Assassin’s Pride Episodes #10 – #12

So, are you ready for the next story arc ’cause this one is the most complicated thing ever.

But let’s start this story arc with the introduction of Salacha’s older brother named Serge Schicksal, where he told the truth that Melida Angel is not the real daughter of Duke Felgus Angel. Okay, how did he get that information?

Regardless, everyone is shocked and angry that the so-called incompetent girl is not the legitimate daughter of the famous Paladin from the House of Angel.

Even a certain Mrs. Othello knew the whole truth regarding Melida Angel. You know what, they don’t need to wear that stupid masquerade mask just to learn the horrible truth.

In any case, Serge Schicksal got the information from Salasha’s best friend Mule La More where she brought mana samples from the Luna Lumiere Selection Tournament.

Oh, and the reason why Serge told everyone regarding Melida’s origin is because he wants to set Melida free from the scandalous deceit that the House of Angel created. But you know who’s gonna get hurt? It’s Melida Angel dammit, not the House of Angel because they don’t even care about that incompetent girl!

One last thing, Serge gave a special fountain pen to his little sister in which it’ll be important later on.

Now then, let’s move onto St. Frideswide Girls’ Academy where this masked man appeared which he claimed to be Melida’s real father.

And while everyone noticed this guy’s presence, Kufa Vampir is very suspicious that he protect Melida Angel from the masked man.

On the other hand, if the masked man claimed to be Melida’s father, then why does he have to wear a mask at all times? You know what, I feel that there’s a conspiracy going on here.

Right now, it’s time for Melida Angel to participate in the Vibria Goat Librarian Certification Exam, although she was not supposed to participate since the exam is eligible for senior students.

However, the Academy Director Charlotte Blancmange made an exception to both Melida and Elise Angel due to their results from the Luna Lumiere Selection Tournament.

In any case, Kufa Vampir will have to say goodbye to his pupil for the time being as Melida tackles the Vibria Goat Library on her own.

On second thought, I think Vibria Goat Librarian Certification Exam should be cancelled because someone wants to ruin it… with tentacles. Oh please no!

Meanwhile, looks like Kufa Vampir will meet Duke Felgus Angel as he wants to discuss about his daughter Melida Angel.

By the way, have you noticed this guy standing on Duke Felgus’ right side? This is Bijou Niese and he’s very important because he’s the guy who posed himself as Melida’s real father.

Anyways, Felgus Angel told Kufa that he’s considering a transfer to another school for his daughter because of the rumors that someone is claiming to be Melida’s father.

Of course, Kufa Vampir refused to let his pupil transfer out of St. Frideswide Girls’ Academy as he told Duke Felgus Angel that Melida has the potential to become a great Paladin. Don’t tell him that Melida got her mana from Kufa.

Unfortunately, their discussion was interrupted when someone sent a black envelope, which belonged to the terrorist group Guild Grimface.

I don’t know if this guild is targeting Melida Angel, but we can’t have them terrorize the school. Speaking of Melida, where is she?

Oh, seems that she’s fine as Melida is with Elise, although they’ll have to fend off some enemies inside the Vibria Goat Library.

Fortunately, these creepy shadows got blown away. Okay, who saved both Melida and Elise Angel?

Oh, it’s Salacha Schicksal and Mule La More as they’re here to help them. Then again, I’m sure that they want to get some evidence that would ruin Melida Angel.

For now, it’s time to clear the Vibria Goat Library in order to get the certificate that they pass the exam. And the only way to do that is to put these books into the right shelf.

All while defeating these bore imps that occupy the books. Oh yeah, and it’s a timed mission so Melida and Elise will have to finish the exam before the time runs out.

Luckily, Melida and her friends have finally clean the library and not only that, but they got the book in which it’ll serve as a way to pass the exam. Well, time for these girls to get out of here!

Unfortunately, you know that they’re here to take Melida’s book which contains the secret of her class. So, Salacha Schicksal took the book away from Melida Angel…

…which then Mule La More took it from Salacha. There, Mule found out that Melida’s class is Samurai, which is a crucial evidence that Melida is the illegitimate daughter of Duke Felgus Angel.

Good thing Melida managed to stop Mule from leaking that information but you know what, I have a bad feeling that Mule La More wants to trap Melida Angel.

And really, Mule is one dangerous bitch where she’s not only deceitful, but possesses an ability to absorb mana. Yeah, Melida can’t beat her since Mule’s class is Diabolos.

Anyways, Mule La More sends Melida Angel to another dimension. Man, I’m scared on what’s coming up next for Melida!

Meanwhile, let’s go back to the surface as most of the students have returned safely, but now they’re dealing with zombies that Shenfa is scared of killing it.

Fortunately, Charlotte Blancmange saved Shenfa Zwitoque’s life as the Academy Director whacked this zombie with her staff.

Now then, looks like one of the bosses from Guild Grimface has finally showed up as Crodoll will bring terror across Flandore.

But first, they need to stab Charlotte Blancmange in the back. Dammit, we can’t lose the Academy Director like this!

Good thing Kufa Vampir arrived in the nick of time as he kills these zombies…

…and eventually Crodoll with a single slash. Well, that was easy from Kufa and now it’s time to heal the Academy Director.

On second thought, Crodoll transformed into the Undead King as it’s time for Round 2. Then again, Kufa can’t use his vampire powers in front of the students.

But luckily, someone protect the students and Charlotte Blancmange by wrapping them in bandages. Wait a minute, don’t tell me that a certain lanchantrope has returned?

Why yes, it’s William Gin as he decided to join the good guys by wrapping the Undead King with his bandages.

And then squeeze it tightly until Crodoll is finally defeated. Okay, I’m surprised that William would sabotage Guild Grimface’s plot to terrorize the school, but I’m glad that he did.

And really, the entire students from St. Frideswide thanked him for saving their lives, even as far as calling him “Sir Bandage Knight”.

Speaking of William Gin, he’s blushing because Shenfa called him “Sir Bandage Knight”. Anyways, glad that Guild Grimface is defeated.

Also, here’s Kufa’s adopted father where he offered William Gin to join Jack Raven as a spy.

Of course, William will have to think about it first but right now, I’m hoping that Melida Angel is safe.

Speaking of Melida Angel, looks like she’s transported into a courtroom that’s modeled around Alice in Wonderland.

Oh yeah, and the judge is none other than Serge Schicksal where he told everyone that Melida is not Duke Felgus’ legitimate daughter, and her class is not a Paladin but rather a Samurai. Therefore, it’s time to off Melida’s head!

Of course, Melida Angel proves that she’s still the daughter of Duke Felgus Angel but everyone in the court jeered at her because it’s not true.

You know what, I think this kangaroo court is very stupid in my opinion!

Therefore, I think the only way for Melida to prove her innocence is to hold a trial by combat.

Then again, Melida will have to face Salacha where she can fly and rain magic bullets at her!

At this point, Melida Angel is at a disadvantage as Salacha’s Dragoon Class can overpower the melee-focused Samurai Class.

And with that, it’s time for Salacha Schicksal to deliver the killing blow as everyone really wants the so-called incompetent girl to lose and go home!

Well actually, I think I spoke too soon about Melida’s defeat as she tip Salacha over with the pommel of her sword.

In any surprising twist, the so-called incompetent girl named Melida Angel has won over Salacha Schicksal. Well, so much for this trial by combat.

But hey, Melida Angel proves to everyone that she’s not incompetent and she’s still the daughter of Duke Felgus Angel, even though her class is actually Samurai.

Anyways, looks like Salacha Schicksal has no choice but to adjourn this court session as he accepts Melida as the legitimate daughter of Duke Felgus.

Actually, Serge is just pulling Melida’s leg because he has a surprise for her… and that’s by using a special fountain pen which he gave it to Salacha.

Turns out that this special pen can rewrite the effects of magical texts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t write books but rather summon a dragon.

And not only that, but this ink dragon gobbled everyone in sight. Gotta say that it’s a bad idea to have these witnesses go to Serge’s courtroom because it’s very dangerous.

You know what, I feel that Serge Schicksal’s plan to ruin the House of Angel got dashed because he realized that Melida learned the ways of the Samurai by a certain assassin.

For now, Serge disappeared as he let this masked man take over to clean things up. You know something, I feel that Melida is gonna lose to this guy!

Not to worry though as Kufa Vampir has arrived to save Melida Angel, although Kufa will have to defeat the masked man first before getting out of the Vibria Goat Library.

And speaking of the masked man, he’s quite capable of fending off one assassin with his cane. Hmm, I bet that his cane is made of metal, which is why it can withstand Kufa’s katana.

Sadly for the masked man, turns out that he got blindsided as he didn’t see Melida launching him to the sky.

But thanks to Melida Angel, Kufa Vampir can unleash a powerful technique that would finish this masked man. C’mon, Kufa is annoyed at his presence which is why he summoned a bunch of blades.

Anyways, looks like the masked man has finally defeated. And really, no one would survive this explosion!

Thanks to Kufa, looks like Melida is finally safe from that masked man. Of course, they worked together to defeat the enemy inside the Vibria Goat Library.

By the way, here’s Mule La More where she still has Melida Angel’s magical text.

However, Mule decided to drop it by accident instead, meaning that Melida’s true class will never be known and thus she’ll never be shun throughout Flandore.

Then again, does it mean that Melida Angel failed the Vibria Goat Librarian Certification Exam? I mean, she worked hard over there to clean up the library.

One more thing, here’s what happened to the masked man as he went to Serge Schicksal, only for Serge to tell him that his job is over and therefore the masked man outlived his usefulness.

Oh and if you probably know right now, this masked man is none other than Bijou Niese where he begs Serge Schicksal to save his life.

Unfortunately, Bijou will become the scapegoat for Serge’s setbacks because he failed to smear Melida’s image by posing as her father.

Therefore, Bijou Niese got stabbed in the heart by Serge Schicksal. But seriously though, his motivation of destroying the House of Angel through any means is still a mystery. And while he claims that he wants to save Melida from the clutches of Duke Felgus and Lord Mordrew, I bet that his clan wants to rule all over Flandore.

For now, I think he’ll pin the blame onto Bijou Niese as Serge Schicksal will hatch another plan in the future. But you know what, I think he should deal with Kufa Vampir ’cause he’s the one who trained Melida Angel in the first place.

Now then, Melida and Elise Angel has finally returned to the surface after spending their time inside the Vibria Goat Library. C’mon, Rosetti Pricket is worried that Elise might not return.

On the other hand, I’m not sure on whether they passed the Vibria Goat Librarian Certification Exam or not. Regardless, both Melida and Elise are safe.

Meanwhile, looks like Kufa’s father is surprised that the issue revolving Melida’s true father was resolved quickly by Serge Schicksal. C’mon, Serge wants to cover his blunders without any traces.

For now, Kufa’s father is discussing his plans to recruit William Gin to his guild. Well, William Gin will join Jack Raven should Father agreed to help him find a way to turn William back into a human.

One last thing, here’s Duke Felgus Angel where he’ll return to his estate but before he takes the train, Duke Felgus told Melida that there was a relative who has the Samurai Class and not only that, but he told his daughter that she reminds him of Melinoa, Melida’s mother.

And when Melida heard that, she was crying with joy that her own father finally recognize her.

I guess we don’t need to know the result of the Vibria Goat Librarian Certification Exam ’cause what Melida wanted is being noticed by her father Felgus. That’s enough for her!

But that’s about it for Assassin’s Pride and I have to say that this arc is very complicated that there are questions remained unanswered. But hey, at least Melida Angel got the recognition from her father instead of being shunned by the public for being the incompetent girl.

Now for my final thoughts about this show as while Assassin’s Pride has the potential to be a great series, I think that it was hampered by subpar animation that turned off everyone upon watching it, which is a shame because I want to see more of Assassin’s Pride in regards to the conspiracy surrounding the House of Angel. Oh, and let’s not forget about Melida’s growth upon receiving mana from Kufa Vampir in which I wanna see how far she can go.

With that said, this show is not great but it’s not terrible either. But if you want more Assassin’s Pride, I think the only way to follow the story is read either the manga adaptation or the light novels. C’mon, this show is created to promote the novels after all. Anyways, I guess I’m done watching Assassin’s Pride and I’m glad that Melida Angel got a happy ending for now.

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