Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. Episode #04

Hey everyone, it’s Chrome as he’s participating in the second battle royale event in New World Online. Anyways, he’s here to say hi to both Maple and Sally!

Then again, Sally is cautions that Chrome might mug them. And here’s the thing though because whoever has the highest number of medals will be the winner of this event.

Of course, Chrome and his buddies won’t steal their medals as they’ll get one the old-fashion way… by slaying monsters of course. Well, good luck to them!

Now then, it’s time for Maple and Sally to find some medals inside this spacious ice cavern. Man, what could possible go wrong for both players venturing deep into the cave?

Unfortunately, both Maple and Sally encountered Silverwing, one of the toughest boss in NWO in which no one have ever defeat it.

Since running is not an option, Maple and Sally has no choice but to fight the boss!

Of course, they need to find an opening first because Maple and Sally can’t brute-force their way on beating Silverwing.

Anyways, Maple used Cover to shield her ally as Sally will take care of dealing damage to the boss. Just hoping that Maple won’t get hurt because she doesn’t like it at all.

Meanwhile, Sally run towards Silverwing as she’s gonna deal more damage, although she need to dodge its attacks first because these shards of ice might kill her.

But if Sally came across a trap full of ice spikes, Maple will come to the rescue as she uses her new skill Cover Move to shield Sally before she got caught of it.

While it’s nifty to have Cover Move as her skill since Maple’s AGI is 0, I’m hoping that she won’t waste on her Devour skill because this event will be a long one.

Now then, seems that Silverwing went into Limit Break mode where its body is covered in this black aura. Gotta say that this boss is gonna kick those girls’ asses real good!

Not on Maple’s watch however as she defends Sally with her trusty shield. You know, it would be better if Maple devour this boss.

Then again, turns out that Silverwing’s power level is over the charts that it overpowers Maple as her shield got broken!

Oh, and she got was sent flying towards this rock and knocked-out of commission. Dammit, I don’t want Maple to die like this!

So with Maple unable to fight right now, it’s up to Sally as she’ll fight the boss by herself.

Of course, Silverwing has another ace up on its sleeve as it fires lots of ice spears.

Fortunately, Sally has another skill to counter Silverwing’s ice spears as she made herself invisible.

But as you can see, Silverwing launched a thousand spears towards Sally even though she disappeared from the radar.

Well actually, turns out that it was actually a decoy created by Sally as the real one is now standing beside Maple, who got recovered from her injuries after getting her ass whooped.

Now, Maple is really angry that she got hurt real badly…

So, this cute shielder casts Hydra to kill Silverwing with poison. You know, it would be better if Maple just eat the boss much like the first episode.

But thanks to Maple’s ultimate skill, this boss is finally defeated. Gotta say that she and Sally are the only one who beat the boss on this second event.

Oh yeah, looks like both girls got some nice rewards where they got medals, plus some monster eggs in which Maple and Sally can have a familiar at their side.

In any case, all I can say is that both girls are in the Top 10 for this second event, not to mentioned that they’ll have familiars in the future.

Meanwhile, looks like the developers are stunned to see Maple and her friend Sally having broken skills.

While they’re gonna patch it up in future updates, I feel that nerfing some skills won’t be enough to stop Maple and Sally from becoming OP characters.

Now let’s go back to Maple and Sally where their eggs have finally hatched. While Maple got a pet turtle named Syrup, Sally got a fox named Oboro.

Both girls are happy to have familiars at their side, but they still have to collect more medals before the event is over.

Unfortunately, there are some players who will do anything to get those medals in order to place themselves into Top 10. Hell, they’ll kill players in order to steal medals from them!

Anyways, next episode will have Maple and Sally fight against a player who wants to get her hands on their medals. Let’s hope that they can successfully fend this player off!

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