Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story Episode #13

Here’s Yachiyo Nanami as she finally went deeper into the Memory Museum. Of course, she has to rescue her friends before something bad will happen to them.

Fortunately, Yachiyo stumbled upon Iroha Tamaki in which she used her extra Grief Seed to cleanse Iroha’s Soul Gem. It would be bad if she becomes a witch!

But anyways, here’s Iroha Tamaki where she woke up from a bad dream. Of course, I wonder if she decided to join The Wings of Magius or refused to do so.

For now, both Iroha and Yachiyo will have to find the rest and get out of this place.

However, Yachiyo told Iroha to leave her alone as she doesn’t want any companions. Then again, there’s no time for that as these girls will need to work together!

Unfortunately, it gets worse when Yachiyo Nanami got swallowed whole by this witch.

At least her head is still intact unlike Mami from the original show but anyways, time for Iroha Tamaki to rescue her friend.

But first, let’s talk about Yachiyo’s backstory for a moment as she’s a fashion model and joined a modelling team.

However, things got turned for the worse when Yachiyo made a wish to Kyubey that she wants to survive. Thus, not only her fellow models are out of the business, but this led Yachiyo’s teammates Kanae Yukino and Mel Anna to die horribly upon saving her. So yeah, Yachiyo wants to fight witches alone instead of having companions.

In any case, time for Iroha Tamaki to save Yachiyo Nanami as she destroys the witch by blowing it from the inside with her exploding bolt.

But yes, Iroha rescued Yachiyo from succumbing to a worst fate like becoming a witch. Although Yachiyo is safe and sound, it’s not over yet.

Turns out that the Memory Museum is starting to crumble since it’s an abandoned museum after all.

Unfortunately, the falling debris hit one of Iroha’s legs which means that she can’t walk for the time being.

Therefore, Yachiyo will have to carry Iroha from her back. Um, would it be better if Iroha use magic to heal her leg?

Oh and if you think that Iroha Tamaki having a sprained leg is worse? Well, a certain magical girl appeared and I have a feeling that they’re gonna fight her.

Anyways, Mami Tomoe is here and wow, is her eyes glowing? I have a feeling that she’s gonna do something so terrifying later.

But let’s go back to Yachiyo where she got caught by Mami. I think the worst outcome will be Mami shooting Yachiyo’s Soul Gem.

Not today though as someone throw a saber and a fire extinguisher to create a smokescreen so that Yachiyo Nanami can get out from Mami Tomoe’s ribbons.

Of course, we wanna know who throw a saber and a fire extinguisher. Well, there’s no need to find out who that person is because a certain blue-colored magical girl has appeared.

It’s none other than Sayaka Miki where she’s here to snap Mami out. By the way, I wonder if she came from Homura’s timeline or that she doesn’t have any recollection from the original TV series?

Anyways, let’s go back to Mami Tomoe where she transformed into her Doppel form. She not only gained a third eye and a halo on her back…

…but she has lots of muskets where Mami commences a volley of fire towards Iroha, Yachiyo, and Sayaka.

Speaking of Sayaka Miki, she’s struggling to dodge or even deflect Mami Tomoe’s musket fire.

Good thing she managed to deflect a big one which would deal massive damage if Sayaka didn’t stop it.

See what I mean, Mami’s musket fire can make a huge explosion! With that said, the only way to defeat Mami is to transform into their Doppel form.

Good thing we have Iroha Tamaki where she can control her Doppel form instead of succumbing to her dark desires. Even so, it’s not enough to defeat Mami Tomoe.

Well, Yachiyo Nanami can do it too as she has a Doppel form of her own. With that said, looks like Mami Tomoe is gonna lose to both magical girls.

Sadly, it appears that the Memory Museum in its last legs as it’s collapsing thanks to Mami’s volley of musket fire which destroyed the building’s foundation.

Oh, and she got hit by falling debris so that’s the end of Mami Tomoe. Then again, Mami is not gonna end without taking someone with her.

And so, Mami Tomoe dragged Iroha Tamaki to hell with her. Dammit, I don’t want this spin-off to end like this!

While Yachiyo Nanami tries to rescue Iroha, it’s already too late as she’s forced to see her friend going down to the abyss, much like how Yachiyo saw Kanae and Mel die in front of her.

So for the time being, Yachiyo Nanami will have to get away from this place as she was saved by Sayaka Miki. And that would be the end of this spin-off as Yachiyo survived and she failed to rescue her friends.

I have to say that the staff from Studio SHAFT changed some of the aspects within the Madoka Magica universe such as the introduction of the Uwasa, The Wings of Magius, and the Doppel System, although the latter is no different for turning a magical girl into a witch if things get awry. And speaking of Magius, while they still aim to liberate all magical girls much like Madoka Kaname, I have some doubts on their motives because they made questionable actions like Touka Satomi creating the Doppel System.

One more thing, it’s nice to introduce new characters into this spin-off since it came from a smartphone game after all, but I feel that some like Momoko Togame and Tsuruno Yui needs some exploration on why they chose to become magical girls without resorting to play the game. And as for the ending of this spin-off, I feel that they’re setting up for a sequel where the remaining magical girls will fight against The Wings of Magius.

Oh yeah and regarding the organization, The Wings of Magius are now at the final phase as Touka Satomi announced her ultimate plans to all of its members. The only thing I need to know is the whereabouts to Nemu Hiiragi and Ui Tamaki.

Anyways, The Wings of Magius got some new members where they not only have Momoko Togame and her teammates…

…but also Tsuruno Yui and Felicia Mitsuki. Hm, I wonder what happened to Sana Futaba?

One last thing before we go, you wanna know what kind of plan they’ll come up with? Well, there’s a hint on that as Magius might use Walpurgis Night. Oh boy, I feel that I need Madoka Kaname or even Homura Akemi to fix this problem, although the latter will do more irreparable damage than fixing everything.

Well then, that’s the end of Magia Record and while it’s a good spin-off, I think Studio SHAFT will need more episodes to resolve loose ends. Fortunately, there’s another season planned for Magia Record but we’ll never know when will they air the sequel.

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