Dr. Stone Episode #12

Oh look, it’s Ginro as he finally got his silver-tipped spear. Man, I thought Senku will tell Ginro to find some impossible materials in order to coat his spearhead, but Ginro got what he wanted although that silver-tipped spear will be useless in battle.

Of course, there’s a catch as Senku told Ginro that if his silver-tipped spear turned black, he’ll have to run away as fast as possible or he’ll die.

And once he heard Senku’s warning, Ginro looked pale that holding his silver-tipped spear might be a curse. But then again, Senku is just bluffing so it might not be true at all.

Now then, it’s time for Senku and his friends to climb a volcano where they’ll get sulfur to make a cure-all medicine for Ruri.

Sure that sulfur is a dangerous material where it’s used for making gunpowder, but this element is used for making sulfa drugs.

Also, they’re greeted by this lovely goddess where she wants them to take a dip at the emerald green-colored lake.

Then again, only Ginro sees the goddess as he went towards the pool. Still, I think they should be cautious when getting sulfur from the volcano.

But let’s focus on Ginro for a second as his silver-tipped spear has turned black, meaning that he’s gonna die if Ginro goes further away from his friends.

Luckily, Kohaku managed to pull Ginro out from certain death. But anyways, turns out that the top of the volcano has a dangerous secret.

See these crows dropping down to this emerald green-colored lake and being melted away? This pool of water is actually sulfuric acid and while it’s an important material in making sulfa drugs, it’s quite dangerous to handle it.

Oh yes and that goddess over there? She’s actually wants everyone dead by melting their bodies. This my friends is the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen as this goddess represents sulfuric acid.

In conclusion, sulfuric acid might kill you if you swim over it. Also, inhaling hydrogen sulfide is dangerous because it’ll instantly kill you. In any case, getting sulfuric acid safely from the volcano is one dangerous task.

So therefore, Senku decides to make a gas mask in order to safely get the sulfuric acid without inhaling the toxic gases that emits from the volcano.

Even then, it’s still dangerous ’cause falling down to a pool of sulfuric acid is fatal that Senku should have made a chemical suit. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the materials to make one.

So, Senku told Chrome about everything he know as he’s planning to get sulfuric acid, regardless of the risk involved. Wait, is Senku gonna sacrifice himself to get sulfuric acid?

Not on Chrome’s watch as he won’t let Senku die just to get sulfuric acid and make a drug out of it. In fact, he’s gonna join Senku on getting sulfuric acid as Chrome wants to save Ruri’s life.

Thus, Chrome got a gas mask and he’s ready to go towards the volcano. Although this gas mask will help Senku and Chrome breathe safely from toxic gases, it’s not durable as one splash of sulfuric acid will melt the hose or even the mask itself.

But hey, I appreciate Senku and Chrome’s determination to make sulfa drugs from sulfuric acid as they got some balls to venture towards the volcano, not unlike Magma who will just die upon inhaling hydrogen sulfide!

Meanwhile, here’s Ginro as he’s complaining that not only his silver-tipped spear got borrowed by Senku, but he’s angry that both sorcerers (or scientists) will go to the volcano despite the risk of being melted away.

You know what Ginro, instead of complaining, why don’t you train for the upcoming Grand Bout.

Also, here’s Kaseki where he told Ginro that even though Senku and Chrome put up a brave face, they’re still scared that one false move might end their lives. In fact, fear exists and it won’t go away no matter what.

However, Kaseki told Ginro that despite being scared to their wits, they have the determination and willpower to overcome their fears.

One more thing, Kaseki made another gas mask but he won’t use it since he’s too old to climb to the volcano. Hmm, I wonder if someone will use that gas mask and help both sorcerers in case one of them got into an accident?

Anyways, let’s go back to the volcano where Senku and Chrome are gathering sulfuric acid without getting exposed by it.

However, it appears that Chrome slipped and he’s about to fall down towards the acid spring in which his body will melt beyond recognition.

While Senku tries to rescue Chrome, it might be too late to save him.

Fortunately, someone rescued Chrome by offering him a spear so he could grab it. Then again, I wonder who went to the volcano?

Oh wait a minute, is that Ginro? Wow, I can’t believe that a coward like him would go to the volcano, wear a gas mask, and attempting to rescue Chrome.

But still, Ginro is scared that he might let go of his spear, so Senku told Ginro to calm his breathing as he’ll help him pull Chrome out of harm’s way.

Of course, there’s this goddess of death where she’ll drag Chrome and the rest to their watery grave. Then again, I don’t want them to die just yet!

And so, Ginro mustered his strength as he managed to pull Chrome out from falling down to the sulfuric acid spring.

And while he suffered some broken bones, at least Chrome is alive!

One last thing, it appears that Ginro managed to create a geyser in which it destroys this goddess. Then again, it’s all in his head because there’s no such thing as a goddess of death.

But hey, both Senku and Chrome managed to get a vial of sulfuric acid. Now, they’ll make a cure-all drug out of it but there’s still a long way to go.

Anyways, it appears that the boys got what they needed from the volcano, but I have to give props to Ginro for overcoming his fear and rescued Chrome from certain death.

Now then, I’ll see you on the next episode as Senku and Chrome will be busy making a cure-all drug for Ruri, all while Ginro and his brother Kinro are making preparations for the upcoming Grand Bout.

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