Assassin’s Pride Episode #03

On this episode, St. Frideswide Girls’ Academy is holding a festival called Circlet Night where girls wear costumes and have a good time.

Unfortunately for Kufa Vampir, he won’t join the festivities as he’s busy with his work, therefore Kufa won’t see Melida Angel wear her gown on this occasion.

On the other hand, it appears that the girls are astonished to see Elize Angel’s fabulous gown.

Except that Elize felt upset that she really want to wear the same clothes as everyone else, rather than being special. In any case, Elize Angel ran towards the corner and cry.

Fortunately, Melida Angel is here to comfort her cousin as she treats Elize like a little sister, despite the difference in power and combat prowess.

You know what, comparing these two girls is so silly that the Angel family should unite regardless of their mana, yet the likes of Lord Mordrew and Sir Felgus Angel won’t let that happen because they took pride in their Paladin heritage. I blame them for hurting these two girls!

Unfortunately for both Melida and Elize, they’re surrounded by the lanchantropes and since they’re attending a party, both girls don’t have weapons to defend themselves.

So anyways, what are they planning to do towards Melida and Elize Angel?

Well, let’s move onto the next scene where Melida and Elize where taken to the musuem. Here, Melida Angel met this guy named William Gin where he aims to turn her into a Paladin.

Unfortunately for William Gin, Melida already has mana as she earned the Samurai class thanks to Kufa Vampir. Also, I doubt that his methods would work! Now then, where’s Elize Angel?

Oh, they knock her out. Also, here’s the thing though as Elize Angel is actually afraid of lanchantropes despite being the most talented Paladin in St. Frideswide Girls’ Academy.

Of course, she doesn’t want to be a hostage and expecting her instructor to rescue her, so Melida decides to act bravely and rescue her cousin by destroying this tyrannosaurus skeleton.

And while we’re at it, Melize attempts to get her cousin from these lanchantropes as the skeleton will come crashing down.

With that said, both Melida and Elize Angel ran away from William Gin and his minions. Of course, they’re still inside the museum and William won’t let them escape!

So for the time being, the girls will have to defend themselves from the lanchantropes, but they couldn’t find any suitable weapons to kill them.

Luckily, Melida got an idea of creating an improvised weapon, using a stick being wrapped to a piece of cloth from Elize’s dress. Said dress is made from flame-bird feathers.

Of course, using a stick to whack those lanchantropes won’t be effective, so Melida borrowed Elize’s crown which has a fire-starter stone. This stone will be used to create a fire by striking it to the ground.

And you know what, it works as Melida’s ingenuity has created a weapon that’s effective against the lanchantropes. You may thank Kufa Vampir for teaching her to be aware at everything.

However, Melida’s improvised torch is not effective against William Gin as he decided to kill them because they might become a threat later on.

But just as he about to kill both Melida and Elize Angel, looks like someone busted the door open. Who could that be?

Why it’s none other than Kufa Vampir and Rosetti Pricket as they’re here to rescue their pupils. Glad that they made it just in time!

Speaking of Rosetti Pricket, she can handle these lanchantropes and William’s goons by herself. In any case, looks like Melida and Elize Angel are safe.

But for Kufa Vampir, he has to deal with William Gin since he threatened to harm Kufa’s client.

Unfortunately for Kufa, William won’t dirty his hands as he decides to summon an artificial lanchantrope…

…which instantly crushes Kufa Vampir after it materializes itself into a giant chimera!

It’s so large that dinosaurs might get extinct faster than the meteor fall. Sorry for the lame joke.

Oh and that artificial lanchantrope just cut Kufa’s left arm. Nasty stuff there, but I wonder if Kufa is actually dead?

Never mind about that, I wonder how this artificial lanchantrope got its face mangled? Gotta say this monster looked worse after someone or something smashed its face.

Turns out, it was Kufa Vampir who smash the artificial lanchantrope, but he looked so different this time around like having white hair.

Not only that, but Kufa took his severed left arm and reconnect it to his shoulder like it was nothing. Was Kufa’s body made of nanomachines?

Well, Kufa Vampir told William Gin that he’s actually a vampire. By the way, the correct term would be dhampyr where he’s a hybrid between a human and vampire.

In any case, Kufa Vampir won’t kill William Gin as he wants to pass the message to William’s client, telling that person to reconsider his/her future action regarding Melida Angel. Otherwise, Kufa will show no mercy to William’s client.

And that’s about it for Kufa Vampir as he left the museum while William Gin is scared straight at Kufa’s extreme vampiric powers.

Of course, the only thing that bugs me the most is William’s client. Could it be that the client happened to be a noble who wanted to harm Melida? But you know what, Kufa somewhat knows the answer as someone from the Angel family such as Lord Mordrew have planned this attack.

Meanwhile, it appears that Kufa’s boss is getting suspicious on his pupil, so Father asked someone to investigate him.

And it turns out that he found someone who’s suitable of investigating Kufa Vampir. Enter Black Madia and she’ll be a threat later on to Kufa’s secrecy.

But for the time being, Kufa Vampir will enjoy his time with Melida Angel as he offered his pupil to dance for this occassion.

Glad that everything went well for this episode, although Kufa will need to be cautious from now on because he doesn’t want his secret exposed to the world. Anyways, that’s about it for Episode 3 as I’ll see you next time!

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