Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou Episode #11

Here’s Ilwer Chang as he finally reunited with Will Cudeta after Hajime Nagumo and his party rescued him in Ur. Of course, I wonder when will the guild leader grant a reward to Hajime’s party?

Oh, Ilwer Chang gave them status plates and here’s the thing though, Hajime’s party is the top-ranked party in this world!

Then again, most of them don’t recognize Hajime Nagumo’s efforts simply because he’s one of the weakest, but they’re clearly mistaken now since Hajime and his ragtag crew are the strongest compared to Kouki Amanogawa and his party.

On the other hand, here’s Tio Clarce where despite joining Hajime Nagumo’s party, she still remembers those painful moments when her dragonborn clan got wiped out.

Heck, she even remember her father’s last words before he died. Despite being the masochist, Tio still keeps her pride as a dragonborn. By the way, you’ll have some regrets on mocking her race ’cause Tio Clarce will destroy you!

Now then, it’s time for Hajime Nagumo and his party to take a day-off where they’ll do sight-seeing at Fuhren. C’mon, they need a well-deserved rest after conquering two labyrinths, plus saving Ur from being run over by demons.

On the other hand, it appears that we have a character that returned from the previous arc, now named Lehman as this talking fish got caught by someone else and was placed at an aquarium.

Now, Lehman asked Hajime Nagumo and Shea Haulia to set him free. C’mon, it’ll be bad if this talking fish is stuck inside a tank for eternity.

Fortunately, Hajime and Shea rescued Lehman from captivity because they feel sorry towards him.

Oh yeah, and Lehman warned them that there’s a group of slavers in Fuhren where they capture monsters and sold them at an underground auction. Heck, Lehman saw a merfolk being captured and sold there.

Of course, Hajime Nagumo and Shea Haulia managed to rescue this merfolk girl named Myu, which I have to admit that she’s cute.

So, Hajime and Shea bathe Myu until she’s fully-cleaned, as well as gave her some food and clothes to wear. Yeah, Hajime is quite a good parent to Myu.

Except that he gave Myu to the Swiss Guards which is a bad idea ’cause her fellow merfolks won’t come to take her back. And second, I feel that this outpost will be targeted by someone else.

And lo and behold, it appears that someone attacked the Swiss Guard outpost where Myu is currently staying there. Man, I have a bad feeling that a group of slavers took Myu and put her up for auction!

And it turns out, I got it right as this ring leader is about to hit Myu for disobeying his orders. Goddammit, this guy is the worst!

Man, I’m scared that Myu might get sold-off to some asshole where she’ll be treated horribly. Somebody save this merfolk girl!

Fortunately, Hajime Nagumo has arrived to kick this ring leader’s ass and take Myu back.

Of course, Hajime is not content on kicking this ring leader as he’ll shoot him down until this asshole is dead. Way to go, Nagumo!

Oh yeah, and we’re not done yet as Hajime’s party is about to destroy this slavery ring. Even these guys are very afraid to face the likes of Yue, Shea Haulia…

…or even Tio Clarce as she incinerates them and rescue the slaves from captivity. Well, they’re not gonna leave no stones unturned on this one!

Then again, I felt that Hajime’s party did a bit too much when destroying the slavery ring as Fuhrer is being turned into a warzone. But hey, at least that slavery ring is completely destroyed!

And as for Hajime Nagumo, he’ll take Myu with him because he won’t make the same mistake ever again. Come to think of it, I feel that Hajime will be a good father to Myu!

But that’s about it for Episode 11. Of course, we still have 2 more episodes to go and honestly, I’m not even excited one bit! But will Hajime Nagumo finally reunited with the rest of his classmates? We’ll find out sometime…

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