Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudou-bu Episode #14

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve watched Tsurune as Kazemai High School’s archery club couldn’t believe that they won a trophy in the men’s team competition.

Of course, the likes of Minato Narumiya can’t rest on their laurels because next school year would be tough for them.

For now, Masaki Takigawa asked the club members for assistance as he got called by a TV producer to participate in a variety show featuring an idol group named Princess Cheer.

Yeah, the archery club is helping their advisor because Takigawa-sensei doesn’t know much about idols. Unfortunately, they’re in the same both as Masa-san because they don’t know about Princess Cheer either.

Luckily, Nanao Kisaragi knows a person who’s a fan of Princess Cheer. The problem is that this person is enrolled at Kirisaki High School. Wait, are they deal with Kirisaki after beating them in the tournament?

Anyways, the boys from Kazemai High School met with students from Kirisaki where they ask them for help in regards to idols.

Luckily, one of the students from Kirisaki High School stepped in as Daigo Sase knows about idols, especially Princess Cheer where he’s a fan of that group.

By the way, Daigo Sase is one hardcore idol fan (or should I say chevalier since they’re referred to Princess Cheer fans) where improper etiquette towards idols is not permitted.

Speaking of Sase, he’s an avid fan of Noririn that Daigo has lots of merchandise dedicated to that idol member.

Then again, Seiya Takehaya commented that the members of Princess Cheer have the same faces despite having different hairstyle.

Um Seiya, are you expecting to have a different character design on this anime series ’cause you almost got the same face as your friend Minato.

That doesn’t take well from Daigo Sase where he told Seiya Takehaya not to mock Princess Cheer for having same faces, especially his oshi Noririn. Yeah, don’t mess with idol fans!

Anyways, the members from Kazemai High School’s archery club explained to Sase that their club advisor was asked to train Princess Cheer as shrine maidens, including archery.

Now then, here’s Masaki Takigawa where he’s doing his usual duties as a shrine priest. Of course, Takigawa wants to learn how to interact with an idol group properly without getting death threats from zealous fans.

But first, Masa-san told them to wear t-shirts as they don’t want their uniforms getting tugged by a bow string.

Then again, Takigawa used the same t-shirt design back when Kazemai held their training camp.

With that said, here’s Takigawa demonstrating on how to gracefully fire an arrow. After all, a bow and arrow is only used for competition, but also ceremonies. It’s pretty normal stuff!

However, there’s a caveat where Daigo Sase told Masaki Takigawa about the do’s and don’ts when dealing with Princess Cheer, like touching them.

Daigo, you should know that learning archery needs to have a physical approach! Of course, Takigawa won’t inappropriately touch girls since he’s a shrine priest.

For Kazemai High School’s archery club, it’s baffling to see someone telling their club advisor not to do this and that.

Same goes for Kirisaki High School’s archery club, although Senichi and Manji Sugawara are just laughing at Daigo Sase’s antics. Oh well, can’t blame him for being an idol fan!

Meanwhile, here’s Shuu Fujiwara where he’s still amazing with his archery skills. As expected from Kirisaki’s star player.

However, Fujiwara still has lots to learn as Takigawa told him that he should think of something other than being calm.

For example, finding something or someone you love in which it’ll help on having a clear mind. Then again, the only thing that would apply is Kirisaki’s resident idol fan Daigo Sase where his love for Noririn would give him a perfect shot.

In any case, looks like they’re done with their impromptu joint training session at the local shrine. Thanks to the boys, Masaki Takigawa is ready to train an idol in archery.

On the other hand, it seems that Minato Narumiya still has lots of things to learn since Minato is not cured with his target panic. But don’t worry Narumiya, you’ll overcome your target panic eventually.

One last thing, it appears that Masaki Takigawa got a call from the TV producer, saying that the shooting is cancelled as Noririn from Princess Cheer won’t come to the set due to her busy schedule.

Well, that’s a shame but you know what, I’m glad that Takigawa won’t deal with an idol group as he found it kinda awkward when interacting with them.

But on the flip side though, Masa-san had fun training with the boys from both schools so all’s well that ends well for this special episode.

Gotta say that this episode is somewhat interesting, although I kinda turned off by Daigo Sase’s zealousness as an idol fan. In anyways, looks like I’m finished with Tsurune as I look forward for Kyoto Animation’s next project once they’ve recovered.

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