Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo. Episode #10

Oh look, it’s Rika Sonezaki and Shun Amagiri where they saw someone familiar…

It’s Hitoha Hongou where she’s hopping aboard Tomoaki Yamagishi’s car. OMG, this is bad news for both of them!

But let’s talk about Niina Sugawara and her lewd stunt with Izumi Norimoto inside the train.

Naturally, Izumi is upset that Niina forced his hands to touch her butt like a lech. C’mon, he doesn’t want to be some pervert who gropes women and get arrested!

But speaking of Sugawara, she doesn’t mind of using her body to teach Norimoto on how to please girls. Okay Niina, you’re becoming like a slut ever since Izumi chose Kazusa over you.

Unfortunately for Niina Sugawara, Izumi Norimoto said “No!” because that’s basically cheating on his girlfriend. Sorry Sugawara, but Norimoto won’t have sex with you!

Of course, Niina told Izumi that he got a hard-on after groping her butt as she went home.

Then again, Sugawara might not go home just yet because she pulled a stunt which leaves Norimoto speechless, but refused to take advantage of it because he felt uneasy towards it.

Meanwhile, here’s Momoko Sudou where she casually plays Street Fighter V: Type Arcade. It’s surreal that after being stuck in Playstation 4 and PC for 3 years, Capcom has finally released Street Fighter V in arcades.

Unfortunately, no one plays Street Fighter V: Type Arcade and Momoko is not enjoying one bit. Man, if only she plays the 2019 Samurai Shodown reboot instead…

On the other hand, here’s Satoshi Sugimoto where he’s a bit upset that Momoko Sudou told him and his friends to stay away from her during the school festival.

So, Sugimoto told Sudou to apologize or he’ll say bad things to her, like calling Momoko a slut!

Of course, that made Momoko Sudou very angry as she told Satoshi Sugimoto to get out of her sight. Sure that his friends will get mad at her for dissing Sugimoto, but Sudou doesn’t care because she already lost her patience and told Sugimoto to get out!

Well, I have to say that her relationship with Sugimoto has thrown off the window. But you know what, I guess this is for the best since he’s a bit crass to be honest, which is unfortunate since Satoshi should have been so considerate to Momoko from the beginning.

Of course, what’s gonna happen to Momoko Sudou now that she experience her first heartbreak? Will she finds another person to love? I don’t know for sure…

Now then, it’s time to return to Hitoha Hongou where she decides to have sex with Tomoaki Yamagishi in a run-down love hotel, starting by sucking his penis as she went to his pants.

But once Hitoha unzips Yamagishi-sensei’s pants, she saw that her teacher’s penis wans’t erect. Maybe she didn’t turn him on after getting aggresive towards her teacher.

Thus, Hongou asked Yamagishi-sensei on why she didn’t made his penis erect. Was she unattractive or it’s just that Tomoaki Yamagishi prefers curvy mature women like Emi Tomita?

Turns out that Yamagishi-sensei is a freaking coward that he didn’t have the guts to pop Hongou’s cherry. Oh, that’s unfortunate for him!

Still, I’m not sure on whether they’ll do it or not because right now, Hitoha Hongou cried as she failed to get into her teacher’s pants. In any case, I have no idea what comes after this one!

Moving back to Momoko Sudou where she called Niina Sugawara for help as she wants Niina to clean her body until Momoko is no longer a dirty girl. Okay, why would Momoko asked Niina to cleanse her body?

Well, turns out that Momoko Sudou is in love with Niina Sugawara and therefore Momoko wants Niina to clean the filth away from her body… by caressing it.

Sadly for Sudou, Sugawara is in a mess right now because of her failed attempt to capture Izumi Norimoto by forcing him to grope her ass. Looks like both girls are not feeling well today!

Meanwhile, here’s Kazusa Onodera where she got a call from her childhood friend/boyfriend Izumi Norimoto.

Speaking of Norimoto, he wants to assure that he’ll remain faithful to Onodera.

Then again, I’m not sure how will it last though because there are people out there who want to ruin their relationship, especially Niina Sugawara and her unhealthy obsession towards Izumi Norimoto.

One last thing, here’s Rika Sonezaki where she receives a gift from Sonoe Juujou of all people.

By the way, it appears that both Sonezaki and Juujou are friend for some reason after the school festival. Then again, I’m not sure what happened to her since Sonoe is nowhere to be seen.

That’s until their homeroom teacher arrives in which he told the students some bad news. You see, someone dropped-out from Tojo High School due to unfortunate circumstances.

Wait, could it be that Hitoha Hongou dropped-out because she had an illicit relationship with Tomoaki Yamagishi? Not a chance because it turns out that Sonoe Juujou got pregnant and was forced to drop-out of school.

This hits Rika Sonezaki hard like a truck as her new friend got knocked-up and disappeared. Now, it’s not wrong to love someone but once you went too far on your relationship, you gotta be responsible for everything you’ve caused. Then again, I’m worried about Sonoe Juujou since she’s gonna become a mother soon.

Anyways, there’s two more episodes to go and man, we’re reaching towards the end of this anime series. I’m hoping that Mari Okada won’t disppoint me on the last two episodes because her manga is ending soon and who knows what’ll be the ending for Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo.

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