Assassin’s Pride Episodes #07 & #08

Let’s start things off with a flashback as Father saw what appears to be a young Kufa Vampir.

And not only that, but Father saw a girl that resembled Rosetti Pricket. If this is true, I must say that Kufa and Rosetti know each other since they’re children.

For now, let’s move onto the present where Rosetti Pricket is now hogging Kufa Vampir to herself, which made Melida Angel very angry. And why Rosetti is very clingy towards Kufa?

Well, it’s because of her adopted father named Blossom Pricket where this marquis selected a fiance for Rosetti. Oh, and it’s gonna held at Shangarta.

However, Rosetti refused to marry someone because she now has a boyfriend, although the truth is that she’s dodging the wedding ceremony.

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where the students of St. Frideswide Girls’ Academy are invited to visit Marquis Blossom Pricket’s hometown of Shangarta.

As you can see, it’s a paradise where Marquis Blossom created various plants thanks to his alchemy.

However, their first day at Shangarta is not smooth-sailing as they saw a man who got insane and his wife is begging everyone to save him.

Fortunately, Marquis Blossom has a solution which he ordered his soldiers to execute the man in order to save his soul. Um Marquis Blossom, that’s staight-up murder!

Even the girls are terrified that they witnessed an execution up-close. Looks like they’ll be traumatized by this event!

And so, Blossom Pricket and his men has successfully “saved” that person’s soul via murder.

Of course, I’m not sure what’s gonna happen to the corpse since they didn’t bother giving it a proper burial.

Meanwhile, Kufa Vampir took Melida Angel to one of the mystery spots in Shangarta.

Although Blossom Pricket forbid them to go there, it’s not like the marquis will stop Kufa and Melida from visiting one of the mystery spots.

In any case, looks like Melida is having fun with her instructor as they’re floating around the mystery spot. Well, the reason why they float is because of the magnetic waves.

Unfortunately, their mini-date has abruptly ended when Melida Angel saw another unfortunate event.

This time, someone attacked the orphans where they have bite marks on their necks.

Some say that it was Kufa Vampir since his name sounds similar to vampire, but there’s no proof of that and not to mention that he went missing.

With Kufa Vampir missing, Melida Angel got some unexpected allies in order to help her on solving this mess.

Thus, Melida got help from Instructor Laqua in which her voice sounds familiar. Wait a minute, isn’t that Black Madia? What is she doing here posing as a teacher?

No matter, we’ll just move onto the next scene as Melida and Instructor Laqua went into one of the mystery spots. Then again, I feel that there’s something suspicious hiding inside this spot.

And so, both girls went inside to find something terrifying. Man, I wonder what lies inside this prison cell?

Turns out that they saw various corpses but they didn’t die via natural causes. Instead, they were treated as guinea pigs from some experiment on turning them into half-lanchantropes or loup-garous.

Oh boy, looks like this town has some horrible secret in which the marquis tries to hide it from public eye!

After checking one of the mystery spots, thing has turned for the worst as Elise Angel and Rosetti Pricket was attacked.

Oh yeah, and the have the same bite marks as the orphans earlier, which means that Marquis Blossom Pricket declared Kufa Vampir as a primary suspect.

Fortunately, Elise Angel is safe but I’m worried about Rosetti Pricket since she has injuries that are far worse. Man, where is Kufa hiding during this crisis?

And to make things worse, everyone suspect Melida Angel as one of Kufa’s conspirators, therefore Shenfa Zwitoque told Melida to get out of the hotel as fast as possible.

Well then, looks like Melida has no choice but to take Elise’s sword and save herself from being killed by an angry mob, but where will she go?

How about one of the mystery spots where Melida Angel destroyed a rock that block the pathway. Then again, I have a feeling that she might encounter something dangerous there.

Anyways, Melida went inside the mystery spot where she found something important. I wonder if has something to do about this town?

Well, turns out that Melida found documents where Marquis Blossom Pricket conduct experiments towards his citizens in Shangarta. But wait, there’s more as the marquis is researching about controlling the “night gene factor”, which he wants to create artificial lanchantropes.

Whether he’ll use corpses or create a chimera-like creature much like William Gin is up to debate, but all I can see is that the marquis is one bad person!

But just as she finished gathering up some evidence, Melida encountered what appears to be Rosetti Pricket…

Except that she has blue flames on her left eye. Wait, is that Black★Rock Shooter!?

Still, Melida Angel is in danger as Rosetti Pricket is being controlled by some unknown force, and I must say that she’s gonna bite Melida in the neck!

Fortunately, Melida Angel is saved when Kufa Vampir has arrived. Then again, he’s struggling to stop Rosetti Pricket since she’s under the enemy’s control.

So, he has no other choice but to show his vampiric powers and I have to say that Kufa will have to explain his form to Melida afterwards. I mean, she’s shocked to see her instructor’s grey hair!

But before Kufa stops her, Rosetti broke free and ran away. At this point, I have to say that Kufa Vampir will have to rescue Rosetti Pricket and stop the marquis from turning the inhabitants in Shangarty into an army of lanchantropes.

On the other hand, I wonder if Rosetti will have her childhood memories back since she and Kufa known each other as kids? Then again, I don’t know if they’re related or not since Rosetti claimed that she just met Kufa on his first day as a tutor to Melida.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time and let’s hope that this mystery in Shangarta will be finally solved!

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