Dr. Stone Episode #10

This is young Senku as he’s reading a biography about Thomas Edison, the man who perfected the light bulb in which the entire world is illuminated thanks to his invention, although Edison failed to have his direct current system getting wide-spread acceptance as most of them preferred alternating current.

Anyways, Senku found it fascinating in regards to Thomas Edison’s work, but I feel that he’s gonna get punished by his teacher for not paying attention in class. But you know what, Senku is a genius so he doesn’t care!

Now let’s move onto the present where Senku finally brought electricity to the stone world, although it would be nice if he created a windmill to power up the generator instead of having Kinro and Ginro run it.

Oh yeah, Chrome told Suika about Tsukasa Shishio and his army where he attempted to murder Senku, although Tsukasa failed to kill Senku simply because there’s a rock plate protecting his spine at that time.

However, this alarmed Suika because c’mon, Tsukasa is one dangerous man ever graced in the stone world. Of course, the only thing that’s concerned right now is Gen Asagiri since he’s an ally to Shishio.

But speaking of Gen, he doesn’t care on whether he’ll stick with Tsukasa Shishio or jump ship with Senku and his Kingdom of Science, but Asagiri wants to see how these two adversaries fair out at a distance.

Yeah, that made Kohaku very angry but hey, Gen Asagiri saved Senku’s ass from getting beat up by Magma and his goons in the previous episode. Then again, I feel that there would be some retaliation from that brute!

And it turns out, Gen Asagiri got a beating in which his trickery won’t save him.

Even worse is that he got stabbed in the heart. Man, I feel who that person is because c’mon, he’s not happy with Gen’s trickery!

This alarmed Kohaku where she went to the scene together with Chrome and Suika.

But by the time they reached Gen Asagiri, he’s already dead. Damn, that’s sucks!

Oh, and it’s gonna be worse if Tsukasa learned that his ally got killed by someone other than Senku, meaning that he and his army might go to the village and destroy everything in its path.

But speaking of Senku, I don’t think Gen Asagiri can be killed that easily because for one, he’s a master of illusions where Gen has ways to defend himself…

…like placing blood packs in his chest, just to convince those attackers that he’s dead. I wonder if it’s made with wild tomatoes?

In any case, looks like Gen Asagiri is alive, but he’s battered and bruised that Gen needs medication to recover his body! And it’s gonna take a long time before Gen’s body is back into shape.

On the other hand, Suika found the culprit and man, let’s hear what she’s gonna say…

Turns out, it’s Magma which is not surprising since he was pissed at Gen Asagiri and his magic trick.

But more importantly though, there’s more than just revenge as Magma is planning to become the village leader by winning a tournament known as Grand Bout. The winner of that tournament will not only wed Ruri, but also become the village leader.

Sadly, Magma got beaten-up by Kohaku in which she doesn’t trust him leading the village. But you know what, had Magma became the village leader, he not only let Ruri die from sickness but his village will eventually get conquered by Tsukasa Shishio anyway since Magma can’t stand a chance against the strongest man on the planet!

Still, Magma will compete at the upcoming Grand Bout in hopes getting his seat, but Kohaku will do anything to stop him so she’ll participate at the tournament. As for Chrome and Senku, they have no chance of winning the Grand Bout since they use brains, not brawns. Unless they bring a weapon to a fistfight, they’re pretty much screwed without having a sword or a gun to defend themselves.

One last thing, it appears that Gen Asagiri got out of his bed and ran away, which is bad because Magma might kill him this time if he sees Gen.

On the other hand though, Kohaku is concerned that he might tell Tsukasa Shishio that Senku is alive, which he’ll storm to the village and wreck everybody.

But anyways, Gen Asagiri told Tsukasa Shishio that he found a village where he got attacked and almost died there. Of course, I wonder if he’ll tell about Senku?

Fortunately, Asagiri told Shishio that Senku is dead, meaning that he won’t bother him anymore.

Then again, I feel that Tsukasa might storm the village because he doesn’t like his allies getting hurt by strangers. Yeah, looks like Magma is screwed once Shishio beats him up to a pulp!

One last thing, Senku explained to everyone that he let Gen Asagiri go so he can tell to Tsukasa Shishio about his fake death, in exchange for a bottle of cola which is Gen’s favorite drink. Sure that he can make one in a jiffy, but Senku needs to create sustainable electricity so he can create a refrigerator.

But yeah, looks like Gen is on Senku’s side… for now at least. Still, the only thing they need to focus is the upcoming Grand Bout and they don’t want Magma taking the role as the village leader. Anyways, I’ll see you next time where Senku and Chrome find a way to outwit that brute, all whihe Kohaku prepares to kick Magma’s ass again.

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