Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne! Episode #06

On this episode, the Crimson Vow have arrived at Amroth, a merchant city from the Kingdom of Tils where it trades goods with the Albarn Empire.

In any case, they finally finish their job of guarding the merchants as they safely arrived at Amroth.

Oh yeah, the girls are greeted by this little girl named Anne, who really wants to see her grandfather after a long trip.

But anyways, I have to say that it was a touching moment when this old merchant finally hugs his granddaughter. Man, if only it would stay like this.

But, the old man will have to take his leave because he and his fellow merchants need to deliver more goods from the capital to Amroth.

Yeah, they can’t stop on their job but I’m worried that the merchants might get attacked by bandits.

For now, Mile and her friends will do some sight-seeing at Amroth and much like a school trip, they found some interesting places.

However, Mile doesn’t have a camera to take pictures in another world. Oh, and she can’t buy souvenirs or Mile will face the wrath of Pauline.

Unfortunately, their sight-seeing has ended when one of the merchants got injured and told everyone that they got attacked by bandits.

And this time, there are a few survivors which means that the bandit threat won’t go away. Man, I feel that Mile and the rest of Crimson Vow shouldn’t abandon them after reaching Amroth!

On the other hand, here’s Anne where she’s deeply sad that her grandfather didn’t return. This is worst than being mugged!

As for Reina, I have a bad feeling that she’s gonna attack those bandits and avenge the death of Anne’s grandfather. Oh please Reina, don’t do something dangerous or Mile and the rest would be sad!

Now then, here are the bandits where they gloat about their latest spoils. Seriously, these people are scumbags!

Anyways, Reina appeared to punish those bandits for murdering the merchants. Even though she still hates them for taking her family away, it’s a bad idea for Reina to take them all out by herself

I mean, she can’t fight them head-on as Reina is a magician and her fire magic is not effective against ice magic.

In any case, I have to say that Reina is in deep trouble as she’s about to get killed or worse like being sold to slavery. Gotta say that fighting against a band of bandits by herself is a bad idea!

Fortunately, it appears that someone saved Reina from being murdered as Mile and her friends have arrived. Glad that the Crimson Vow won’t abandon one of their buddies because they’re inseparable!

For now, it’s time to make their escape as Mile throws a smoke bomb to run away from the bandits. Of course, they need to give Reina an earful for her reckless behavior…

…as Mile slapped Reina for acting on her own. By the way, I think Project No. 9 should animate a scene where Mile actually slapped Reina instead of showing the aftermath.

But yes, Mile is worried towards Reina because she might not see her again should Reina died or sold to some sleazy owner.

Suddenly, someone cast some light magic where it locates the Crimson Vow and it seems that the bandits surrounded them. Man, Mile and her friends can’t take a break from these scumbags!

But here’s the thing though as they’re not bandits, but rather soldiers from the Albarn Empire where they want to disrupt the trade because their country is at a disadvantage.

Wait a minute, is the Kingdom of Tils are in good terms with the Albarn Empire? I mean, it’s a good thing that there’s no war going on between these two countries. Then again, there are some people who has lofty ambitions on conquering other countries.

Still, Mile and the rest of Crimson Vow doesn’t care about politics as they’re gonna beat those bandits regardless or their motive. And as you can see, Mavis von Austien quickly decimates them!

Oh and let’s not forget about Pauline where she throws scalding water at those poor bandits. At this point, the Crimson Vow is winning this battle!

But of course, there’s Reina where she won’t just beat those bandits as she’s gonnna burn them to death.

For the bandit leader, he doesn’t mind getting burned to death because he would rather die for his country rather than being captured alive. Um Reina, please spare this guy, you don’t have to cover your hands with more blood!

With that said, Reina casts hellfire onto the bandit leader and I’m sure that he’ll be killed in no time.

Yet for some reason, Reina didn’t burn him to death because what’s the point of killing someone when Reina won’t be satisfied about it. After all, she doesn’t want to bring her troubled past now that Reina has friends who supported her.

And so, Reina spared this bandit leader as she’s already satisfied on punishing them. Glad that Reina held back thanks to Mile and the rest of Crimson Vow.

For the time being, the Kingdom of Tils will like to ask the Albarn Empire for an explanation in regards to their involvement on attacking merchants. C’mon, they already arrested these bandits linked to the emprie and the kingdom really wants answers about it.

Then again, I have a feeling that both the Kingdom of Tils and the Albarn Empire will engage in a bloody war if their relationship went sour because of this incident. Still, it’s sad that the merchants who got attacked won’t be coming back.

That’s until the old merchant showed up in which he was supposed to fend off against those bandits, but the old man decides to flee because he doesn’t want to see his granddaughter sad.

But anyways, I’m glad that there’s a silver lining to this episode as Anne is happy to see her grandfather alive. And with that, the Crimson Vow has finally accomplished their first quest!

Now then, I’ll see you next time as Mile and the rest will return to the capital and maybe find something interesting…

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