To Aru Kagaku no Accelerator Episode #09

This is Accelerator and while he was supposed to rescue MISAKA No. 10046 in a jiffy, it got ruined when Mikihiko Hishigata and his Coffins came to play and took the MISAKA Sister away from him.

But anyways, Accelerator will have to deal with Hundun since this Coffin has MISAKA No. 10046 in its possession.

But you know what, Accelerator will have to use brute force to set MISAKA No. 10046 free from Hundun. C’mon, we don’t want Mikihiko getting his hands of that data from the failed Level 6 Shift project.

But thanks to Accelerator’s brute force, the tentacles that connects to MISAKA’s brain got cut off, meaning that Mikihiko Hishigata couldn’t download the data.

And speaking of Mikihiko Hishigata, he’s pretty mad that he almost got the data from the Level 6 Shift project.

However, Hirumi Hishigata told her brother that she has another plan in order to get their hands on the Level 6 Shift project data.

And that’s by shutting Academy City down as they have access to the city’s infrastructure.

Of course, the entire population will be trapped thanks to Hishigata grinding the city to a halt, just to transport a MISAKA Sister to his hiding place.

And it gets even worse is that everyone will get killed because of Mikihiko’s meddling. Yeah, Accelerator doesn’t want anyone getting caught by this mess.

So, he decides to play hero and push this building away from the citizens of Academy City. Of course, those who are trapped inside are already dead anyway and Accelerator lost his target.

But thanks to their meddling, Mikihiko Hishigata managed to download the data from MISAKA’s brain. Now, they only thing left to do is to implement it.

Unfortunately, Accelerator won’t let Mikihiko use the data from the Level 6 Shift project as he finally found his hiding place.

But first, time to set MISAKA No. 10046 free from Hundun. It would be bad if either Mikihiko or Hirumi dispose her much like the operatives from Disciplinary Action.

In any case, MISAKA No. 10046 is saved and thus it’s time for Accelerator to kick Mikihiko’s ass!

However, he has other plans as Mikihiko Hishigata already used the data from the Level 6 Shift project on his Coffins.

Oh and not just that, but Mikihiko plans to use the data to make his sister Hirumi as a Level 6 esper!

Anyways, Mikihiko sends his remaining Coffins to play with Accelerator while he’s busy implementing the data on Hirumi. Man, Accelerator doesn’t want to deal with these pieces of junk.

However, it’s made even worse is that both Taotie and Qiongqi’s abilities are enhanced thanks to the data from the Level 6 Shift project.

But still, even though both Coffins got snazzy powers, Accelerator has a few tricks on his sleeve as he safely lands on the ground.

Now then, here’s Accelerator as he creates a tornado that’ll blow everything away. Then again, there’s nothing special about it…

How about a fiery tornado where Accelerator used friction to add flames to this whirlwind!

And because of that, Taotie’s sensors couldn’t keep up with Accelerator’s unpredictable esper powers.

In fact, I feel that this Coffin might get blown away in pieces afterwards. Anyways, looks like Taotie is destroyed…

…which leaves Qiongqi as the only remaining Coffin standing. Well actually, there’s Hundun who is still active, but he’ll deal with that later.

For now, it’s time for Accelerator to decommission this scrap heap with a flurry of steel pipes.

Thus, Qiongqi is finally defeated and it’s time for Accelerator to go back to Mikihiko’s hiding place and wreck everything, including the downloaded data from the Level 6 Shift project!

But on second thought, it appears that someone is wrecking Mikihiko’s place instead as Hasami Hitokawa has arrived to stop Mikihiko Hishigata and his plans.

Of course, she needs to destroy Hundun first but that’ll take time to dismantle this Coffin. On the other hand, where’s Esther Rosenthal?

Well, Esther decided to kill Hirumi Hishigata using her enchanted dagger.

And the reason why she went for Hirumi instead of Mikihiko is because his sister’s soul might already be pass onto the afterlife, which meant that Taowu took over Hirumi’s body.

Unfortunately, Mikihiko Hishigata is aware of Esther Rosenthal’s presence and tries to stop her before the data is already transferred to Hirumi’s brain. And really, it’s a race to see if Esther foiled Mikihiko’s plans or not.

Anyways, Esther Rosenthal killed Mikihiko Hishigata using her enchanted dagger. However, Mikihiko got the last laugh…

…as the data from the Level 6 Shift project is finally transferred, meaning that his sister will be reborn as a Level 6 esper!

With that said, looks like Esther Rosenthal and Accelerator are already fucked now that Hirumi Hishigata has reached Level 6. Man, somebody call Touma Kamijou and punch the lights out of Hirumi!

Then again, Touma is busy with other things, so it’s up to Esther and Accelerator on stopping Hirumi which I have a feeling that they’ll fail on the next episode. Damn you Mikihiko!

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