Dr. Stone Episodes #22 & #23

“Hey Magma, wanna tell you a secret?”

Oh boy, I have a bad feeling that their cave expedition will be a disaster as Gen Asagiri told Magma about some secret plan!

Anyways, Senku, Chrome, and Magma went to the caves to find scheelite which is essential for making tungsten. Of course, I’m worried that Magma might do something horrible…

…like punching Senku in the gut. Goddammit, I knew that Magma wants to take over the village by killing Senku and call it an accident!

Except that Magma fell down to one of the holes. By the way, Senku Ishigami and Chrome won’t survive without some brute strength because they can’t carry a bag full of scheelite.

So, Senku tries to pull Magma out to safety but you know what, it’s a bad idea ’cause he’s gonna kill Senku anyway!

In fact, Magma really resented him for taking the position as the village chief. But then again, Ishigami Village won’t survive under Magma’s leadership because you know that Tsukasa Shishio will trample him anyway!

And so, both Senku and Magma fell down the rabbit hole and damn, I can’t believe that they’ve died… or is it?

Turns out, both of them are alive but they need to get out of this hole as quickly as they can. Even Magma is getting agitated that Senku couldn’t muscle his way through.

Hello Magma, I think the only way to save yourself and Senku is to work together. But how will they do it?

Well, there’s Chrome where he’ll siphoned-out the nearby water into the hole until it’s completely filled.

Of course, they don’t want to die from hypothermia so Magma lifts Senku to safety.

Oh yeah, and Magma told Senku that he’ll kill him if Senku does something lame. Um Magma, Senku will do amazing things thanks to science!

But anyways, Senku got out of the hole safely while Magma climbed his way up since he’s one of the strongest in the village.

Afterwards, they finally reached this strange-looking stalagmite, which turns out to be a skarn deposit where it has various materials inside of it.

Then again, I’m still worried about Magma becase he has a pickaxe and he’s gonna kill both Senku and Chrome. Oh no, I’m scared that Magma will do something bad and-

Oh, he’s just mining the skarn deposit. Dammit, that scared me a bit!

Even though I’m doubtful about Magma, at least his strength has helped both Senku and Chrome on this cave expedition!

And so, they finally acquired scheelite where all 3 spelunkers took a large haul of it. And while Senku wanted to mine other materials, the sun is about to set soon.

Therefore, Magma dragged Senku out of the cave and dammit, I have a bad feeling about this!

Anyways, here’s Gen Asagiri where he told Senku that he and the rest of the villagers are conspired to surrender him to Tsukasa Shishio.

Really Gen, don’t tell me that you’ve decided to sacrifice Senku’s life for the sake of the village’s safety!?

Speaking of Senku, he’s blindfolded for some reason but now Kohaku is taking it off. Oh boy, I’m scared of what’s coming up next!

So when Kohaku has finally took out the blindfold, Senku saw something that’s very shocking. Don’t tell me that he saw Tsukasa Shishio?

Oh, it’s a freakin’ telescope. Okay Asagiri, what the hell is going on here?

Also, who built this observatory in Ishigami Village? Man, something’s fishy going on here!

Well, turns out that it all plotted by Gen Asagiri to surprise Senku Ishigami as they’re celebrating his birthday, hence they built this observatory because Senku really wants to go to space.

Now that Senku got his present, it’s time to tackle their large haul of scheelite. Unfortunately, Mantle and Magma proceed to hammer it down because they’re useless rocks. Um guys, there are some ores that are also valuable like diamonds, gold, or even silver!

But on the contrary though, turns out that having Mantle and Magma pummel tons of scheelite is actually a good idea.

You see, Senku really wants to turn them into powder so he gather them and extract tungsten through mixing various chemicals. Some are even dangerous that you need to ask a professional for help.

So while Senku and Gen are doing chemistry, Chrome, Suika, and Kaseki are creating a machine that would produce a thousand degrees celsius, which is 1/6th of the Earth’s core temperature.

After mixing various chemicals, Senku has finally got tungsten. Now, all he needs to do is to create a filament out of it.

Of course, Senku didn’t expect Chrome and his team to create this complicated machine just to produce tungsten filament.

Um guys, I think you should simplify this machine next time ’cause it’s very complicated and inefficient to operate it.

Regardless, this machine will produce tungsten filament by heating up the material up to a thousand degrees celsius. Oh yeah, and they use the sun rays…

…and even manpower to extrude a tungsten wire. Seriously, I think Chrome’s tungsten extrusion machine needs to be simplified.

But anyways, they finally created tungsten filaments which will not only be used for light bulbs, but also an essential component for vacuum tubes.

Now then, Senku told Kaseki to take care of making vacuum tubes ’cause he really trust the old artisan regardless of Kaseki’s age.

So while Kaseki will do his stuff, it’s time to bring some modern heating to the entire village as Senku made stoves for not only cooking food, but also warm the entire house during winter.

Then again, Senku used coal to fuel these stoves but it would be nice if he used renewable sources of energy instead of relying on fossil fuels.

Now we’re down to the final stretch as Kaseki finally finished making vacuum tubes. Of course, if Senku needs to create a cellphone, he needs other components to work.

Luckily, the rest of the villagers have managed to create various parts like batteries and a plastic container to hold them, a microphone, and even an antenna.

So after many months of hard work, the entire village has finally created a cellphone in the stone world.

Then again, it looked like a radio transmitter rather than a mobile device as Senku should make walkie-talkies in order to turn the tide of battle against Tsukasa’s Empire of Might.

Now that they finished it, it’s time to activate Senku’s cellphone as its radio waves is now transmitting across the world. Of course, no one would pick it up since most of the technology has lost thanks to humanity being petrified in over 3,600 years.

On the other hand though, I think there would be a small possibility that someone would pick up the signal and communicate with Senku.

Meanwhile, here’s Tsukasa Shishio as he and his soldiers are ready to attack Ishigami Village. By the way, where’s Taiju Ooki and Yuzuriha Ogawa?

Unfortunately, we’re not gonna know their whereabouts as the next episode would be the last one, and it’ll act as the prelude to war between Senku Ishigami and Tsukasa Shishio. Of course, will TMS Entertainment make another season of Dr. Stone in the future? We’ll find out very soon!

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