High Score Girl Episode #23

This is it, we’ve finally arrived at the Super Street Fighter II X national tournament where various players around Japan have gathered at Osaka to be the best player in the country. While Haruo Yaguchi won the tournament 2 years ago, everything has changed since then.

Of course, the prizes are still consist of a trophy and a bath set since eSports isn’t a thing yet. Of course nowadays, players are being paid to play video games so long as he/she has a license issued by the Japan Esports Union (or JESU).

Now then, here’s both Akira Ono and Haruo Yaguchi as they’re ready to play some good ol’ Super Street Fighter II X (or Super Street Fighter II Turbo)!

Unfortunately, it appears that Haruo is not in his peak condition since he doesn’t get enough sleep compared to Akira. In fact, Yaguchi feared that various players might send him to the losers bracket and get eliminated there.

But despite being sleep-deprived, Haruo didn’t lose his focus as he got out from the preliminaries and ready to take on stronger opponents in Top 12.

Of course, Haruo Yaguchi expects Akira Ono to qualify from the preliminaries since she’s in top shape. Speaking of Akira, what happened to her?

Oh, she was sent to the losers’ bracket after losing the first round in her group. Man, what the heck happened to Ono?

And while she can compete at the losers’ bracket so long as Ono won’t lose again, it seems that Akira lost the motivation to fight against her eternal rival Haruo.

Hmm, I have a feeling that she’s still affected by her parents’ decision to move back to the United States since it’s their best interest to turn Akira into the perfect daughter, something that they failed to do when Makoto rebelled against them.

But you know what, I think Akira shouldn’t be discouraged about being separated again as she wants to settle the score once and for all towards Haruo.

Heck, even Zangief is telling Akira to get back her groove as the fiercest girl gamer ever!

In any case, Akira Ono climbed her way back from the losers bracket as if she’s blowing away the competition. Gotta say that Akira has become the Red Cyclone!

Now then, we’ve finally reached the semi-finals where it’s a rematch from 2 years ago.

Even though it’s a semi-final match, this battle between Haruo Yaguchi and Akira Ono felt like a grand final match!

Unfortunately, the first round of the semi-final match goes to Akira Ono as the power of Red Cyclone destroys Haruo Yaguchi’s Guile.

Yeah, he’s still sleep-deprived despite clawing his way out from the winners’ bracket.

But you know what, I think Haruo needs a good Sonic Boom from Guile in order to fire up his gamer spirit. After all, this is once in a lifetime battle between him and Akira!

And so, I’ll see you next time for the final episode where Haruo Yaguchi is fired up to stage his comeback. But will Akira Ono finish him off in Round 2? We’ll soon find out!

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