Dr. Stone Episodes #13 – #15

Here’s Senku where he’s finishing up with this concoction made from sulfuric acid. Oh yeah, and this one might blind or even kill people when they drink it.

That pisses Kohaku off as she doesn’t want her sister Ruri to drink Senku’s sulfuric formula. But you know what, he’s just joking as Senku will use this sulfuric formula to create sulfa drugs.

Of course, it would be nice if he needs alcohol to finish the mixture. Well, the only way to get alcohol is to win the Grand Bout.

Speaking of Grand Bout, here’s the village leader Kokuyou as he’s alarmed that an outsider is participating in the tournament. Man, I can’t wait to see who will challenge the strongest villagers.

Wait, isn’t that Senku? Is he gonna participate in the Grand Bout, despite the fact that he’s not suited for combat!?

Regardless, he’ll just use his wits to rig the entire tournament in Kinro, Ginro, or even Kohaku’s favor. After all, Senku needed some manpower to defeat Tsukasa Shishio and his army!

On the other hand, here’s Ruri where she got attracted towards Senku. In fact, Ruri knows who Senku really is.

Unfortunately, Ruri fell down and started coughing blood. While Senku tries to diagnose Ruri’s condition, Kokuyou forbid him because Senku is an outsider.

At this point, Senku needs to have either Kinro, Ginro, or even Kohaku win the tournament. But then again, it won’t be easy because there’s Magma and his sidekick Mantle, which they’ll cheat their way to victory.

With that said, it’s time to begin the Grand Bout as the first round of the tournament features Magma and Kinro. Unfortunately for Kinro, Magma is too strong that he’s just toying with the guard.

On top of that, let’s not forget that Kinro is near-sighted, meaning that he has a hard time seeing his opponent from a distance. At this point, Kinro is gonna lose this battle!

However, Kinro will get some help from Suika where she noticed that he has the same condition as her. So, Suika takes off her watermelon mask and give it to Kinro…

And as you can see, Kinro wears Suika’s mask which has the glasses of science. Actually, it’s prescribed lens but the point is that it helps Kinro to see it cleanly from a distance without squinting his eyes.

In any case, looks like the tables have been turned as Kinro is now on the offensive, parrying Magma’s attacks with minimal effort!

Oh and not only that, but Kinro managed to beat this bastard with a single strike to the face. Well everyone, looks like we have a winner!

Unfortunately for Kinro, he has to surrender because he got some help from Suika’s glasses, therefore Kinro broke the rules.

Um Kinro, you can’t follow the rules at this point because all of the combatants in the Grand Bout are rigging the game. Magma is no exception as he’s about to hit you!

And speaking of Magma, you know damn well that he’ll do anything to win, like smashing Kinro to the head until he’s knocked-out. There goes Suika’s watermelon mask!

Meanwhile, here’s Kohaku as she was supposed to take part in the Grand Bout, but she was ordered to do some errands for unknown reason.

Unfortunately for Kohaku, she not only failed to finish her errand, but she got disqualified for arriving late to the tournament. Oh by the way, Kohaku didn’t ordered to do an errand because someone wants to manipulate the tournament…

…like Magma’s trusty sidekick named Mantle, where he simply forfeits the match over Chrome so that the judges will move onto the next match and disqualify Kohaku for being late. Dammit, what scumbags they are!

But, the only thing that worries me is Chrome as he can’t beat Magma because he’s not strong enough. Man, I can’t bear to watch this!

However, Chrome is no quitter as he firmly stands his ground against his opponent, all while holding Suika’s watermelon mask with his stick.

Wait a minute, don’t tell me that Chrome is gonna use the lens to create fire from the sun!? Then again, Magma won’t let him win!

That’s until Gen Asagiri appeared in which he told Magma that he’ll die in a few seconds! Glad that Gen has returned to help Senku, like stalling this match.

Even Magma and Mantle can’t believe that he’s alive, even after stabbing Asagiri to the heart. Too bad that Gen cheated death thanks to his mentalist skills!

Speaking of Magma, looks like he stared at Gen Asagiri so much that his clothes has caught fire. And while Magma tries to put out the fire, it was too late as Chrome thrusts his stick to the groin!

Well, looks like Magma lost thanks to quick wits and a bit of magic tricks by Asagiri. Sure that Magma won’t die as he’ll drop towards this body of water, but his ambition of taking the village is finally over!

Now, the only thing left to do is to rig the entire match so that Chrome will become the village chief.

Unfortunately, it appears that Ginro decides to win it all because he really wants to marry Ruri! Man, I don’t want this idiot to become the next village chief.

So, it’s time for Senku to beat Ginro by hitting it to the groin, using Suika’s mask as a fulcrum and his stick as a lever. It’s super-effective!

Now that Ginro is eliminated, it’s time for Senku to face Chrome in the finals. Of course, Senku will let Chrome win because he deserve it.

Except that his fight against Magma tired him out. Basically, Chrome is currently knocked-out cold and man, this is one weird situation right there!

Oh well, looks like the judges have no other choice but to declare Senku as the winner, much to the surprise of many villagers because an outsider has won the Grand Bout.

Oh yeah, and it’s time for a celebration with jugs of alcohol as he’s not only the new village chief, but Senku will marry Ruri as per tradition.

On second thought, Senku won’t marry Ruri because he’s here for the booze!

But thanks to his unexpected victory, Senku now has the last ingredient to complete his sulfa drug. Sorry Ruri, but he won’t marry you yet until he cured your illness!

Now then, it’s time for Senku and his team to make a sulfa drug. Of course, they need to do it step-by-step in order to complete the drug. By the way, where’s Gen Asagiri?

Oh, looks like he’s going back to Tsukasa Shishio and lie about Senku’s location, but not before seeing a bottle of cola at the table.

This is a token of gratitude from Senku as he thanked Gen Asagiri for intervening the Grand Bout. And really, you know that Gen loves drinking cola!

Anyways, looks like Senku finally fulfilled Gen’s promise of having a bottle of cola. And as you can see, he’s really satisfied as Asagiri drank all of it!

After many days of perfecting the drug, it’s the moment of truth as it’s time for Senku to give the sulfa drug to Ruri. Sure that it’s one miracle drug, I think Senku needs to diagnose Ruri first before giving the medication.

But you know what, I believe in Senku because it turns out that Ruri’s illness is actually pneumonia where it’s deadly if left untreated.

So, it’s up to Senku to give medication to Ruri every day until the bacteria is destroyed from her body. C’mon, the sulfa drug won’t be effective if she drank it only once.

And after taking sulfa drugs, here’s the result as Ruri is finally cured from pneumonia, meaning that she can finally step out from the village.

For Kokuyou, he’s happy that his daughter has finally cured for her sickness. Even though he doesn’t believe in science, you know damn well that Senku saved Ruri’s life thanks to his sulfa drug!

On the other hand, it appears that Ruri is actually agile much like Kohaku. Man, I thought that Ruri is one soft-spoken woman, but I’m surprised that she can run as fast as her little sister!

Now that Ruri is finally cured from pneumonia, Kokuyou has officially declared Senku as the new village chief. But wait a minute, I wonder if this village has a name?

Turns out that is place is called Ishigami Village and while Senku has finally have the manpower to create weapons to stop Tsukasa Shishio and his army, I feel that there are some secrets yet to be told from this village.

One last thing, it appears that Ruri wants to tell something important to Senku now that she’s finally cured. C’mon, she was supposed to tell something before the Grand Bout, but got interrupted by her pneumonia.

Without further ado, Ruri told him that his true name is actually Senku Ishigami. Man, I’m shocked that he had a family name but more importantly, I was blown away that the village is named after his family! Now, it begs the question on why Ruri knows Senku and what happened to his family after the entire world has been petrified?

But that’s about it for Episodes 13 to 15 of Dr. Stone! All I can say is that the Grand Bout is one hell of a tournament and while it’s overtly-rigged, it’s all thanks to Suika that literally throw the spanner into the entire tournament using her watermelon mask. Now if only Senku made a replacement to Suika’s mask or salvage the lens in order to make a proper glasses to that cute girl. And while we’re at it, Senku should make prescribe eyeglasses to Kinro as well.

Anyways, tune in next time because I wanna know why this village is named after Senku’s family!

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