Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne! Episode #08

Let’s start this episode with Lenny as she brought a letter from the Austien family. Hmm, a letter from Mavis.

And while she expects the same message from her family to return to her hometown, turns out that Mavis got a letter which says that her brother will be married to a daughter from the Beckett Company.

Beckett Company? Wait a minute, what happened to Pauline!?

Well, it turns out that Pauline has returned to her hometown because she’s worried about her mother and her brother Alan. But here’s the catch though…

You see, the scumbag owner of the Beckett Company and Viscount Boardman wants Pauline to marry one of Earl Austien’s sons. By the way, Viscount Boardman is the one who force Pauline’s mother to marry him.

And sure that the viscount will get more political power, let’s just say that they really want the fortunes of the Austien family. What assholes they are!

Oh, and if Pauline makes a wrong move, her mother and brother will be killed. Yeah, I have nothing to say about this because they need to be punished!

Now then, it’s time for Pauline to meet her future husband. Things are not looking good by the way.

Except that instead of Pauline’s fiance, she met the Earl instead where he doesn’t care about political marriages as he wants his daughter back.

Meanwhile, looks like the girls are outside Viscount Boardman’s mansion where his guards are being pummelled left and right. Even Reina had an easy time wrecking them!

But thanks to the commotion, there are no guards to protect the scumbag chief and Viscount Boardman as Pauline will carry her revenge!

Oh, and her mother joined the fray because she waited for the moment to enact her vengeance for the murder of her husband. Um, I wonder what happened to Alan though?

On the other hand, Mile and her friends have finally wreck those guards and now they went inside the mansion.

This alarmed Earl Austien in regards to this commotion as he wants to know what’s going on, although the current owner of the Beckett Company and Viscount Boardman will take care of this mess.

However, Pauline wants to tell the earl about the harsh truth regarding the murder of her father as well as the hostile takeover of her family-owned business, something that they won’t want anyone to know about it.

But you know what, Earl Austien has decided to hold a trial by combat and while that scumbag president and Viscount Boardman are at an advantage since they’re 2 to 1 against Pauline, they forgot that she enrolled to the Hunters’ Prep School.

And clearly, both of they are ill-prepared to fight against a girl who’s scorned and hell-bent on carrying out her revenge!

See, even Pauline is eager to whack the shit out of them with her trusty stick after they sunk them to the ground. Well, looks like this trial by combat has ended!

And so, this corrupt owner of the Beckett Company and Viscount Boardman are arrested for their crimes of not only the murder of Pauline’s father, but their gross abuse and corruption across her hometown.

Well then, looks like we’re done on this episode but the truth is that there’s still more!

You see, Earl Austien wants his daughter to return home, so he called Mavis out since she’s with Mile and Reina.

Oh, and Earl Austien saw right throught Mavis’ disguise as he wants his daughter to quit her dreams as a knight and be a proper lady instead. Then again, that way of thinking is obsolete!

If Mavis refused to come home, looks like Earl Austien has no choice but to send his soldiers to knock her out. Yeah, he doesn’t like hurting his daughter, but it’s for the best.

Unfortunately for the earl, Mavis can take care of those soldiers as she showed the fruits of her swordsmanship training.

Well, she may thank Mile for teaching Mavis on how to swing her sword faster than the naked eye.

Of course, Earl Austien can’t believe that a young girl would train his daughter. So, he decides to challenge Mile to a sword fight!

But first, Mile will have to remove her disguise because she got exposed and it’s a nuisance in combat anyway.

But once she took off her mask and mantle, Mile overwhelmed Earl Austien that he couldn’t keep up with her speed. Well, her powers are godlike after all!

Anyways, it looks like Earl Austien lost the battle against Mile as he got disarmed. Gotta say that he couldn’t beat a young girl with godly powers despite wanting to be an average person.

So yeah, Earl Austien has no other choice but to accept Mavis’ dreams of becoming a knight. Then again, his heart won’t let his daughter take that dangerous job.

Now then, looks like Mile and her friends are done taking care of former corrupt owner, as well as Viscount Boardman now that the Beckett Company is now at the hands of Pauline’s family.

Oh yeah, Pauline’s mother will rehabilitate the entire company and her hometown after years of mismanagement, while Alan will prepare himself to take over the company once he grows up to be a fine young man. Gotta say that things are looking good for them!

One last thing, here’s Earl Austien where he really wants to take his daughter back, but Mavis doesn’t want to return. Well, I feel sorry for this guy but I rather have Mavis living the dream as a knight!

But that’s about it for this episode and while Pauline’s story has finally ended now that she finally got her revenge, it’s surprising that Episode 8 added Mavis’ story to the mix which she end up staying with Crimson Vow instead of returning to her father.

Now all that’s left is Mile or should I say Adele von Ascham’s biggest problem which is her family. Let’s see how she’ll handle that next time!

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