Koisuru Asteroid Episode #04

On this episode, the earth science club are on a field trip as the visit various facilities in Ibaraki Prefecture.

But first, Mira Konohata shows off a molted praying mantis shell to Mikage Sakurai.

Unfortunately, Mikage doesn’t like bugs and thus she hits Mira. Girls, no violence please!

Now then, let’s start their field trip at the Geological Museum where they explored various rocks and even fossils.

However, there’s one person who’s eager to learn various rocks as Mikage Sakurai couldn’t help herself but to look at it up-close.

Anyways, we’ll have to leave Mikage-sempai for now as the rest of the girls move onto various places to find some interesting things.

Speaking of interesting things, Mira found one where it was originally a rock, but it split apart upon falling down to the floor.

And when she check the split rock, Mira found some kind of fossil. Then again, was it legit though or it’s basically some small fractures that looked like a fossil?

So, Mira took the rock to one of the experts and examine it with a microscope.

After a few minutes, the expert told Mira that the rock contains a fossilized fish scale.

Well actually, it’s spicules of sea sponges which it came towards the end of the Precambrian Era. So yeah, there’s actually a fossil inside a rock.

In any case, Mira Konohata is happy that her rock has a fossil in it, albeit smaller than a fossilized bone. Well, looks like they had fun at the Geological Museum.

After their trip at the Geological Museum, it’s time for the earth science club to stay at a house where Yuki Endou’s grandparents lived there. It’s better than staying at a hotel.

And speaking of Yuki’s grandparents, they welcome the earth science club with open arms, especially her grandfather who loves to see the stars and other planets.

The next day, the earth science club went to JAXA Tsukuba Space Center where Mira Konohata, Ao Manaka, and Mari Morino are amazed to see this full-size rocket up-close.

Also, isn’t it cute that they try to reach the rocket with their hands? With that said, they’re gonna learn something during their visit at the space center.

Of course, both Mira and Ao won’t find any information on finding asteroids because this place is all about space exploration, not observing various celestial bodies.

On the other hand, there’s one person who wants to become an astronaut as Mari Morino takes various notes on the qualifications and various things on how to become one. I feel that she’s serious on going to space someday.

Afterwards, Yuki’s grandfather brought some telescopes which are slightly better than what they currently have in the club.

Oh yeah, both telescopes have different kinds of mounts, with Mira Konohata having an equatorial mount in which the telescope moves in line with the Earth’s rotation.

In any case, the earth science club had fun watching various planets.

One more thing, seems that Yuki’s grandmother brought a flyer upon rummaging some stuff from the storage room.

Anyways, this flyer is about the Shining Star Challenge Program in which high school students participate to find asteroids and other celestial objects at an observatory in Okinawa.

For Mira Konohata, she was mad that Yuki Endou didn’t tell them sooner about the program. But you know what, their club advisor will take Mira and Ao to Okinawa someday.

And now, let’s end this trip at the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan where Mai Inose wants to learn more about map-making.

I have to say that the members of the earth science club have some goal in mind after high school.

Also, the Geospatial Information Authority has some nice attractions like this one where visitors can become a satellite. Someone should take a picture of Mira.

Of course, they’re still young and they need to take their time having a fun life in high school, while preparing for their own future career. It maybe tough, but these girls can accomplish it!

Anyways, looks like they’re done with their field trip and they made lots of memories. Of course, Mira and her friends will have another one on the next episode, so stay tuned!

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