Assassin’s Pride Episodes #04 – #06

Oh look, it’s Melida and Elise Angel where they’re now walking together at school. Isn’t it nice that they’re like sisters to each other?

Well, except for Elise’s maid named Mrs. Othello where she insists that Melida is nothing more than a talentless girl compared to Elise. Not just this old maid, but the entire House of Angel.

Anyways, it’s time to select which girl will participate in the annual Luna Lumiere Selection Tournament, where the representatives for both St. Frideswide Girls’ Academy and St. d’Autriche Girls’ Academy will compete to see who’ll own the title as the Moon Goddess or the Luna Lumiere.

Now then, it appears that the representatives from St. d’Autriche have arrived where Keira Espada and Salacha Schicksal will compete on this tournament. Of course, who will be the representatives from St. Frideswide?

Well, let’s that find out as it’s time to reveal the students that’ll become the representatives.

And once the curtain has been taken out, everyone is shocked to see who will be competing in the tournament. Even Elise and Melida Angel couldn’t believe it!

You see, both girls from the House of Angel will become the representatives from St. Frideswide.

Of course, some say that it was rigged because someone swapped the stained glass that contains the selected students. Now, who would do such a thing?

Turns out, it’s actually Elise’s maid where Kufa Vampir caught her red-handed.

Hell, even Kufa found some evidence in which Mrs. Othello swapped the original stained glass with the ones that contained both Melida and Elise’s name on it.

Of course, the reason why Mrs. Othello did it is because she wants Elise to be the better Paladin than the talentless Melida. Still, it was a stupid and selfish move that jeopardize the entire tournament, but the organizers have decided to let Melida and Elise compete in the end.

Now that Kufa has finally found the culprit, it’s time for him to deal with Black Madia where she wants to find out if Kufa is hiding something. It’s not like he’ll tell it anyway!

So, Kufa Vampir decides to fight back as he sees Black Madia as a threat, although his initial attack is not effective as Black Madia just kick it away.

Meanwhile, Rosetti Pricket has arrived to help Kufa Vampir, but I’m worried that having both fighters work together might not be enough to defeat Black Madia.

With that said, both Kufa and Rosetti are trying to stop Black Madia from hurting their respective clients. One more thing, she has another surprise for you…

…as Black Madia carries a gun other than a sword, and she’s gonna shoot Kufa and Rosetti at point blank range.

Fortunately, Rosetti Pricket managed to dodge it but anyways, it appears that defeating Black Madia is tougher than they thought.

For the time being, Black Madia make her retreat but here’s the thing though as Kufa Vampir told Rosetti Pricket that her class is a Clown, which can imitate and use various abilities from all 7 classes.

By the way, remember what Kufa told Melida that her class is a Samurai? Well, there’s more of it as there are other classes like Gladiator, Gunner, Wizard, Cleric, Maiden, and Fencer. But wait a minute, what about Paladin? Is it a class of its own much like Clown? I guess I’ll never know because this show doesn’t explain it at all.

Now then, it’s time for Melida Angel to focus on the Luna Lumiere Selection Tournament where she needs some companions to aid her since it’s a team battle, yet no one would join her because Melida is not talented.

Fortunately, there’s Nerva Martillo where she joined Melida’s team out of pity.

Also joining Melida’s team is Shenfa Zwitoque where she’s actually the previous winner of the Luna Lumiere Selection Tournament, so having an experienced fighter is important.

Now that Melida has companions, it’s time to start the tournament. But then again, someone is watching below the Glassmond Palace. Could it be that this person is targeting Melida Angel?

Fortunately, Kufa Vampir managed to stop this person from carrying out her plans. Of course, Kufa thinks that this person is actually Black Madia.

Heck, even her expression tells that she’s the assassin that Kufa’s father sent to him. Well, time to stop this girl from assassinating Melida Angel!

However, it turns out that she’s not Black Madia, but rather a different person entirely as she identifies herself as Mule La More, the daughter from the House of La More where she inherited the Diabolos class.

Oh yeah, and Mule has an ability to absorb mana, which means that everyone will have a bad time fighting her. Man, I’m worried about Melida because she might lose her mana when fighting against Mule.

With that said, Kufa Vampir backs off as he thought that she’s Black Madia. On the other hand, what happened to that Clown assassin?

Now then, let’s go back to the Glassmond Palace where the Luna Lumiere Selection Tournament is underway.

As you can see, both Elise and Melida Angel are ready to land a decisive blow. Then again, what happened to the representatives from St. d’Autriche Girls’ Academy?

Anyways, turns out that Melida Angel, despite having the disadvantage when it comes to mana power, has defeated Elise Angel where she disarmed her cousin.

Of course, she’s not here to boast around her achievement as Melida wants to continue acting like a sister to Elise.

Sure that the entire family won’t accept it, but they want to be together regardless of their status.

And so, it appears that Melida and Elise Angel share a hug, but let’s not forget that they’re still competing at the Luna Lumiere Selection Tournament so they need to beat other opponents.

On second thought, I think this tournament might be cancelled as Black Madia appeared to assassinate Melida Angel. Wait, how come she got inside the Glassmond Palace?

Still, Melida Angel is in danger of being killed by Black Madia and while she can hold off on her own, Black Madia is very tricky to beat because she can use any weapon!

Fortunately, Kufa Vampir and Rosetti Pricket have arrived to save their clients from Black Madia. However, will they manage to beat Black Madia?

Well, let’s just say that Kufa smash Black Madia away from the palace that her clothes got ripped off!

In any case, Kufa Vampir told Black Madia not to bother him nor Melida Angel ever again. Otherwise, he’ll show no mercy as Kufa will eliminate this assassin.

Also, Kufa told Black Madia to give this letter to his father. Then again, I have a feeling that Black Madia will stick around because she wants to observe him and Melida.

Now then, what about the Luna Lumiere Selection Tournament? I mean, it got interrupted because someone infiltrated the palace?

Well, turns out that they decided that they’ll continue it anyway as it is, with Keira Espada and her team as the winner.

Seriously, that’s not fair because I want to restart the tournament instead of accepting the results! I blame Black Madia for ruining it!

Regardless, that’s about it for the tournament as the girls from both school are celebrating a successful event, despite the minor hiccups that happened during the tournament.

Oh yeah, here’s Mule La More where she’s joined by Salacha Schicksal. By the way, I have a feeling that Mule will be very important in future episodes because it turns out that she analyzed mana for all combatants during the tournament.

Still, I wonder what Mule La More is aiming for now that she has data for the likes of Melida and Elise Angel, as well as Keira Espada?

On the other hand, it appears that they’re attacked by the Gray Witch where it is said that she preys on girls and take out their hearts.

And as you can see, the likes of Keira Espada couldn’t beat the Grey Witch as she got tripped by the witch’s slide kick. Looks like they have no other choice but to run away!

Good thing most of the girls got out safely, but Melida Angel and the rest are not prepared on what comes next…

You see, they encountered Kufa Vampir where he asked them to offer their hearts to him as Kufa lost his own heart. See that hole in his chest? Kufa is dead serious on getting hearts on young girls!

Actually, he’s just kidding as Kufa Vampir and Rosetti Pricket are rounding up girls for breaking curfew rules, using the tale of the Grey Witch to scare them straight.

Oh and as for the blood? It’s just tomato sauce! Then again, you know that Kufa wants to drink blood on those young girls when he can’t control his urges, but for now he’s suppresing it because of his client.

But that’s about it for Episodes 4 to 6. Honestly, while it’s nice that Melida and Elise settled their differences, I think this show needs to explain a little bit more in regards to its setting like explaining various classes and such. In any case, I’ll see you next time!

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