To Aru Kagaku no Accelerator Episodes #10 – #12

Well everyone, this is the climax for Accelerator’s story as he’s about to fight some grotesque creature straight out of a horror movie.

And really, all I can say is that Mikihiko Hishigata succeeded on turning his sister Hirumi into a Level 6 esper, but what you see here doesn’t show her psychic abilities at all!

Meanwhile, here’s Esther Rosenthal where she’s running away from her dear life. Good thing her trusty undead companion Hasami Hitokawa is here to protect Esther whenever there’s trouble.

Oh yeah, and Hasami is carrying Mikihiko’s body and I’m not sure if he’s dead or not since that stab from the previous episode wasn’t that deep.

Unfortunately for Esther and Hasami, it appears that they’re trapped by a Level 6 esper as Hirumi Hishigata has turned the entire building into her own body.

But here’s the thing though as she’s not Hirumi Hishigata, but rather Taowu as it has taken over Hirumi’s body after committing suicide and pretended to be Mikihiko’s sister until she achieved Level 6, using the data from the MISAKA Sisters that were killed by Accelerator.

But wait, there’s more from Taowu because unlike the Coffins where it only houses the evil spirits like Qiongqi and Taotie, Taowu is special because it has the soul of Isaac Rosenthal in which his son Nathan implanted it into the talisman.

Oh and it gets worse because Isaac Rosenthal escaped the persecution and continued his experiments in China, using dead bodies as his guinea pigs as well as playthings.

Oh yeah, and here’s what Isaac Rosenthal looks like when he’s still in China. Man, I really want to punch this smug asshole for toying the souls of every people just to create a powerful golem.

But for Esther however, she was devastated upon learning that she got played into the hands of her scumbag ancestor.

Still, she can’t just stand there and die because Esther needs to stop Taowu from using Academy City as its playground, so Hasami rescued her master and Mikihiko from being killed by this light.

Outside the facility, it appears that the world has sucked out the colors as Taowu’s body has mutated into a giant tree with orbs sucking every prismatic light around it.

Of course, Taowu (or Isaac Rosenthal) will have to deal with Accelerator as he’s ready to beat the shit out of this monstrosity.

But speaking of Isaac Rosenthal, he loathed about getting all the data from MISAKA No. 10046 that he finally achieved perfection. Yeah, using the data from the Level 6 Shift project would tick Accelerator off!

And so, Accelerator will use his vector-manipulating powers to destroy Hirumi Hishigata’s massive body and possibly Isaac Rosenthal’s soul. Not sure if his psychic powers would destroy a powerful golem, but it’s worth trying!

Anyways, Accelerator destroyed one part of Taowu’s body, but he’ll have a long time obliterating the entire facility.

Unfortunately, Accelerator’s attacks didn’t do much damage because Hirumi, or rather Isaac’s massive body can regenerate itself.

Even worse is that various clones of Hirumi Hishigata are popping up from its massive grotesque body. It’s truly unsettling to see Isaac’s perfect golem!

Oh yeah and one more thing, I forgot to mention that Accelerator might not last long because I fear that his battery pack might run out should he brute-force his way to destroy Taowu.

Meanwhile, here’s MISAKA No. 10046 as she’s safe, but she’s terrified upon seeing Taowu’s true form.

At this point, there’s nothing that they can do to stop Isaac Rosenthal from achieving beyond godlike powers while leveling the city. Well, there’s Esther Rosenthal, but she’s too devastated to take action.

But you know what, Accelerator had enough of her bullshit as he told Esther not to hesitate on stopping her scumbag ancestor.

Gotta say that he told a very useful advice for Esther Rosenthal since Accelerator saw Touma Kamijou’s heroic resolve after being defeated by a Level 0 punk. But still, how will they defeat Isaac and his massive golem body?

Well, there’s one guy who has decided to help Accelerator and Esther Rosenthal on defeating Taowu.

And that’s none other than Mikihiko Hishigata as he’ll lead them to its core. I’m surprised that he’s still alive after being stabbed by her Emperor Shun’s Blade.

But seriously though, I doubt that Mikihiko will do anything useful against Isaac Rosenthal.

Speaking of Isaac Rosenthal, it appears that having the data from the Level 6 Shift project wasn’t enough, so he decides to chomp some Disciplinary Action operatives to get himself stronger.

Well, I have to say that DA are very useful… as Isaac’s meal!

But you know what, even though Disciplinary Action are a bunch of scumbags who want to enact their own brand of justice, they’re still human that needs to be saved.

Luckily, Aiho Yomikawa and the rest of Anti-Skill are here to rescue these criminals. C’mon, they have to live and repent their sins for causing a ruckus in Academy City.

Meanwhile, let’s go back to Isaac Rosenthal as eating a bunch of DA operatives had a side-effect.

Now, he’s hearing voices of every Disciplinary Action operatives who wanted to enact their brand of justice. Yeah, it’s creepy to think that they’re spouting justice repeatedly as if they’re like some hive mind.

But you know what, I think it’s time for Accelerator and his allies to stop Isaac Rosenthal and his machinations as they finally reached the core.

Then again, Isaac won’t lose to a bunch of teens as he’ll unleash a powerful attack that would destroy Academy City until it’s nothing.

Yeah, it’s gonna be the end of Accelerator if he got his by this destructive ball of light! Of course, we need a miracle to stop Isaac Rosenthal.

Luckily, it seems that Isaac’s ultimate attack got interrupted as his golem body is starting to break down. Oh boy, who threw a wrench at his plans?

Oh, it’s none other than both Mikihiko Hishigata and MISAKA No. 10046 as it turns out that despite achieving Level 6, Isaac Rosenthal or rather Hirumi Hishigata is still connected to her Coffin mecha.

This means that if the power source got cut, Isaac can’t maintain its massive body for much longer since he lost his power source. Oh, and he can’t just chomp more DA operatives because they might take over his body.

But thanks to Mikihiko Hishigata and MISAKA No. 10046, Esther Rosenthal has the opportunity to stop her scumbag ancestor and his ambition.

Of course, she needs some help from a MISAKA Sister and Hasami Hitokawa as they need to put Emperor Shun’s Blade into the talisman.

In any case, looks like Esther has finally succeeded on destroying Taowu, or rather Isaac Rosenthal as she used Emperor Shun’s Blade to destroy the talisman.

And with that, Isaac Rosenthal’s terror has finally ended. Well, that’s what he gets for tampering death with his brand of necromancy.

Now that Isaac Rosenthal is gone, Hirumi Hishigata has returned to her body but unfortunately, it seems that it’s time to say farewell to her friend Esther.

For Esther Rosenthal, she doesn’t want to lose her dear friend but alas, it’s time to put Hirumi’s soul to rest…

…as her body disintegrates now that the talisman that holds it has finally broken.

And as for Mikihiko Hishigata, he finally got to see his sister’s final moments before Mikihiko succumb to his injury.

Thus, Mikihiko Hishigata has died as he’ll join his sister in the afterlife. Even though the Hishigata siblings and Isaac Rosenthal are finally dead, this spin-off is still not over…

You see, Esther Rosenthal will have to deal with Isaac’s monstrosity as it’s gonna explode which will obliterate Academy City.

But now for Accelerator though as he’s gonna use his remaining powers to stop this explosion. Of course, the problem is that how will his battery last upon containing it.

Actually, turns out that there’s no need for Accelerator to check on his battery because he sprouted vector wings!

Yes, this is how he got his new powers on this spin-off and Accelerator will use his vector wings to fight against Touma Kamijou in Russia.

Thanks to Accelerator’s new powers, he finally controlled this explosion until it formed into a powerful beam that shoots towards the stratosphere. And that’s the end of this bizarre event as Academy City is saved and the remaining Disciplinary Action operatives got arrested by Anti-Skill.

Now, the higher-ups at Academy City will have to figure it out on how to hide Mikihiko’s strange experiments to the general public. After all, no one is gonna recognize his achievements of turning his sister into a Level 6 esper because what Hishigata did was not scientific at all. But wait, what about Accelerator?

Well, here’s Last Order as she scolded Accelerator for skipping his medical checkups. Gotta say that he’s one lucky bastard for surviving the ordeal.

Then again, he’ll take a long time to heal his wounds before Accelerator can finally walk on his own. For now, he’s gonna stay at the hospital for the time being.

And lastly, it’s time for Esther Rosenthal to say good-bye to Accelerator but before she leave Academy City, Esther will need to put Hasami Hitokawa’s soul to rest because she can’t remain to her side forever.

Of course, Hasami’s memories during her time as Esther’s undead companion will be lost forever should removed the talisman from her body, which is why she hesitated on removing it.

However, Hasami assured Esther that even though her she won’t remember her master, her soul will reminiscent those times she spent as a companion.

But anyways, I think it’s time to end this spin-off as Esther Rosenthal bids farewell to Hasami Hitokawa. I have to admit that I really cried at this scene.

Of course in regards to my final impressions of To Aru Kagaku no Accelerator? Well, it’s decent and it’s a breath of fresh air of seeing Accelerator dealing with his own adventure. Then again, I feel that Isaac Rosenthal taking over as the main villain was one giant asspull that it would be nice if there’s some buildup for his reveal.

Still, it’s a decent spin-off to the To Aru verse and while I want to see more, I feel that it’ll take a long time to have a sequel.

Speaking of sequels, I feel that there are hints for the next story arc as Accelarator is finally recovered, now drinking his favorite black coffee at his usual spot.

Of course, he doesn’t like anyone interrupting his quiet time as Accelerator destroys these noisy drones. Um Accelerator, I think you’re gonna destroy the tower before you know it.

On the other hand, it seems that he encountered some girl who come out from a suitcase. That of course is another story to tell!

Oh well, looks like we’re gonna find out in a few years on Accelerator’s next adventure. For the time being, who wants more To Aru Kagaku no Railgun?

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