Sword Art Online: Alicization Episodes #35 & #36

Well guys and girls, we’ve now reached the final 2 episodes and it seems that Kazuto Kirigaya (or Kirito) can’t move yet. Thus, he’s being fed by Ronye Arabel ’cause she’s Kirito’s page after all.

And as for the girls, I’m pretty sure that they’re jealous because Kirito is being taken care of by his junior. C’mon girls, keep talking about Kirito instead of leering at Ronye.

Unfortunately, their girls’ talk was interrupted when the denizens from the Dark Territory make their move.

And this time, they travel across the giant chasm with only a rope. Why would they do that when the denizens could make a sturdy bridge?

Hell, even the dark knights and the pugilists are falling to their deaths. Well, you may blame Gabriel Miller (or Emperor Vector) for issuing this stupid order ’cause he doesn’t care about everyone other than Alice!

But wait, if they continue like this, the Dark Territory doesn’t stand a chance? How will they overcome this deficit?

Well, Critter has the answer as he down-clock the time speed in order to match with the real world. By the way, I forgot to tell you that the time progression in the Underworld is slower than the real world.

Not only that, but Critter entice players across the United States to get inside the Underworld as beta players even though it’s suppose to be a secret.

Ugh, what’s the worst thing could happen if those Americans kill Fluctlights without any knowledge that the Underworld is not a game?

But the influx of American players has alarmed Yui in which having them mindlessly killing everyone would be detrimental. Not to mention that these players might accidentally kill Asuna, Kirito, or even Alice.

Therefore, Yui have to alert the others or it’ll be too late to save the Underworld.

Of course, there are some people who will tackle this situation seriously as Shino Asada and Suguha Kirigaya went to an undisclosed location in Roppongi Hills…

…where it has two Soul Translator machines that they can use to dive into the Underworld. Wait, how did they got permission to get inside Rath’s main office?

Now let’s go back to Alfheim Online where Yui explains the dire situation that her mom and dad faced. I mean, having 5,000+ players from the United States is pretty overwhelming.

And while Klein, Agil, Lisbeth, and Silica will come to their aid, the problem is that it’s not enough to push the American players back. I mean, it’s daytime in the United States while it’s nighttime in Japan.

So, Lisbeth gathered every player in Alfheim Online and plead them to dive into the Underworld and save their friends there. I mean, it’s simple to get inside the world since Critter mess up the flow of time.

Of course, some players are concerned about various things such as the risk of losing their precious account should they die into the Underworld. Oh and speaking of dying, they’ll experience excruciating pain that they might turn off on Lisbeth’s offer.

Yeah, they don’t like losing their time and money on saving a bunch of Fluctlights, not to mention that they despise those who survived playing Sword Art Online. But you know something, it’ll be their fault for preventing military contractors for using AI to wage war or even wipe out humanity if they’ve gone haywire.

Also, I think they should despise the SAO survivors as they still trying their best to adjust after surviving the game for 2 years.

And so, Lisbeth and her fellow survivors begged everyone to join their cause as they’re not playing a game anymore. They’re playing for the fate of both the virtual and the real world.

On the other hand, I would like to point out this character who is interested on joining Lisbeth on diving into the Underworld. I wonder if this person is an enemy or an ally?

Now let’s go back to the Underworld as both sides are alarmed with the arrival of outsiders. I blame Critter for this one!

But as you can see, they’re dressed up as dark knights but they’re colored red instead of blue, not to mention that they’ll treat it as if this world is a game.

And here’s the thing though as they don’t care about cooperation as they’ll kill everything in sight. This means that they can kill Integrity Knights or even the denizens of the Dark Territory.

And speaking of the Dark Territory, they’re getting the short end of the stick because they’re not prepared to defend themselves from the onslaught of American players.

Because of the influx of outsiders who are not aware about the true nature of the Underworld, some denizens have decided not to follow Emperor Vector’s orders anymore as they realized that he’s treating them as cannon fodder.

Hell, even a certain pugilist like Iskahn has decided to defy the Emperor by taking out his right eye. Sure that it’s painful, but Iskahn can do what he wants now that he’s no longer obliged to follow the Emperor’s orders.

Meanwhile, here’s Asuna and while she can use Stacia’s powers, she can defend herself with her sword skills.

But, it appears that her left arm got hacked away by a random American player. Sure that it’s gonna hurt much for Asuna, but she’s in a bad situation…

…especially when various players gang up on her. Oh please, spare Asuna for goodness sake!

Luckily, a certain pugilist has arrived to break up the crowd with his exploding fist.

And as you can see, most of the American players died in that explosion, meaning that they can’t log back into the Underworld. Well, seems that Critter’s plan is starting to crumble!

But anyways, here’s Iskahn as he asked Asuna for help on saving his fellow pugilists by making a bridge.

In exchange, they’ll protect her and the rest of the Integrity Knights. Sounds like a good deal, right?

With that said, Asuna used her creation powers to make a bridge so that the pugilists can safely cross the other side.

Of course, while the pugilists can finally cross over the deep chasm, let’s not forget that the American players will use the bridge to make their way to the other side.

However, the likes of Iskahn won’t let them pass as they obliterate them. Sorry American gamers, but your time at the Underworld is already up!

As for Asuna, looks like her left arm is fully-healed as she attach it with her powers. Unfortunately, that’s about it for her powers as she can’t use much of it or Asuna’s brain will get fried.

Now that the situation is starting to get better, where’s Alice Synthesis Thirty?

Well, it turns out that Emperor Vector captured Alice using his trusty dragon. Wait, I feel some sort of deja vu here?

Of course, it gets worse because Emperor Vector knocked Alice out with his black smoke that puts her to sleep. Dammit, they got Alice Synthesis Thirty!

Well, I have to say that the situation has gone from bad to worse as Gabriel Miller captured the key that holds the Soul Translator technology.

But instead of take Alice to the real world and call it a day, I have a feeling that Emperor Vector will torture Alice because he loves to kill people.

Goddammit, this face makes me want to punch him much like Oberon or fuckin’ Nobuyuki Sugou! Ugh, let’s move onto the next scene…

Anyways, this alarmed Asuna and the rest of the Integrity Knights as they focus on rescuing Alice Synthesis Thirty. But there’s a problem…

Turns out that Critter sends another wave of American players to keep Asuna and the Integrity Knights busy until Gabriel Miller went to the World’s End Altar safely with his prize. Man, if only we need a miracle around here…

Turns out that we got a miracle as someone rain down arrows towards the American players.

And as you can see, this person delivered massive damage that these players will feel that their bodies are filled with holes upon logging out.

Even Asuna is surprised that this person turned the tide of war, but I wonder who save her and the rest of the Integrity Knights?

Oh, it’s Sinon as she finally arrived at the Underworld, and it’s a good timing too because Sinon stopped those intruders in its tracks with her bow and arrow. Then again, where’s Suguha/Leafa?

Anyways, I’m gonna end this post right here as Kirito’s companions are finally arriving at the Underworld and really, the likes of Asuna and Sinon have turned the tides of war in favor of the Human Empire. Now we only need for Kirito to wake up and save Alice from Emperor Vector!

On second thought, it seems that Glowgen Defense Systems are not done yet ’cause there’s one person who wanted to dive into the Underworld. No, it’s Critter by the way…

Rather, it’s Vassago Casals as he’s planning to return to the Underworld using a special account. Said account happened to be his own Gun Gale Online avatar where Vassago plays it just for the hell of murdering people. But then again, I wonder what’s the deal with Vassago other than recognizing Asuna?

Anyways, see ya in April 2020 for the conclusion of the Alicization arc. Dammit Reki Kawahara, end my suffering!

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