Symphogear XV Episode #11

Let’s start Episode 11 with a backstory as it formally introduces Enki, Finé’s lover who is fighting against a formidable foe.

Said foe happened to be Shem-ha who’s not only an ally to both Enki and Finé, but also responsible for progressing humanity’s evolution.

Sadly though, Shem-ha betrays them as she wants to control everything, something that both Enki and Finé won’t allow it. Thus, Enki tries to stop her ambition!

Unfortunately for Enki, Shem-ha won’t go down so easily as she fires a powerful beam towards Enki and while he deflected her attacks…

It turns out that Shem-ha’s beam petrified his arm in which Enki might turn into stone if he can’t act fast.

Of course, Enki won’t get petrified completely as he cuts his own left arm so that he won’t turn to stone.

And afterwards, Enki proceeds to stab Shem-ha to the chest in which her ambition for controlling humanity has ended. Of course, she’ll return to one form or another, so Enki created a jamming system that’ll prevent Shem-ha’s resurrection. Thus, the Curse of Balal came to being and humanity evolved without problems.

Sadly, Enki died without seeing Finé for one last time. But come to think of it, I think Finé created Kadingir back in Season 1 because she wants to destroy to moon in order to reunite with Enki. Unfortunately, her actions has sparked numerous villains who wanted full control of the relics, including the ones created by the Custodians, for the selfish desires. Of course, I’ll have to blame Fudou Kazanari for getting his hands on the Bracelet of Shem-ha, which signals her revival and usurped Fudou as the main villain of Symphogear XV.

Speaking of Shem-ha, she won’t even listen to Miku Kohinata’s pleas to set her free because Shem-ha has unfinished business to do.

But seriously though, it’s disgusting that she wants to have her way towards Miku and I feel that Hibiki will have to punch this malicious Custodian!

Meanwhile at the lunar ruins, Tsubasa Kazanari contemplates on her mistakes during the time when she’s under Fudou’s control.

But you know what, Hibiki Tachibana and the rest forgive Tsubasa-san as they welcome her back to the team.

Heck, even Maria Cadenzavna Eve told Tsubasa Kazanari to cut it out by flicking her forehead and told Tsubasa-san to move on because blaming herself won’t do any favors.

On the other hand, it appears that Maria’s Airgetlám is reacting to this door, which leads to a room that might become important later on.

Anyways, Maria and Tsubasa went inside this room where it houses the lunar ruins’ controls and other important stuff.

Also, here’s Enki or rather the manifestation of it as he explains to Maria Cadenzavna Eve and Tsubasa Kazanari that the lunar ruins was created to stop Shem-ha’s influence from spreading further.

Of course, we all know that Shem-ha broke free thanks to Fudou Kazanari and Noble Red. Still, her powers is sealed thanks to the ruins’ jamming system and the Symphogear users need to stop Shem-ha fast.

But first, they need to get out of the lunar ruins as Maria Cadenzavna Eve contacted SONG’s submarine base and told everything about the ruins.

Also, they need some help because the Symphogear users need to get out of this place and stop Shem-ha.

Of course, will Genjuro Kazanari found another rocket to go to the lunar ruins? But you know what, his team will found a way to rescue Hibiki Tachibana and the rest.

Unfortunately, Maria and Tsubasa-san will have to deal with Millaarc Cranstoun as she’s gonna deliver a drop kick towards them.

Luckily, Maria Cadenzavna Eve managed to deflect Millaarc’s kick but this vampire won’t give up just yet!

You know what, Maria will just deliver the finishing blow against Millaarc with a swing of her Airgetlám sword.

However, this vampire decides to split itself into a myriad of bats. C’mon, Shem-ha turned Millaarc into a full-fledged monster.

And speaking of Millaarc, she has a new trick on her sleeve…

…like making a clone of herself while doing the famous pose from Sailor Moon. Oh Millaarc Cranstoun, you won’t punish them in the name of the moon!

In any case, Millaarc Cranstoun delivered a double Frankensteiner on both Maria Cadenzavna Eve and Tsubasa Kazanari. Hell, this vampire destroys the floor too!

And if the Frankensteiner wasn’t enough, Millaarc and her clone created a powerful tornado that surrounds both Maria and Tsubasa-san…

…until it explodes of course. Well, these two Symphogear users are no more!

Just kidding, Maria Cadenzavna Eve saved herself by activating Amalgam, which her whip sword just got bigger!

Oh and it’s not just Maria, but Tsubasa Kazanari activated her Amalgam as well. Well everyone, looks like Millaarc Cranstoun will get wrecked by these two divas!

And as you can see, both Tsubasa-san and Maria will deliver a combination attack towards this vampire, all while singing “Fushichou no Flamme”!

But yes, looks like Millaarc got wrecked thanks to the combined power of both Maria Cadenzavna Eve and Tsubasa Kazanari.

Afterwards, Maria and Tsubasa-san got reunited with their fellow Symphogear users.

And while Shirabe Tsukuyomi and Kirika Akatsuki are okay, I’m still worried about Hibiki Tachibana and Chris Yukine.

But anyways, they need to find their allies and get out of this place!

But wait a minute, is that Millaarc Cranstoun over there? Did she just survived from Tsubasa-san and Maria’s duet attack? Dammit, I really hate this cheeky vampire!

Meanwhile, here’s both Hibiki Tachibana and Chris Yukine where they’re okay, but both of them saw something ominous…

Turns out that their home planet got covered in blood red. Okay, I wonder what’s going on here while the Symphogear users are stuck at the lunar ruins?

Now let’s go back to Earth where Genjuro Kazanari and his team are having a big problem…

…as their submarine got struck by the Yggdrasil tower. Man, I’m worried that SONG won’t survive if they can’t make an escape.

Oh and it gets even worse is that various Yggdrasil towers are popping up across the world, not just in the Kazanari residence.

And finally, here’s Shem-ha as she’s gloating now that the entire world is at the palm of her hand. Of course, the Curse of Balal is still in effect as it’s preventing her from taking full control of Earth.

Now then, I’ll see you next time for the penultimate episode as Hibiki Tachibana and her fellow Symphogear users must find a way to get back home and stop Shem-ha.

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