Koisuru Asteroid Episode #11

Hey everyone, it’s Mari Morino and Mikage Sakurai as they’re here to accompany the current members of the earth science club because c’mon, the newcomers must experience this field trip in Ibaraki Prefecture

But yes, Chikage Sakurai and Yuu Nanami will have a great time together with Mai Inose as they visit various museums and facilities across Ibaraki.

Now let’s go back to Ishigaki Island where Ao Manaka told the facilitators that she wants to participate in the Shining Star Challenge Program as an observer.

While they won’t allow Ao-chan to participate as she failed the screening, the facilitators decided to let Manaka in since it would be a pain in the neck to send her back.

With that said, the Shining Star Challenge Program will begin as Mira Konohata will participate in various activities, all while Ao Manaka will observe the proceedings and learn at the same time. Of course, Mira won’t participate on her own…

Luckily, Mira got teammates to help her around like Asuka Tomori for example, where the reason why she participated in the program because Tomori wants to see the live performance of Neon Amane in Okinawa.

And also Shiho Makita in which she wants to become a counselor someday as she’s interested in people. Y’know, I feel that Shiho would be a reliable teammate compared to Asuka.

In any case, they’re gonna team up to find celestial bodies in the Shining Star Challenge Program so good luck to them. Wait a minute, where’s Ao Manaka?

Oh, she went to a fast food restaurant together with Yuki Endou where Ao Manaka will meet one of Endou-sensei’s friends.

This is Kayoko Hayakawa as she’s a teacher and Shiho Makita’s chaperone.

In any case, looks like both Hayakawa and Endou are reminiscing their time as former participants in the Shining Star Challenge Program.

Um Endou-sensei, are you gonna take Ao Manaka at the observatory after she finished eating her meal?

Fortunately, Yuki Endou took Ao-chan to the observatory where she’ll be joined by Mira Konohata and the rest.

Anyways, they’ll search for celestial bodies using an optical telescope.

Of course, using the telescope at the observatory will be daunting that they need to take some notes, as seen here where Ao Manaka diligently writes various tips on using it.

One more thing, they’re not gonna peek at the lens like in a normal-sized telescope, so they’re gonna take pictures and process the image until the girls can see celestial bodies.

Unfortunately, it appears that Shiho Makita found something that would hinder their progress on finding asteroids.

Turns out, dark clouds are forming across the island, meaning that it would obscure the image and thus won’t find any asteroids or any celestial bodies.

Because of this, Mira Konohata texted Mai Inose on what’s currently happening at Okinawa and I have to say that Ino-sempai is worried that Ao and Mira won’t find any asteroids.

Fortunately, Yuu Nanami suggested to make teru teru bouzu to clear out the weather at Ishigaki Island. That’s a great idea there Nana!

And so, the likes of Sakura-sempai and Monroe-sempai are making teru teru bouzu in order to have clear skies in Okinawa.

Then again, I’m not sure if it works because Okinawa is very far away, and only Ibaraki will have clear skies once they hang many teru teru bouzu dolls at the ceiling.

But what the heck, let’s hope that Ao-chan and Mira will have clear skies tomorrow!

The next day, Mira Konohata wake up to find clear skies which is a perfect weather to find some asteroids.

Anyways, see ya on the next episode as Mira Konohata and Ao Manaka will try to find an asteroid whatever it takes. Good like to Mira and Ao-chan!

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