Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu Episode #10

Let’s start this episode where Kumasa and Eripiyo spend their first month of the new year at the maid cafe since Cham Jam will return in February.

So yeah, they’re gonna enjoy their time being served by maids, although Kumasa will foot the bill since Eripiyo is short of money.

On the other hand, it appears that Eripiyo encountered Maina Ichii… in a maid uniform! Wait, don’t tell me that she joined Aya Yokota on this part-time job?

In any case, Eripiyo felt embarrassed that her oshi is working at a maid cafe. C’mon Eripiyo, you’re lucky that you can spend your time with Maina outside the live house!

Now then, February has arrived as Cham Jam returned to perform and interact with their fans, although Eripiyo is not around to see her oshi so Kumasa went to see Maina instead.

Come to think of it, what the heck happened to Eripiyo?

Oh, she got a nasty fever that Eripiyo stayed home until her temperature goes down.

Yeah, it’s sucks that Eripiyo is not there to see Maina but given that the entire world is in crisis right now because of a certain virus, staying home is the best option.

Now then, here’s Kumasa where he called Eripiyo to check if she’s okay. Of course, he can’t tell Eripiyo in regards to the mini-concert, especially when Maina is at the front.

Of course, Eripiyo is very jealous that she missed out because of the damn fever as she shouts her frustration to Kumasa.

Um Eripiyo, you should take care of yourself!

But then, it gets worse for Eripiyo as she’s coughing blood. Turns out that she busted her throat because of her sickness and thus, Eripiyo can’t shout like she used to.

In any case, Eripiyo is relegated on speaking her thoughts via her white board. But on the flipside though, Eripiyo is now okay as she’s ready for Cham Jam’s special event.

That’s right, fans will received chocolates from their favorite idols. Well, they’re gonna received lots of them from their first and second fave.

In the case of Kumasa, he’ll received chocolates from Reo and Sorane. Sure that he’s dedicated his life to Reo Igarashi, but Kumasa will lend a hand to Motoi’s oshi.

And here’s Motoi wearing blue today as he receives some chocolates from Sorane Matsuyama. Gotta say that he’s happy to get something from his oshi on Valentine’s Day!

Lastly, here’s Maina Ichii as she gives a box of chocolate to Eripiyo, although Maina really wanted her fan to look at her when she’s at the front.

Unfortunately, Eripiyo’s throat got busted against as she’s coughing blood and falls down. Looks like she’s not gonna go to concerts until her throat is finally healed.

With that said, I’ll see you next time for the penultimate episode as Cham Jam are invited to perform at a bigger event. Let’s hope that various people will notice the idol group from Okayama.

But for now, Eripiyo will have to recover ’cause she might not survive if Eripiyo pushed herself too much!

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