Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou Episodes #06 & #07

Hey everyone, I’m back for more Arifureta where I would like to introduce you to Shea Haulia and I’m gonna be honest here, she’s one useless rabbit where Shea is gonna get eaten by this two-headed tyrannosaurus!

That’s until someone fired a beam in which both the tyrannosaurus and Shea Haulia got blown away. I wonder if those two people got out from that certain labyrinth?

Why yes, they managed to return to the surface as Hajime Nagumo and Yue have arrived after conquering the Orcus Labyrinth. Glad that they went back to the surface in one piece!

Of course, both Hajime and Yue will have to kill this two-headed tyrannosaurus because it’ll be annoying if it gets loose and kill everybody. Would it be nice if Hajime tame this dinosaur and unleash it to those treacherous classmates who dump him?

But nope, Nagumo proceeds to kill this two-headed tyrannosaurus and possibly eat it as he wants to inherit those abilities. Not sure if it’s worth getting it though, or whether dinosaur meat is tasty.

Afterwards, Shea Haulia asked them for help as the rabbit people are in danger of being extinct due to being curb-stomped by various races. Of course, Hajime Nagumo and Yue are not interested at first until Shea insists on letting them protect her clan.

Eventually, both Hajime and Yue agreed to help Shea’s people and here’s the rabbit clan as they’re gonna meet their protectors.

Sure that they’re wearing weird clothes and riding a motorcycle, but Hajime and Yue are the only ones who can protect the rabbit people from various races.

But you know what, I think they’re not gonna protect Shea’s people all the time as Hajime wants the rabbit people to stand up for themselves and fight.

Here, he demonstrates on how he deals with stronger races in an instant. You see these beastmen standing menacingly towards Hajime Nagumo? Well, they’ll learn not to mess with him.

Thus, they got beaten-up by Nagumo without a sweat. C’mon, Hajime is so strong after going through hell at the Orcus Labyrinth that monsters couldn’t put a scratch on him.

And yet, the rabbit people doesn’t learn a thing about self-defense that they would focus on cute things, like this flower for example where everyone flocked towards it.

Sadly, Hajime Nagumo won’t like it one bit as he’ll give them some tough love and teach the rabbit people how to defend themselves… the Spartan way!

I hope that Hajime’s training regimen will be successful that the rabbit people won’t have to rely on someone else to defend the clan.

On the other hand, here’s Shea Haulia where she’ll have a special training regimen from Yue. Unfortunately despite wielding a giant hammer, Shea couldn’t hit Yue as Hajime’s partner is faster than her.

Worst of all is that this vampire can outlast and beat Shea by freezing her to death.

Yeah, all I can say is that the rabbit people will have countless hours of training until they become killer bunnies that you shouldn’t mess with!

And after countless hours of training, the rabbit people told Hajime Nagumo that there’s a stone monument near the Great Tree which leads to another labyrinth.

Unfortunately, the method of opening the pathway would require the power of regeneration and the beacon formed of bonds. Now, I feel that the beacon formed of bonds is related to Hajime Nagumo getting help from the rabbit people, and the power of regeneration might be related to Yue’s vampiric powers since she can’t die.

Well then, looks like Hajime got those two requirements and it’s time to open the door to the next labyrinth.

However, it turns out that they couldn’t open the door just because they have two requirements. Maybe there’s more requirements to be fulfilled in order to open this door.

But anyways, looks like Hajime Nagumo and Yue will have to find another labyrinth to conquer. However, I feel that they’ll return to the Great Tree someday once they conquered the rest of the labyrinths. Oh yeah, and as for Shea Haulia? She’ll join Hajime’s party since she wants to be with him, much to Yue’s annoyance.

Meanwhile, it’s time to briefly return to Kingdom of Heleigh where Hajime Nagumo’s classmates are discussing about going on another expedition and score a significant victory against the demons.

Some are still saddened by Hajime’s death, others doesn’t seem to care about him!

However, one person named Yuuka Sonobe has decided to head outside and fight monsters because she owed her life to Nagumo, eveb though Hajime is actually alive and some people don’t even bother to check his body anyway.

But hey, at least there are a few people who don’t badmouth Hajime Nagumo, unlike those bullies who are celebrating that Hajime is gone (which is not)!

Anyways, let’s go back to Hajime Nagumo and his party where they’ll tackle another labyrinth owned by Miledi Reisen.

Of course, this labyrinth has the usual traps that will murder any trespassers, like this horrible buzzsaw in which it just pop-up from its walls.

Man, Asread didn’t even bother to animate the walls as the trap just appeared in front of them!

Oh well, Hajime and the rest will have to power their way to the end, but the Reisen Labyrinth is not an easy dungeon to conquer as the Maverick Miledi Reisen will screw them with dead-ends and loops apart from the usual traps.

But hey, Hajime’s party have managed to reach the area where Miledi Reisen is waiting for them. Of course, the Maverick decides to summon some CGI animated armors to keep them busy.

However, Hajime Nagumo and the rest are very impatient that they’ll just wreck everything in sight. Man, where’s that trickster hiding anyway!?

Once they managed to destroy a bunch of animated armors, it’s time for them to fight this boss mecha.

Well, I hope that Miledi Reisen is piloting this mecha ’cause Nagumo has some explaining to do towards that trickster Maverick!

Of course, Reisen’s mecha has some tricks of its sleeve like throwing blocks towards Hajime’s party. Good thing he managed to take Yue and Shea to safety or they won’t survive.

But now, Hajime Nagumo is pretty much angry towards Miledi Reisen as he unleashed hell towards this boss mecha. At this point, he doesn’t care about getting the ancient magic from this Maverick as Nagumo wants Reisen dead!

Of course, Hajime need the likes of Yue and Shea in order to bring this boss down, as the vampire casts Crystal Coffin in order to pin down this mecha for the finishing blow!

Oh yeah, this involves using sophisticated equipment like this pile driver in order to destroy its core. Gotta say that Hajime Nagumo has everything when it comes to dealing various monsters, but this one feels overkill!

But you know, he doesn’t care how big his equipment is as Hajime told Shea to drop the hammer for the coup de grâce!

And as you can see, this boss mecha is defeated now that its core is destroyed thanks in part with Hajime Nagumo’s pile driver and Shea’s immerse strength!

Well, looks like they’re done beating this boss as Hajime Nagumo and his party will be getting the rewards soon. Also, turns out that Miledi Reisen doesn’t pilot this mecha so this Maverick might be hiding somewhere…

On the other hand, Yue praised Shea Haulia for delivering the final blow against the boss. I mean, she trained this rabbit until Shea is no longer dead weight!

Now then, it’s time for Hajime and his party to enter this room where Miledi Reisen currently hides there.

I wonder what that Maverick looks like and what kind of power does Reisen give to them?

Anyways, this is Miledi Reisen and man, this Maverick look like some rejected Jack Bros. character from the Shin Megami Tensei series.

Y’know, after Hajime and the rest went through hell upon reaching this place, this is what they get: A freakin’ troll!

Naturally, they’re not amused that Miledi Reisen trolls them to the point that Shea Haulia broght her trusty hammer and proceeds to pummel this Maverick down.

Fortunately, Shea didn’t outright kill this Maverick because Hajime wants the ancient magic, as well as the key to open that labyrinth from the Great Tree. C’mon, he really wants to go home!

By the way, I forgot to tell you that despite its appearance, Miledi Reisen is actually a girl… who’s very cheeky that everyone who wants to conquer her labyrinth would ragequit and head back to a castle somewhere.

In any case, Hajime Nagumo and his party received ancient magic which can control gravity, as well as this ring similar to Oscar Orcus where it’ll become the key for the next labyrinth later on.

Now that Hajime and the rest got what they want inside the Reisen Labyrinth, it’s time to head towards the next one.

Of course, Miledi Reisen will remain as the trolling Maverick as she flush them down to the toilet. If someone wants to conquer her dungeon, do yourself a favor and destroy her by any means necessary!

Meanwhile, here’s Shea Haulia where she saw some weird fish.

Man, I feel that Hajime and the rest have seen enough shit after they finally conquered Reisen Labyrinth and getting the ancient magic from the biggest troll ever!

But for this semi-useless rabbit, Shea Haulia just passed out after seeing that weird fish, although I’m concerned that she might get drowned to death!

Good thing Hajime Nagumo rescues Shea Haulia from getting drowned but still, he needs to perform CPR in order to revive this rabbit.

Sure that Hajime kissed Yue before during their stay at the Orcus Labyrinth, but this time he’s gonna give a kiss of life to Shea. Let’s hope that she won’t do something extreme that would piss Yue off!

On second though, Hajime Nagumo’s CPR has turned Shea Haulia into a rabbit in heat. Damn, she wants to have sex with him right now!

Of course, Yue is not amuzed that Shea wants to steal Hajime away from her. You know what, Hajime Nagumo will have to punish this useless rabbit for having her way…

In fact, Nagumo throws this rabbit towards the sky, although he didn’t proceed to kill Shea because it’ll be stupid to lose a valuable ally on his quest to conquer labyrinths.

But that’s about it for Episodes 6 and 7. Well, Asread sure wants to rush the series that it’s getting worse. I don’t know what’s gonna happen next time but man, things are looking horrible for this anime adaptation that a train-wrecking ending will be inevitable!

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