Koisuru Asteroid Episode #06

On this episode, the earth science club are making preparations for the upcoming school festival.

Of course, seems that Mikage Sakurai is doing something dangerous as she lifts and drops a boulder towards a pipe for a boring experiment. Heck, I’m scared that the boulder might destroy the desk and hit Mai Inose’s head.

Fortunately, Sayuri Ibe and Ayano Usami brought the baseball club to help Inose and Sakura-sempai on their boring experiment. I mean, it’s better than having Mikage lifting the boulder by herself.

With that said, the baseball club is quite helpful as they help Mikage Sakurai on lifting and dropping the boulder onto the pipe.

And as you can see, the pipe is driven deeper into the ground. Now, the only thing left to do is to take the pipe out and draw out its contents.

Meanwhile, Mari Morino, Ao Manaka, and Mira Konohata are busy making a hyper-realistic model of the solar system. Gotta say that Mira has some artistic talent there.

On the other hand, Moe Suzuya is here to give some snacks to Mira and the rest of the earth science club.

Of course, what she brought from her family-owned bakery were samples because Suzu wants to introduce these new products to the public.

Therefore, Moe Suzuya brought them so that Mira Konohata and the rest can eat them because they’re hungry, and then ask them for some feedback.

Unfortunately, Mira and the rest already ate those samples and they didn’t give some feedback to Suzu.

Then again, the only feedback that they give her is that those new pastries are delicious!

Now then, here’s Yuki Endou where she wants to make sure that everything won’t go wrong once the festival starts, like checking the girls’ skirts to make sure that they not wearing sexy underwear.

But anyways, it’s time to start the school festival in Hoshizaki High School as the earth science club are now serving up guests at their maid cafe.

Then again, I feel that there’s some competition within the club as Mikage Sakurai and Mari Morino are attracting guests like crazy.

Wait, is Sakura-sempai and Monroe-sempai wants to see who can attract more guests before the festival is over?

Speaking of Mikage Sakurai, she changed to her normal clothes as she wants to meet up with her classmates to discuss about the boring experiment.

Gotta say that she’s diligent and knowledgeable in her field as an amateur geologist, but if only Sakura-sempai continues to wear her maid uniform.

On the other hand, looks like someone that resembles Sakura-sempai appeared in the festival. Hmm, could it be that she’s actually Mikage’s little sister?

One last thing, here’s Mira’s parents where they’re here to check if their daughter is doing great during the school festival.

Fortunately, Mira Konohata is doing a great job there so there’s nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, there’s Ao’s mother who wants to check up her daughter, especially when she’s wearing a maid uniform.

Then again, Ao Manaka felt embarrassed that she was supposed to present her findings to various guests, not serving up pastries and desserts.

With that said, the school festival has finally ended and while they’re tired after serving the guests, the earth science club had fun during the festival.

On the other hand, Mikage Sakurai and Mari Morino has decided to step down as vice-president and president, respectively. Oh yeah, and they decided to choose Mai Inose as the next club president.

And speaking of Inose, looks like she’s shocked that Mai will have greater responsibility as club president. Let’s hope that she won’t have the pressure of managing the earth science club.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time where the earth science club will have greater challenges ahead after the school festival.

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