Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka? Episode #08

I’m gonna be honest here but despite Medhi transforming into a dragon, Medhimama remained as a haughty mother who wants to make her daughter as the number one student, so that she will become the number one mom ever!

But then again, it’s not worth it as Medhimama couldn’t beat Mamako Oosuki at all. Besides, I think she should swallow her pride and rescue Medhi instead of blaming Mamako and her party.

Speaking of Medhi, she’s pretty much pissed at her mother that Medhi will destroy everything just to get Medhimama out of her sight.

Anyways, Medhimama decides to kill Masato Oosuki since he’s the root cause of Medhi’s outrage, but the truth is that it’s her fault for turning Medhi into a dragon!

Not until Mamako Oosuki steps in as she defends her son from being murdered. Sorry Medhimama, but Mamako won’t let you hurt Ma-kun!

But anyways, it’s time for a battle between two mothers but c’mon, we all know that Mamako would beat Medhimama in a fight!

However, Mamako Oosuki decides to do the peaceful approach and tell Medhimama the virtues of motherhood, all while her body is glowing like a saint.

But because of this, Medhimama’s staff is starting to crack all of a sudden. Wait, could it be that this staff is the one amplifying those negative feelings for both Medhi and her mother?

Speaking of Medhimama, she realized her mistakes and was horrified that her daughter got angry because of it.

Well, I have to say that Medhimama admits that she’s in the wrong but it turns out that she’s not like that!

You see, Medhimama is supportive towards her daughter and not being overtly strict. However, that leaves me scratching my head as even though Medhi did fine at school, why did she became resentful towards her mother?

Wait a minute, I think the reason why Medhimama became a haughty mother which pushed her daughter over the edge is because of that staff!

Now then, it’s time to deal with Medhi as Wise will use her amazing magic to stop this dragon. However, Medhi has other plans…

…like draining Wise’s MP until it reached zero. Man, I feel that Wise should develop some countermeasures, instead of being afflicted with status ailments all the time!

Fortunately, Porter provided lots of mana potions for Wise to replenish her mana. I hope Wise would enjoy drinking lots of potions!

On second thought, it’ll take time before Wise’s MP is fully-charged. Just hoping that she won’t get sick on drinking those potions.

So while Wise is busy drinking MP potions, Masato tries to calm Medhi down but at this point, she won’t listen to his words!

Rather, Medhi will just smack Masato Oosuki with her dragon tail. Yeah, that’s gonna hurt and it would have killed Masato if his shield didn’t soften the blow.

On the other hand, here’s Medhimama where she tries to apologize towards her daughter. Of course, Medhi told her mother that it’s too late to apologize.

Therefore, Medhi gave her mother a dragon tail whip! Now, it’s understandable why Medhi did this given that she unleashed her pent-up frustrations, but killing someone’s parent is plain wrong!

Fortunately, Masato got back up as he’ll do anything to save the bonds between a parent and a child, although his sword can effectively attack enemies when they’re off the ground. What will Masato do?

Well, Wise will take care of that as she’s fully-charged and ready to casts spells…

…like sending Medhi the Dragon upwards until she’s in mid-air. This leaves Masato Oosuki using his Firmament to stop Medhi from destroying Lover’s Lane Academy!

However, it appears that Medhimama’s staff got a mind of its own and decides to throw a spanner in the works.

In fact, this staff covered Medhi with rocks so that Masato’s attacks will be ineffective. Looks like Masato Oosuki couldn’t stop Medhi’s rampage!

But you know what, Medhimama’s sentient staff forgot to factor Mamako Oosuki into the equation as she swings her two swords to destroy the barrier.

Yeah, looks like her overpoweredness has saved Masato yet again from this hopeless battle. C’mon, having Mamako around is beneficial for the MMORPG because she fixes bugs with brutal force.

Now that the barrier is destroyed, it’s time for Masato Oosuki to do the finishing touches as he uses his Firmament sword to defeat the dragon.

And as you can see, Masato throws an air cutter which not only cuts Medhi the Dragon, but also Medhimama’s sentient staff which is the source of the problem.

And so, Medhi is saved thanks to Masato and Mamako Oosuki. Now, it’s up to Medhimama as she forgives her own daughter for her mistakes.

Now, I won’t forgive Medhimama for what she did in the previous episode, but it appears that she was just one of those victims if you interpret it that way. Made even worse is that her item which was received from outside sources amplifies her negative emotions, becoming a haughty mother from this story arc.

But you know what, Medhimama blamed herself for her actions and apologize to her daughter, so it’s all good now.

In any case, I guess we’re done fixing another parent-child relationship problem thanks to Mamako Oosuki and her family. All’s well that ends well for both Medhi and her mother!

And now, it’s time for the graduation ceremony… or should I say the after-party now that everyone has graduated at Lover’s Lane Academy.

Oh yeah, Mamako Oosuki is responsible for this feast so kudos to her ’cause Mamako’s meals are delicious!

On the other hand, Masato wants to recruit both Medhi and her mother to his party. Unfortunately, Medhimama declines his offer since she’ll be returning to the real world and live her normal life.

However, Medhimama is okay letting her daughter joining his party. Oh wait, it’s Mamako’s party since she’s the main character of this story!

But anyways, Medhi is excited that she’ll be holding hands with Masato. Heck, Mamako might let Medhi become her son’s wife in the future.

Also, here’s Shirase where she informs Masato Oosuki that they’ll have rewards soon as they earned lots of SP after graduating the course.

However, the problem is that they’ll have to spend their points to this gacha- Oh wait, suprise machine where Masato and the rest will have amazing prizes!

Unfortunately, only Porter got what she wanted while Masato and Wise blew their SP for potions.

Man, I feel these two for blewing up various funds and resources, which end up not getting the grand prize.

But, there’s still hope for Masato as Shirase informs him of a bonus gacha. This one is free and Masato only has one shot getting it!

Thus, Masato Oosuki spins the roulette, hoping that he’ll get some nice equipment. Then again, Masato might not get anything at all on this bonus gacha.

Anyways, looks like Masato got the grand prize from the bonus gacha. What could it be as Mamako is about to get Masato’s prize?

Oh, a freakin’ apron which is meant for mothers like Mamako. Damn, looks like Masato got screwed up again!

Of course, turns out that this bonus gacha was meant for kids like Masato and Wise.

Unfortunately, Mamako got the highest luck that the gacha decided to “Screw it!” and gave the grand prize to her instead!

But hey, at least Masato got something for his mother, even though Mother’s Day has already passed. Wait a minute, does Mamako have two aprons in her possession now?

One last thing, it appears that Shirase is alarmed in regards to the recent incidents within the game. In fact, she believes that someone wants to destroy the bonds between a parent and a child that he/she is sending game-breaking items.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time as we’re moving onto the next story arc. But you know what, I think Shirase and her fellow staff should fix some security flaws and stop these hackers from destroying this MMORPG!

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