High Score Girl Episode #21

Ah, Super Dodge Ball or should I say Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu which is the popular spin-off to the Kunio-kun series. It stars Kunio and his dodgeball club as they take on various teams around the world!

Sadly, Haruo Yaguchi is not good at playing this game, while Miyao is doing great at playing Super Dodge Ball!

I guess Haruo is not feeling well but what the heck happened and why he’s not having the urge to win or have fun?

Oh, turns out that he was affected by Akira Ono where she’s troubled that her relationship with him is falling apart.

Was is Haruo becoming independent that worries her, or Akira feared that there’s not enough time for her to confess her feelings to him?

Regardless, Miyao and the rest really want Haruo to get his feelings across Akira. Otherwise, it might be too late for him!

However, the problem lies with Haruo Yaguchi himself as he sees Akira Ono as his rival. C’mon Haruo, are you gonna act like friendenemies to Akira till the end of time?

Fortunately, Genta Doi told Haruo Yaguchi that there’s a Super Street Fighter II X tournament… in Osaka!

Well, what a great idea for Doi to have them settle their differences in a fighting game. Then again, Haruo Yaguchi and Akira Ono need to get past the likes of Daigo Umehara and Shinya Onuki if they want to fight each other. Then again, this anime won’t show either Umehara or Onuki.

So while Haruo’s friends told him to join the tournament, Makoto Ono convinced her sister Akira to join as well.

Then again, I’m worried about Moemi Gouda and her parents because they’re skeptical about Akira going to Osaka with a guy. C’mon, Haruo won’t do anything bad towards Akira because he wants to win against her in a game of Super Street Fighter II X (or Super Street Fighter II Turbo)!

And so, both Haruo Yaguchi and Akira Ono trained harder for the upcoming tournament. Oh, and let’s just say that Akira is stepping up her game as she decimates everyone with her Zangief.

So while Akira is doing great, I’m worried about Haruo because he haven’t played and win a fighting game since he earned his driving license.

However, it appears that there’s more spanner being thrown at both Akira and Haruo…

You see, Akira’s parents have decided to move out to United States for the second time. And worst of all, it’ll happen in May which is why Makoto is angry that they made that decision on a whim.

Even their butler/chauffeur couldn’t help both Makoto and Akira. In any case, things are looking somber within the Ono household and Makoto blamed herself for being irresponsible that her parents focused their attention on making Akira into a prim and proper lady.

Man, I really wish that this show will have a happy ending ’cause Akira Ono wants to follow her feelings, not letting it crushed by her overbearing parents.

With that said, next episode will have Akira Ono and Haruo Yaguchi travel to Osaka for the Super Street Fighter II X tournament. May the best player wins, although I don’t know what comes after the battle!

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