High Score Girl Episode #17

So continuing from the previous episode, looks like Haruo Yaguchi decided to play a game of Virtua Fighter 2 as he has a copy of it.

Except that he’s not playing it because Koharu Hidaka wants to beat Akira Ono in Virtua Fighter 2. By the way, both Miyao and Makoto Ono left the room because they couldnt’t handle the tense atmosphere.

Oh and get a load of this, Akira Ono plays Akira Yuki on a gamepad, while Koharu Hidaka plays Sarah Bryant in an arcade stick. Yeah, this is one interesting matchup!

But despite having a disadvantage when it comes to controls, Akira proved to be the best player as she beats Koharu-chan using the most difficult character that bears her name.

Anyways, Koharu accepted her defeat but she’ll come back to challenge Akira again. On the other hand though, I wonder when will Akira Ono return to Haruo’s place?

Speaking of Akira, it appears that she got mad at Haruo as she stomps his foot. Could it be that Akira is complaining about unwanted guests?

Regardless, I have to say that Akira Ono remained to be the most mysterious character ever that Haruo Yaguchi couldn’t get a clue on what she thinks.

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Haruo Yaguchi went to his local arcade… and get pummeled by Pyron’s Soul Smasher until Bishamon’s health chips away.

And here’s the thing though as the atmosphere surrounding the Mizonokuchi Game Center is quite… intimidating. Heck, let’s just say that not only Akira Ono is not here at the arcades, but everyone is very antagonistic towards Haruo Yaguchi.

Why? Because he recently beat Koharu Hidaka in a best-of-three game series and everyone was saddened that Nikotama’s protégé got wrecked. So yeah, seems that Haruo couldn’t stand them!

With that said, Haruo went to Shibuya to find some arcades to play. And luckily for him, Yaguchi found one!

Once he’s inside, Haruo Yaguchi stumbled upon an obscure fighting game from Taito Corporation. Well, it’s no longer obscure thanks to the internet.

This is Kaiser Knuckle, also known as Global Champion where this game is best known for it’s unbeatable boss. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the General and its cheap tactics like firing 3 projections of himself in all directions!

Even the regulars couldn’t beat the General that they dragged Haruo in to beat the hardest boss ever. Oh and if Yaguchi couldn’t beat the General, he won’t get out of Shibuya alive!

Anyways, Haruo Yaguchi chose Wulong to fight against the toughest boss in all fighting games.

By the way, this is the same character that the regulars at Game Center Mikado used to defeat the General back in 2014. Oh yeah, and there’s a video of it in which they tried countless times!

Of course, that happened in the future but during 1996, most of the players couldn’t tilt the boss by any means that they simply gave up!

Heck, Haruo remembered the time where Akira Ono almost beat the General so how will he defeat it?

Well, he’ll screw the General’s AI by using Wulong’s Ryuukizan (which functions as a Shoryuken) and a leg sweep repeatedly until the General is finally defeated.

Oh by the way, those regulars at Shibuya Kaikan Monaco are chanting “Ryuukizan, then a leg sweep!” much like how the guys at Mikado are doing it, just with different words.

In any case, they celebrated Haruo’s victory over the General from Kaiser Knuckle!

And not only that, they wanted to recruit Yaguchi for the upcoming team battle against the regulars at Mizonokuchi.

Wait, is Haruo gonna fight against his homies there? Well, they don’t consider him as a comrade after he thrashed Koharu-chan but still, it feels so wrong for him representing Shibuya despite coming from Mizonokuchi.

Meanwhile, here’s Miyao as he brought Genta Doi to find Haruo Yaguchi. And while Genta is still looking gaudy as ever, Miyao is worried about Haruo since Shibuya is a dangerous place.

But anyways, they found Haruo Yaguchi where he’s dressed-up as a street punk. Man, Haruo sure has some bad taste when it comes to clothing.

On the other hand, Yaguchi told his friends that Shibuya is one of the safest place in Japan… if you know the people. Hm, I wonder if it’s true?

Well scratch that, Shibuya is still one of the dangerous place to live where you’ll encounter bad people, like a trio of kogals who mug everyone they see.

Oh and they’re gonna mug this female teacher named Touno. Man, I hope she’ll be okay!

Then again, it appears that Touno-sensei defeated these kogals without touching them.

Okay, seems that Touno-sensei moves so fast that she already knocked-down these punks out, which makes her one badass teacher!

Oh yeah, turns out that Touno-sensei is actually Haruo Yaguchi’s homeroom teacher where she scold him for loitering at Shibuya, not to mention wearing that ugly getup.

In any case, Haruo Yaguchi will return to his hometown but since he just joined the regulars at Shibuya Kaikan Monaco, there’s more reason for those guys at Mizonokuchi to beat Haruo into a pulp. Let’s hope that it won’t get ugly on the next episode!

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