BanG Dream! Season 3 Episode #11

“Hey, has anyone of you know where Pareo is?”

“No, we haven’t heard about that person!”

Oh Masking, you’re scaring the wits out of those girls with your glare! Still, both she and Lock are now at Chiba Prefecture to find Pareo.

Of course, most of them don’t know who Pareo is unless Masuki Sato and Rokka Asahi showed them a picture of their band-mate.

Well, good thing they showed a picture of Pareo to the locals from Masking’s phone.

And sure that some of them found her cute, one of the students noticed that Pareo’s hairstyle is somewhat similar to one of her classmates.

Said classmate happened to be this girl named Reona Nyubara- Wait, is that Pareo!?

Heck, even Masking and Lock are surprised to see Pareo again, although she doesn’t want to see her fellow band-mates.

Therefore, Pareo decided to run away from them as she’s done with RAISE A SUILEN. Say it ain’t so for Pareo!

While Masking and Lock will try to catch her, let’s talk about Pareo or should I say Reona Nyubara’s backstory…

Turns out, Reona is a honor student who’s loved by everyone. Well, I have to say that she’s doing good at school.

However, I think Nyubara is somewhat melancholic, with her parents not being here all the time and the only thing that satisfies her is looking at various merchandise from Pastel*Palettes.

That’s until Reona decided to perform a cover of Pastel*Palettes’ famous songs on her piano and then upload it on a video-hosting website like Nico Nico Douga or Youtube.

Anyways, her videos caught the attention of Chiyu Tamade where she invited Reona to an audition and passed.

Of course, passing the auditions is just the start for Reona Nyubara as Chiyu Tamade told Reona that she needs a new look as Nyubara looked like a student representative.

Therefore, Chiyu gave Reona a new set of clothes and presto, you got Pareo as Tamade gave a nickname to Nyubara!

Also, Chiyu now calls herself as Chu2 because being called by her real name is boring. And that’s how RAISE A SUILEN was born, although losing Pareo would be bad.

Now let’s go back to the present as Masking and Lock tries to convince Pareo to return to RAS as they really miss her so much.

Of course, she told Masuki and Rokka that the person Pareo no longer exists as RAISE A SUILEN doesn’t need a keyboardist.

Wait, don’t tell me that Reona will abandon her alter-ego and return as the normal honor student?

Not on their watch though as Masuki Sato tries to convince Reona Nyubara that having her on the band will balance the overtly-cool factor with her cuteness.

That’s right, despite looking cool as hell like Roselia, RAISE A SUILEN has some uniqueness to it like having Pareo as the cute keyboardist to compliment Masking’s wild side and Layer’s cool factor. Of course, there’s only one person who will tell Pareo to come back.

And that person will be Chu2 as she managed to arrive at Kamogawa to take Pareo back. Wait, where’s Layer though?

Oh, Rei Wakana is behind her but it appears that Chiyu Tamade is not the athletic-type as she falls down. Well then, let’s hope that Chu2 will convince Pareo to come back to the band.

But first, Chu2 has to make an apology to Pareo for saying mean things to her. C’mon, it’s her fault for telling Reona that she’s useless, so Chiyu wants to make up for her mistake.

And you know what, Pareo accepted Chu2’s apology so it’s all good for both of them.

And with that, all’s well that ends well for RAISE A SUILEN but this episode is not yet over!

You see, there’s one more surprise for Chiyu Tamade as everyone returned at the penthouse for a special performance.

This song is titled “Beautiful Birthday”, and it’s written by Pareo where it’s dedicated to Chu2 because it’s her birthday on this episode!

And speaking of Chu2, she was surprised that Pareo would make a song dedicated to her. But anyways, it was an amazing performance by her band-mates!

And I have to say that it was the best birthday present from Layer and the rest as they celebrated Chu2’s birthday.

Really, they’re thankful towards Chu2 as they got their chance to shine as part of RAISE A SUILEN.

Now then, here’s Pareo where she gave a souvenir from her hometown to the rest of Poppin’ Party. Of course, I’m not sure if Chu2 still has some animosity towards PoPiPa.

After a short visit to Kasumi Toyama and her friends, RAISE A SUILEN went to a bath house where they rest and relax together.

Gotta say that Masking’s wish has finally fulfilled as they do something together outside Chu2’s penthouse and I hope they continue like this in order to form a stronger bond.

Of course, we have to talk about the BanG Dream! Girls Band Challenge as the results are in now that the qualifiers have finally ended. Now, which band will take the final 2 spots?

Well first of all, Roselia got the top spot as Ako Udagawa is happy that her band can finally perform at the Budokan.

Of course, it’s no surprise that Yukina Minato and the rest did a stunning performance during the qualifying stage. Now then, who’s gonna take the No. 2 spot?

Oh, both Poppin’ Party and RAISE A SUILEN share the No. 2 spot. This means that I smell a girls band showdown coming on the next episode!

Heck, even Kasumi Toyama and the rest are shocked to see the results from Arisa Ichigaya’s phone. Unfortunately, the next episode will be aired next month which means we’ll wait for a few weeks before.

In any case, it’s nice that Pareo and Chu2 have reconciled on this episode but man, I’m scared on what comes next for PoPiPa as they’re the underdog when facing against RAS. With that said, I’ll see you next time!

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