Symphogear XV Episode #12

It’s time for the penultimate episode and before Shem-ha takes control of the entire planet, she has to deal with some pockets of resistance like Carol Malus Dienheim for example.

Glad that this former villain of Symphogear GX is back after her short re-appearance in Episodes 7 and 8, but will Carol managed to dissect a mad god like Shem-ha?

Anyways, Carol Malus Dienheim ties Shem-ha up with her deadly strings as she prepares to dissect this Custodian with her alchemy.

Of course, dissecting Shem-ha requires lots of energy so in an event that she ran out of energy, Carol will use memories to keep dissecting her.

But anyways, Carol Malus Dienheim continues to dissect Shem-ha until this Custodian is reduced to pieces.

However, Shem-ha is equipped with Shenshou Jing, which means that Carol’s dissection is ineffective. Well, looks like Carol Malus Dienheim couldn’t stop this Custodian…

…as Shem-ha enroach the entire world with her Yggdrasil towers until Earth is encapsulated into a deep red color. Man, I hope Hibiki Tachibana and the rest will get out of the lunar ruins.

Meanwhile, it appears that a familiar man appeared to tell his wife and mother to head toward a nearby evacuation site.

Said man happened to be Akira Tachibana and- Wait a minute, is he talking to Hibiki’s mother and grand-mother? Well, I’m surprised to see them making a cameo appearance.

But now let’s return to the lunar ruins where the Symphogear users will have to deal with Noble Red.

While the likes of Elsa Bete and Vanessa Diodati are helping Shem-ha’s ambition of controlling Earth, I’m sure that the Custodian will throw them away afterwards.

Of course, Chris Yukine call it bullshit as helping Shem-ha won’t do any favors. Well then, it appears that the Symphogear users will have to convince Noble Red the hard way.

In any case, time for Chris Yukine and Hibiki Tachibana to fight against them, although Vanessa Diodati can hold against them since her cyborg body has more limbs to block Hibiki’s punches.

And, it’s made even worse is that Vanessa transformed and now she’s about to fire a salvo of lasers straight at Hibiki and Chris-chan.

Fortunately, Hibiki Tachibana managed to rescue Chris Yukine, but it appears that she got hurt upon taking the full brunt of Vanessa’s beams.

But you know what, Hibiki Tachibana is one tough girl as she can still fight against Vanessa Diodati.

Oh yeah, Hibiki and Chris-chan activated Amalgam which it gives a power boost to their attacks…

…sending Vanessa to another room. At this point, Vanessa’s cyborg body might not hold much longer.

Then again, Vanessa Diodati doesn’t give up as she’s gonna fire her lasers from her breasts. Yeah, this is a literal Breast Fire from Mazinger Z!

Not on Chris Yukine’s watch as she’s gonna fire her arrow. By the way, this arrow is very special…

…where it can split any beams due to its jewel-encrusted arrow head. Looks like Vanessa’s Breast Fire couldn’t blast it away.

But it gets even worse for her as the arrow created a big hole in which it’ll suck Vanessa Diodati towards the vastness of space. Not sure if her body can handle it since there’s no air outside the ruins.

However, Chris has decided to save Vanessa by firing another arrow. Not sure if her attack will save the enemy from being suck into space, but calling it as “∀∀ de le Metalica” looks awesome!

But hey, turns out that Vanessa Diodati was saved as Chris Yukine’s arrow transformed into a net that rescues her enemy from being sucked away.

Of course, Vanessa asked Chris on why she save her, despite the fact that Vanessa Diodati is an enemy and she and her fellow alchemists did bad things to them.

Well as a former enemy, Chris found a place to return to. Of course, the reason why Chris-chan has a home because Hibiki befriend her and that’s why she joined SONG permanently.

So yeah, Chris will befriend Noble Red and they’ll forgive them… except for Millaarc Cranstoun in which I won’t give a damn about it because she killed lots of people that Tsubasa Kazanari can’t sing her heart out!

Unfortunately, something bad is gonna happen as Vanessa’s body is starting to move erratically.

Turns out, Vanessa’s body is being controlled by Shem-ha where she’s not content on enroaching Earth with her towers as the Custodian wants to break the Curse of Balal…

…by hacking the lunar ruins’ network. And while Hibiki tried to stop Shem-ha, it’s already too late as Vanessa’s hand is already touched the control panel.

Anyways, Shem-ha implanted a virus which will corrupt the system that operates the Curse of Balal. Without the Curse, Shem-ha can control humanity freely.

Oh yeah, and once she’s done hacking the system, Shem-ha discards Vanessa’s cyborg body where this alchemist felt excrutiating pain.

In the end, Vanessa Diodati and the rest of Noble Red are already discarded by the Custodian!

And speaking of the Custodian, Shem-ha is now gloating that she can finally control humanity without Enki’s interference.

But of course, the reason why she emerged from captivity is because of a certain miracle in which everyone is connected through Maria and Serena Cadenzavna Eve’s song.

Well, I’m surprised that the events that happened in Symphogear G, especially when all of humanity is connected to the song “Apple”, is what led to Shem-ha’s awakening.

But now that she’s done explaining to the Symphogear users, Shem-ha decides to blow up the lunar ruins since the curse has been lifted and no one will stop her now… or is it?

It appears that Noble Red used the Daedalus Labyrinth to open an escape path for Hibiki Tachibana and her fellow Symphogear users.

Well, I have to say that Vanessa and her allies did something useful for this episode, which is saving Hibiki and her friends.

Sadly, Vanessa Diodati and her two friends used their remaining life force to create the labyrinth, meaning that they’ll be disappearing soon.

So while their plans of reverting to their human selves have failed thanks to Shem-ha, at least Noble Red did something redeemable to the heroes… except for Millaarc which I still hate her!

Back at Earth, it appears that Genjuro Kazanari and his staff have survived as their submarine remained functional, despite getting hit by a Yggdrasil tower.

Unfortunately, Genjuro and the rest of SONG will have to watch the Earth being controlled by one evil Custodian.

But for some reason, the Yggdrasil towers has suddenly stopped growing all of a sudden.

Was the Curse of Balal still in effect even though Shem-ha hacked the system and blow up the ruins?

No, it appears that Shem-ha’s enroachment was stopped by an army of hackers where they created a network jammer to stop the towers’ growth.

Oh yeah, it turns out that the President of the United States issued an executive order to hack Shem-ha’s network.

Man, I’m surprised that the president lend his hands on stopping the Custodian, but it’s not enough to prevent Earth’s enroachment.

That’s until the Ogawa Clan steps in as Souji and Suteinu Ogawa have arrived.

While Suteinu has knowledge when it comes to hacking networks and preventing them, I feel that Souji will do dangerous tasks like rescuing trapped civilians.

Even Shinji Ogawa is surprised that his brothers came to their aid to stop Shem-ha’s control of the planet.

Still, they can’t hold the line much longer as they need Hibiki and her friends to stop Shem-ha once and for all.

But let’s go back to Carol Malus Dienheim and while she’s still alive, I wonder if she sacrificed her own memory or Elfnein?

On the other hand, Carol saw 6 meteors coming down to Earth…

Well, they’re not actually meteors as it turns out that Hibiki Tachibana and her fellow Symphogear users crash-landed to Earth.

Of course, Shem-ha is not amused as she failed to kill Hibiki and the rest by trapping them at the lunar ruins.

Now, this Custodian will have to make sure that she won’t let them live so that her reign won’t be interrupted.

Then again, Hibiki Tachibana and the rest of the Symphogear users are now in their X-Drive mode.

I wonder if their relics still have elements from the Faust Robes after being rebuilt using the Philosopher’s Stone?

But anyways, I’ll see you next time for the final episode as Hibiki Tachibana will save Miku Kohinata and punish Shem-ha with her god-killing fists!

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