou has his trusty Murakumo katana, Genjuro Kazanari is no slouch when it comes to parrying his father’s attacks.

In fact, Genjuro disarmed Fudou by throwing the Murakumo sword away from him. Well, looks like Genjuro will finally punish his asshole dad with his fists!

However, Fudou won’t be defeated just because he lost his favorite katana as he can still put up a fight against Genjuro. Damn, someone needs to beat this stubborn old man!

Meanwhile, looks like Noble Red has returned and this time, they’re gonna ruin Fudou’s plans after that old bastard throw them under the rug!

Anyways, Vanessa Diodati decides to take control of Miku Kohinata while Fudou Kazanari is busy punishing his rebellious family members. Of course, there’s no guarantee that these remnants will control Miku…

You see, Miku Kohinata woke up and started killing the likes of both Millaarc Cranstoun and Elsa Bete.

Yeah, seems that Noble Red couldn’t even control one Symphogear user who now has the power of the Annunaki in addition of having Shenshou Jing.

Oh and as for Vanessa, the only thing that she’ll see for the last time is Miku Kohinata unleashing a powerful beam at her… which end up slicing Vanessa in half.

Well, I must say that Noble Red screw themselves up and now they won’t be coming back for the finale!

Now let’s return to the Kazanari mansion where Fudou Kazanari orders Tsubasa to kill those intruders, even as far as using Seal Invasion on her.

Unfortunately for Fudou, Seal Invasion doesn’t work anymore towards Tsubasa since she’s no longer under the influence.

So, the only thing left to do is to shoot Tsubasa for not only disobeying orders, but also being the most disappointing heir to the Kazanari family. Gee Fudou, you’re taking too far!

Fortunately, Tsubasa-san didn’t get shot down by her grandfather, but instead Yatsuhiro took the hit instead. Dammit, I can’t believe that Fudou killed his own son!

Speaking of Yatsuhiro Kazanari, he told Tsubasa that they don’t protect people just because they’re weak, they do it because it’s worth protecting.

Also, it would be nice if he told Tsubasa to follow her heart and become a singer because she doesn’t need to fight all the time, but alas Yatsuhiro died which means that he didn’t tell Tsubasa about it.

Of course, Fudou doesn’t care about his eldest son as he proceeds to kill Tsubasa for failing as the heir to the Kazanari family.

And he does that by slicing both Tsubasa-san and the entire estate in half!

You know what, I feel that Fudou Kazanari is one goddamn monster who can take out anything, but what does he made of? Nanomachines, or some relic that’s implanted inside his body!?

Fortunately, Tsubasa Kazanari was saved as she activated Amalgam just in time. However, she’s grieving over her father’s death and thus Tsubasa pours her anger and sorrow towards Ame no Habakiri…

…and transforms into this blazing Seven-Branched Sword (or Shichishitou). Well, gotta say that her Heavenrend has evolved and she’s gonna use it to kill Fudou Kazanari.

However, Genjuro decides to intervene because he’s not here to rescue his asshole dad, but rather calming Tsubasa down because Genjuro doesn’t want her to become a monster like Fudou.

Speaking of Tsubasa Kazanari, she deactivates her suit but it’ll be a long time for her to calm down given that Tsubasa’s step-father Yatsuhiro got killed.

Also, here’s Maria Cadenzavna Eve where she woke up after getting knocked-out cold earlier for stopping Tsubasa Kazanari. Now, Maria is caught in a bad situation…

…as Miku Kohinata woke up and she’s gonna destroy the moon which cause her much grief. Well, it’s Fudou Kazanari and Noble Red’s fault for capturing Miku and forcing her to wield both relics which she’s gone out of control!

Anyways, tune in next time where Miku Kohinata becomes the final boss and Hibiki Tachibana attempts to rescue her friend again, although it would be nice if Miku Kohinata kills Fudou Kazanari for attempting to use the Custodians’ power for his own ambition.

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