Assassin’s Pride Episode #09

Oh boy, looks like Kufa Vampir got exposed his vampiric nature to Melida Angel and thus, he decided to wipe her memories clean just to keep it a secret.

However, Melida refused her tutor’s advances because she wants to know Kufa’s painful heritage and defend him if things are not looking good.

At this point, they’re comrade-at-arms and they’ll tread any obstacles along the way. But anyways, let’s hear on what Kufa Vampir is gonna say to Melida Angel…

…starting with his past as Kufa and Rosetti were orphaned by Blossom Pricket. Unfortunately, their orphanage was attacked by an arachnid-type lanchantrope named Naqua.

Of course, Kufa survived as he’s half-lanchantrope, but he wants his fellow orphan to live so Kufa sink his teeth to Rosetti’s neck and turn her into a vampire.

Afterwards, Kufa killed Naqua thanks to his vampiric powers, although he got some help from various assassins since it’s a pain in the ass to destroy this giant arachnid.

So while Naqua’s reign of terror is over, Kufa has no other choice but seal Rosetti’s memories as he joined the assassins’ guild where its leader trained him until Kufa became an assassin.

Now then, let’s go back to the present as Rosetti Pricket is about to get married. Man, if only Kufa stepped in to interrupt the ceremony.

But instead, Melida Angel stop the matrimony as Melida told Rosetti that she got a kiss from her instructor. Not once, but twice in the lips!

Naturally, Rosetti got angry as she didn’t get any kisses from Kufa. Also, her wedding dress got ripped into shreds as she wields her two chakrams.

Now then, it’s time for Melida Angel to burn Rosetti Pricket into a crisp as she swings her sword to produce fire…

…except that she’s not aiming it to Rosetti, but rather her step-father Blossom as he got caught in flames.

Also, it appears that a spider got out from Blossom’s head. Could it be that this spider is responsible for all the things that happened in Shangarta?

Anyways, looks like spider has transformed into its true form, and it turns out that it’s actually Naqua where he’s returned to finish on what he started by having an army of artificial lanchantrope, using Blossom’s research on the night gene factor.

But first, Naqua needs to make a smokescreen so he could get away by using the hidden door. Well, looks like Naqua needs to be stopped once and for all!

Fortunately, Rosetti Pricket will take care of Naqua as her memories have finally resurfaced. In fact, Rosetti knows that Naqua is the one who turned the citizens in Shangarta into murderers.

Of course, Naqua won’t let Rosetti ruin his plans as he tries to kill her. Man, somebody save Rosetti Pricket!

Fortunately, we have Kufa Vampir as he rescued Rosetti Pricket by kicking Naqua away from her. Then again, Naqua has gotten stronger since his return.

But luckily for Kufa, he’s prepared to kill him as he activates Rosetti’s latent vampire powers.

You know, I think Rosetti Pricket needs to wear a Black Rock Shooter costume thanks to her blazing left eye.

Now then, let’s move onto the climax of this episode where Naqua cracks the ground wide open and transforms into a giant spider.

Of course, they’re not gonna let this spider decimates Rosetti’s hometown as she casts a powerful jet of blue flame below Naqua’s belly.

And I have to say that it’s really impressive to see Rosetti’s vampiric powers put into good use.

Also, Rosetti Pricket sends Naqua into one of the mystery spots where this giant spider can’t move due to the magnetic waves keeping him motionless.

Well, it’s his fault for cracking the earth wide open to get outside the caves!

This gives Kufa Vampir a chance to finish Naqua for good as he delivered a devastating punch…

…which sends this spider into this rock spire where Naqua is being electrocuted by lightning. Well, looks like Naqua is finally defeated!

Psyche, turns out that Naqua can transform into a swarm of flying spiders as he gets away from both Kufa and Rosetti. Dammit, we can’t let this lanchantrope return and terrorize Shangarta!

Luckily, looks like Kufa Vampir got the last laugh as it turns out that Naqua returned to the church, only to find the entire students of St. Frideswide Girls’ Academy ganging-up on the lanchantrope.

And so, Blac- I mean Instructor Laqua ordered the students to swat those flying spiders using their mana-enhanced weapons.

From Nerva Martillo to Shenfa Zwitoque, Naqua is horrified that the students are tearing him apart until there’s nothing left.

But anyways, looks like Naqua is finally defeated thanks to the students of St. Frideswide Girls’ Academy, as well as both Kufa Vampir and Rosetti Pricket as they made a great team together.

Sadly for Rosetti Pricket however, it appears that Kufa Vampir will have to seal her memories again because Kufa kept his promise to his adoptive father that he’ll become a powerful assassin in exchange for Rosetti’s safety since she’s become a half-lanchantrope.

Still, it’s sad that Rosetti will never know that she had a connection with Kufa ever since they’ve become friends or should I say siblings back at the orphanage. Regardless, looks like Kufa has finished his business in Shangarta.

On second thought, he still has some unfinished business with Blossom Pricket as Rosetti’s step-father conducted experiments on his people. The question is why would Blossom would torture the citizens in Shangarta?

Turns out, Blossom had a wife who has become a lanchantrope, thus he conducted various experiments in order to find the cure.

Well, he didn’t made a cure his wife’s condition, but Blossom’s experiment got the attention of Naqua where he demanded to unlock the secrets of the night gene factor.

Now that Kufa Vampir knows about Blossom Pricket’s experiments, it’s time for him to finish the job by giving the cure to Blossom’s wife.

Well, so much for Blossom’s experiments as he wasted his time (and people) to find the cure to reverse the night gene factor’s effects.

But you know what, Blossom doesn’t care about his failures as he got his wife returned to her human form.

And so, Kufa Vampir has finally finished his business in Shangarta as he heads back to Flandore. As for Blossom Pricket, he got arrested once his illegal experiments came to light.

And as for Melida Angel, looks like she’s happy to spend her free time with her instructor much to Rosetti Pricket’s annoyance. Don’t worry Rosetti, you’ll get your chance… should your childhood memories returned.

Well then, I’ll see you next time for the last 3 episodes of Assassin’s Pride as I’m hoping that nothing bad will happen to Melida Angel.

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