Symphogear XV Episode #10

Oh look, it’s Miku Kohinata but then again, she’s not Miku because her body is being possessed by the Bracelet of Shem-ha.

But speaking of Miku or should I say Shem-ha, she plans to destroy the moon because it caused grief and suffering due to the Curse of Balal.

Of course, the reason why Shem-ha wants to destroy it because humanity wants to control the Custodians’ power from themselves, often times for selfish purposes like Adam Weishaupt, Fudou Kazanari, Dr. Ver, the list goes on…

Unfortunately for Shem-ha, she has to deal with Maria Cadenzavna Eve where the Symphogear user wraps her arm around with her Airgetlám whip.

Then again, Shem-ha is not unfazed with her attacks. In fact, she told Maria about her ancestors which are linked to the Custodians.

But enough about that, it’s time for Maria Cadenzavna Eve to stop Shem-ha from blowing up the moon!

Unfortunately, a certain group of remnants have returned from the dead and crushed Maria. Dammit, Noble Red is back!

And not only that, but Noble Red sided with Shem-ha after she killed the remnants in cold blood. How come Vanessa Diodati and her pals returned after being killed-off in the previous episode?

Turns out, it’s the power of Geass that revives them. Man, we’re getting Code Geass references in Symphogear even though I didn’t watch that trainwreck of a show!

Also, Shem-ha summoned a tower in which she’ll use it to get to the moon… or use it as a cannon to blast the moon away! Man, it’s like Kadingir all over again!

But now let’s move onto Fudou Kazanari where he was arrested and put into the cell because Fudou endanger Japan in exchange for the Bracelet of Shem-ha.

And really, I want this senile old man dead simply because he wanted the power of the gods by himself.

In any case, Fudou Kazanari deserved to be punished for everything that happened, from raping Yatsuhiro’s wife to killing his own eldest son!

Back at SONG’s submarine headquarters, Hibiki Tachibana is happy to see Tsubasa Kazanari after being brainwashed by her grandfather.

And as you can see, she wants to shake hands with Tsubasa-san because Hibiki and the rest missed her so much!

But you know what, it would be better if they hug instead of holding hands. Still, I’m glad that Tsubasa Kazanari is finally free from Millaarc Cranstoun’s Seal Invasion.

On the other hand, here’s the President of the United States where he asked Genjuro Kazanari for assistance on protecting the rocket that’ll be launched at Tanegashima Space Center.

By the way, this is the president who launched nukes back in Symphogear AXZ. But thanks to Yatsuhiro Kazanari’s negotiation skills, the relationship between United States and Japan are normalized and thus they’ll conduct a joint investigation to the moon.

Of course, the rocket will mostly likely being targeted by Noble Red as they’ll prevent anyone investigating the moon. Thus, the Symphogear users will have to protect the rocket at all cost.

Meanwhile, it appears that Noble Red is preparing their attack at Tanegashima but more importantly, this face that appeared on the screen might be Shem-ha’s true appearance.

Speaking of Shem-ha, she wants Noble Red to revert the entire world to the stone age as she feared various relics throughout history has not only caused conflicts, but brought despair throughout humanity.

Of course, I wanna know why Shem-ha revived these remnant alchemists when she killed them for attempting to take control of her?

Turns out that Shem-ha had a change of heart and decided to reconstruct their bodies because she wants to use them for her plans.

Unfortunately for Vanessa and her friends, they won’t become humans anymore since Shem-ha turned them into real monster.

Well, looks like their dream is officially dead, but I really wish that Noble Red would remain dead instead of becoming Shem-ha’s pawns.

Now let’s move onto Tanegashima where the Symphogear users will act as bodyguards for the lunar rocket.

And speaking of the rocket itself, it’s freakin’ huge because it needs to carry a crew of investigators towards the moon. But let’s hope that Noble Red won’t attack this space center.

But then again, Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi will have to fight these Alca-Noises and defend the rocket before countdown!

Anyways, the Symphogear users are now fighting against Noble Red and this time, they’re no longer weak because their arsenal has been upgraded thanks to Shem-ha’s power.

But of course, it comes at a price as Vanessa Diodati loses her mind now that she can no longer become a human being.

Still, Hibiki Tachibana and her friends are being cornered by Noble Red as they relentlessly attack them with all their might.

But speaking of Vanessa, her cyborg body has more missiles apart from having extra arms to capture and pummel Hibiki to death.

But you know what, I think Hibiki will survive Vanessa’s attacks as she wants to save Miku Kohinata from Shem-ha’s control.

Now let’s return to Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi where they’ll have to fight against Elsa Bete.

Of course, she’s now covered herself into this mechanized wolf instead of her appendages as Elsa will use her new powers to destroy the rocket.

Oh, and she’ll do it by spinning herself like a certain blue-blurred hedgehog. Yes, I’m referencing Sonic but anyways, Elsa Bete managed to destroy the lunar rocket.

And I have a feeling that no one survived that, meaning that the investigation is officially cancelled… all thanks to Noble Red.

Of course, they’re not satisfied with just destroying the rocket as Noble Red wants to murder the Symphogear users.

Oh and as for Kirika and Shirabe, they’re gonna get pounced real hard by a mechanized werewolf…

…which resulted in this big explosion which no one will survive that. Oh please, say it ain’t so!

Fortunately, Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi gained access to Amalgam which not only saved their lives, but also grants a power boost to their respective relics.

Come to think of it, I wonder if they got permission to use Amalgam? But you know what, who needs permission when the world needed Symphogear users to protect humanity from the Noise threat.

Now then, it’s time to stop Elsa Bete as Kirika and Shirabe combined their relics to form this giant bear trap. A perfect weapon for Elsa and her mechanized werewolf.

Anyways, this attack is called Polyfilm Scissor Love Dreams and as you can see, this bear trap has turned into a ball of death that grinds Elsa’s mechanized werewolf shell until there’s nothing left.

And so, Elsa Bete is finally defeated as her mechanized werewolf explodes, killing her instantly.

Just kidding, turns out that Elsa survived but she’s too weak to fight against Kirika and Shirabe.

So, she decides get out of Tanegashima together with Millaarc Cranstoun and Vanessa Diodati. Oh and what Vanessa is holding is a vial that’ll be used to make their escape.

Not until Tsubasa Kazanari decides to cut their escape short as she cuts their escape vial in half.

Of course, the contents of the vial got spilled in which everyone got transported. Not just Noble Red, but the Symphogear users as well.

Even Elfnein can’t believe that Hibiki and the rest got disappeared without a trace. But seriously though, where are they?

Well, let’s find out for ourselves as Hibiki Tachibana and Chris Yukine are safe, but they’re in for a surprise…

For you see, they’re in SPACE!!! But wait a minute, did they got transported to the moon together with Noble Red?

Still, Hibiki and Chris-chan will need to find their fellow Symphogear users and stop Shem-ha from blowing up the moon. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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