Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou Episodes #08 – #10

Well, this is something new as Hajime Nagumo and his party are being asked by the head of Fuhren Adventurer’s Guild named Ilwer Chang for assistance as they want to rescue his friend Will Cudeta.

Of course, Hajime accepts Ilwer’s offer but there’s catch as he wants the head of the guild to make status plates for Yue and Shea Haulia, as well as having a say whenever Ilwer Chang offered them a job.

Anyways, Hajime Nagumo and his party went to the Lake Town of Ur where Will Cudeta was last seen there.

Also in the Lake Town of Ur lies Aiko Hatayama, Hajime Nagumo’s homeroom teacher where she’s the one who protects him from bullies, although Aiko-sensei couldn’t rescue Hajime from falling down the abyss.

By the way, Hatayama is joined by other students as they’re planting crops in Ur. Turns out that Aiko-sensei has a very useful ability called “Farmer” where she can have a bountiful harvest.

But anyways, Hajime Nagumo has arrived and Aiko Hatayama is happy to see her student alive. Of course, he doesn’t want to see his fellow classmates because Hajime felt bitter when meeting them, especially towards those bullies.

On the other hand, this soldier is harassing Hajime’s party members, especially Shea where her bunny ears felt unattractive according to him. Um Mr. Soldier, you should have shut your mouth!

Fortunately, this foul-mouthed knight won’t have to shut his mouth because Hajime Nagumo will do it for him… by shooting this soldier in the right shoulder.

Good thing Hajime showed some mercy, otherwise he would have blasted that guy’s arm off. In any case, Hajime Nagumo sends a clear message to everyone that they shouldn’t mess with him nor his buddies.

Now then, it’s time for Hajime Nagumo to tell about what he learned during his time being stuck at the Orcus Labyrinth. Then again, I wonder if Aiko Hatayama will believe his story?

But anyways, Hajime told Aiko-sensei that there’s a god who manipulates everyone and fight them to the death. From humans to demons, this god shows no remorse when toying their lives.

That’s until a group of heroes, who call themselves as Liberators, have arrived to stop this pointless violence. But because of the mad god’s influence, the humans turned on the Liberators where they’re now called as Mavericks.

Of course, the Mavericks like Oscar Orcus and Miledi Reisen didn’t give up as they created labyrinths in order to test anyone who’s worthy on taking out that mad god. So far, Hajime Nagumo and his party cleared two labyrinths so far and they’re aiming to clear the rest of it so Hajime can go back home. Oh yeah, and he doesn’t give a shit on saving the world from an evil god because Nagumo already went through hell.

But for now, it’s time for Hajime Nagumo and his party to save Will Cudeta. Then again, he’s not sure whether Will is alive or not.

Also, he’s joined by Aiko Hatayama as she’s still worried about Hajime.

Oh and it’s not just Aiko-sensei, but also his fellow classmates where they help Nagumo on finding his target.

Fortunately, they stumbled upon Will Cudeta inside the cave. Stil, we’ll never know if he’s dead or alive.

But after flicking Will’s forehead, Hajime Nagumo confirms that his target is alive. Of course, Will Cudeta is scared of going outside as there’s a dragon nearby.

Then again, Hajime Nagumo will do anything to keep Will Cudeta alive because c’mon, Will should be grateful that he survived the ordeal.

Anyways, Hajime drag Will out from the cave when suddenly, a monster arrived to bring hell towards him and his party.

Said monster happened to be this black dragon where Will Cudeta told Hajime Nagumo that it’s responsible for wiping out his party.

Of course, this black dragon is targeting Will Cudeta but luckily for him, Hajime Nagumo won’t let him die as he managed to save Will from being crushed by a dragon.

Meanwhile, Hajime’s classmates tried to take out the black dragon with their own powers.

But even then, it’s not effective as this dragon is tough as nails. You know what, I think they should protect Aiko-sensei instead of beating the black dragon because they’re not strong enough.

On the other hand, Hajime Nagumo’s party can put up a fight against this black dragon as Shea Haulia slammed its head with a giant mallet. Of course, this black dragon’s defense is inpenetrable.

Fortunately, Hajime got an idea of defeating this black dragon where he’ll have a metal stake…

…and shove it to its ass. By the way, this scene is not safe for work as you can clearly see its hole.

With that said, this black dragon is in pain as it begs Hajime Nagumo to pull it out. Wait, did that dragon talked to Hajime?

Also, turns out that this black dragon is being brainwashed by someone else where it’s unaware that it killed Will Cudeta’s comrades.

Of course, Will Cudeta won’t believe it as this dragon couldn’t help on killing his allies, regardless of whether it was brainwashed or not.

However, Yue disagrees as she believes in its words. After all, dragons don’t lie and Yue knows who has the eyes of a liar.

I have to say that I take Yue’s word for it but what about Hajime Nagumo?

Well, he decides to pull the stake out anyway, although Hajime is not really happy because he should have killed the dragon instead.

And so, the stake has been taken out and the black dragon’s body is being covered in this pinkish light…

…transforming into this lovely lady named Tio Clarce where she thanked Hajime Nagumo on pulling out that stake from her butt.

Of course, Tio told Hajime to pull it slowly, although he’s having regrets on letting this dragonborn live because Hajime sees Tio as an annoying lady.

Speaking of Hajime Nagumo, his demon eye is tingling as Hajime sensed something over the horizon.

Turns out that he saw countless of monsters marching towards Ur and this lake town might fall down in mere seconds if the townspeople can’t defend it.

Well then, looks like Hajime Nagumo has no choice but to stop this demon army together with Yue and Shea Haulia.

Now let’s go back to the Lake Town of Ur and while Hajime Nagumo and his party are preparing to tackle those demons, Yuuka Sonobe appeared as she thanked Hajime for saving her life.

Of course, Nagumo told Sonobe that rescuing her from peril is just a fluke. However, he told Yuuka to stay alive together with her fellow classmates because being alive is a good thing.

On the other hand, here’s Tio Clarce where she wants to join Hajime Nagumo’s party, although he’s still pissed that Hajime wants that dragonborn dead. But you know what, he’ll think about it on whether to recruit Tio or not.

Now then, the demon army has arrived at the Lake Town of Ur and they’re gonna wreck everything in its path.

Also, this demon army is being led by this guy in a mask. Sure that he looks menacing, but will his demon army survive the wrath of Hajime Nagumo and his party?

Well then, let’s find out as Hajime and Shea fire some weapons against those demons.

And as you can see, they don’t stand a chance. At this point, Hajime and his party will mop the floor against the demon army.

Speaking of Hajime Nagumo, he declared that he’s the sword and shield that’ll protect Aiko Hatayama, also known as the Goddess of Fertility.

Also, here’s Tio Clarce where she uses her dragonborn powers to obliterate the demons.

Good thing she’s useful in battle, otherwise Hajime would abandon her without hesitation.

And lastly, here’s Yue where she uses magic against the demons. Not sure if she’s using Miledi Reisen’s gravity magic.

But as you can see, Yue did some massive damage against the demon army. Anyways, it appears that Hajime and his party have won the battle.

Of course, they need to capture the leader of the demon army so that their victory is rest assured.

Fortunately, Hajime is quick in his feet as he told the leader of the demon army to surrender. Of course, I wanna know who the leader is upon removing the mask.

Anyways, Hajime Nagumo managed to capture the leader of the demon army, where it turns out he’s actually one of his classmates named Yukitoshi Shimizu.

Now then, Shimizu defected to the demons because they convinced him that he’s special. Thus, he’s responsible for brainwashing Tio Clarce and amassing an army of demons to attack Ur. Unfortunately, Yukitoshi’s plan of conquering Ur ended in failure.

On the other hand, Aiko Hatayama tries to convince Yukitoshi Shimizu to return to his fellow classmates as she’ll do anything to get him back on his feet.

Of course, Yukitoshi won’t do that because he’s aiming to kill Aiko-sensei anyway. Once he killed Hatayama, Shimizu will be hailed as a hero by the demons but I doubt that!

Also, Shimizu wants Nagumo to surrender his weapons to him, although I have a feeling that he might shoot himself instead ’cause Yukitoshi Shimizu is not edgy enough compared to Hajime.

But you know what, I think it’s time to end Yukitoshi’s reign of terror as Shea Haulia attempts to rescue Aiko Hatayama.

However, Yukitoshi Shimizu stabbed Aiko Hatayama with a poison needle, which is bad news ’cause Aiko-sensei will die in a few minutes.

Even worse is that someone tries to snipe Hatayama from afar with a magic beam.

Fortunately, Shea managed to nab Aiko-sensei from Yukitoshi. However, she got hit by a magic beam so Shea Haulia needs some healing later.

For now, Hajime Nagumo will have to take care of that pesky sniper as he uses his trusty old Donner revolver.

And as you can see, this magician got shot in the head. Well then, looks like Hajime took care of that intruder.

But now, it’s time for him to save his teacher as Nagumo drink an antidote…

…and apply it to Hatayama via mouth-to-mouth. While Yue will be jealous that Hajime kissed his own teacher, I think she’ll have to let this one slide ’cause Aiko-sensei’s life is on the line.

After Hajime Nagumo saved his teacher’s life, it’s time to heal Shea Haulia as he pours one for her wounds. In any case, both lives are saved thanks to Hajime.

Of course, Hatayama told Nagumo to save Shimizu’s life ’cause she really wants to bring her student back from the depths of despair. Then again, what worries him is that Yukitoshi might back-stab again should Hajime save his life.

So, the only solution is to shoot Yukitoshi Shimizu ’cause he doesn’t want a traitor roaming around freely. I mean, he almost died because someone accidentally shoot magic at him, so Hajime won’t hesitate on killing Yukitoshi.

But yes, Yukitoshi Shimizu died at the hands of Hajime Nagumo and while Aiko Hatayama wants her student to turn over a new leaf, Yukitoshi’s action is beyond irredeemable to be honest.

But this is a reminder that not all students can’t be saved nor turn over a new leaf. So even though those bullies are forgiven, Hajime knows that they’ll go back to their old ways and thus he has no choice but to kill them.

Then again, those bullies couldn’t stand a chance and they’re not worth killing since Hajime is stronger than them.

Anyways, Hajime’s party are done at Ur as they headed back to Fuhren together with Will Cudeta and claim their reward.

Also, Hajime Nagumo let Tio Clarce join his party now that he saw how useful this dragonborn is.

As for Aiko Hatayama, she continue planting crops at the lake town since her ability is useful for bringing a bountiful harvest at Ur. Still, she’s shocked to see one of her students died at the hands of Hajime Nagumo, but let’s hope that Aiko-sensei should learn how to be cautious toward anyone.

Anyways, we’re getting closer to the finale and man, I wonder how will Asread screw the ending. Oh yeah and as for WHITE FOX, they’re busy with other things as they already washed their hands on this anime adaptation of Arifureta.

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